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Wishlist - Don't need a high end phone

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While it's nice to see a new real Qwerty phone come out, and it shows there is a lot of interest in them, Unfortunately I won't be ordering the current model for the following reasons:


1. Too expensive. I'm still using an LG Mach(which is stuck on 4.0.4) and a Photon Q(4.1.2) The most I paid for a phone was $200. No Way I will pay $600.


2. Too big - The Photon Q/LG Mach/LG Enact/Droid 4 were around 4" screen phones. They were the perfect size for typing, putting it away, etc. a 6" phone is way too big.


3. Tilt??? - WHY?? No one really had a titling phone. I use a Slider.


Come out with a mid range phone with no more than a 5" screen and a slide/not tilt and it will sell.


Heck, I would be willing to keep the same physical phone if I could upgrade the motherboard with a newer SoC. I can swap out the motherboard in my LG Mach into another case in less than 5 minutes(drop the damn thing to much so I have spares with good screens).



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As discussed in other threads, hopefully there will be enough market to more than one type of keyboard slider.


Personally I would take a tilting slider over a straight one any day. I have had both, and much preferred the tilt of the N97mini over the straight Xperia (Neo) Pro. The N97mini had a horrible display that was useless in sunshine though.

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You want a cheap qwerty $200 phone with a 4.6" screen? Get the Unihertz Titan... maybe the pro1 isn't for you?


Frankly I hope the next fxtec device will get more expensive and include higher quality parts. Don't be scared to compete with the iPhone! Apple is charging $999 for the cheapest iPhone 11 Pro. It would be awesome to have an option to get a better CPU, more RAM, bigger battery, etc.


I've been using a 6.4" slab device for the last while and it's a fine size when the onscreen keyboard isn't in use. Previously I used a Priv with a 5.4" screen and it almost felt cramped to do any productive work on.

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1. There already exist a thread with "wishlist", I even think that there's more than one.

2. It's too late for wishes; if the device comes out, nobody is gonna change everything in the last phase just because 10% of potential users want that. And if You want to have it in another revision - see point 1.

Gosh, the forum is really getting hard to read. Do we really need a new thread whenever someone wants to say "thank you for making a phone, I love you" or "it's stupid, I want the device to have this and that, otherwise I won't buy it"? Can't we merge those threads and make place for the new and/or important news and ideas?

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