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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I've been using Ubuntu touch for about a week now and Ive started working on patching some of the issues with them. I thought some of these fixes would be appreciated by you and I also wanted a public forum to discuss problems and potential solutions for them. The main issues I have noticed with fresh install of Ubuntu touch my new pro 1 are as follows: GPS ❌ - Straight up not working. I may be able to patch driver support across from the lineage git but im too busy rn. Flashlight ❌ - I believe this one shouldn't be to hard to patch, just a matter of finding the right g
  2. Chrome's spellchecker popup is blank making it unusable.
  3. Camera shutter sound was working but after resetting Camera app data it does not work anymore.
  4. FxTec Pro1 has a special Settings section called Slider. One of those settings called "Landscape orientation lock" is badly broken both at the user level and at the system and application developer level. At the user level: When enabled it does not always switch to landscape when the keyboard is opened. When disabled the software keyboard pops up even when the keyboard is opened. At the system and developer level: When enabled all seems to be working as expected and apps get a configuration changed notification whenever the keyboard opens or closes. When d
  5. Anyone else is having issues with the volume rocker? Volume down is working fine but volume up is most unreliable. I need to push at some specific place and angle for it to register reliably. Moreover it's almost flush wit the casing. It would have been easier to get a feel for it if it was sticking out some more.
  6. Have two working SIM cards installed Turn Off Wifi Turn Off Mobile data from quick settings Downloading something or opening a web page is still working apparently from SIM2
  7. Looks like my Pro1 is stuck in a state where it thinks the physical keyboard is always present. The virtual keyboard won't show up anymore. Rebooting fixed it.
  8. Sometimes alt+tab breaks, all it does then is a flicker of the screen and it's not functional anymore. That's usually not happening more than once a week. I can't tell how to reproduce it. To fix it I need to reboot. I wonder if it is a system issue or a launcher issue. I'm using F(x)tec stock launcher.
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