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  1. Another dumb question: can't we re-lock the BL after flashing LOS? Wouldn't it solve the problem?
  2. Can someone explain, cause I can't find the answer anywhere... Is the device with LineageOS flashed but unrooted still SafetyNet approved? I'm using the banking app very often and I remember reading somewhere that flashing LineageOS can cause problems with some apps.
  3. @Erik why didn't FxTec inform us about change of office address? It would be good to know, normally companies inform everyone who may want to try contacting them much earlier... I understand that "going through half of the city" may not be comfortable to get the device sent to an old address, but come on, it's not like I have found the address somewhere on the Internet, it's what I got from the support.
  4. They probably will want to send it back.
  5. there are 2 options: 1. they don't care about after-sales service; 2. they don't have enough people to handle the business. So far I'm going for the no. 2... About the fingerprint sensor: I've noticed the poor mounting of it within the first few minutes after unboxing, I even mentioned it here on the forum but it didn't seem to be a problem for others so I thought maybe it's just about me and tried to ignore it, but it couldn't unlock the phone at the first try even once... What I mean is, at first the phone itself looked robust, but after a closer look and an hour of usage it started giving me the feeling that it will "wear out" pretty quickly. The badly mounted fingerprint sensor, flimsy/jiggly SIM tray, hall sensor failure in my case, other hardware problems mentioned here at the forum... it all makes me feel like it's gonna fall apart in a few months (not due to bad materials, those are good, but due to "cheap" workers at the manufacturing site). I'm gonna give it a chance, but when the hardware fails one or twice more I sure will sell it and go for a (-)software keyboard but (+)solid alternative.
  6. if You read my previous posts You would know, that I did contact them previously.
  7. So, on the warranty repair news... it came out that the company has changed the office address (was there any newsletter or something on that?) and they do not have my phone. They promised to send someone to the old office yesterday, but after sending a reminder I've got a reply, that they still don't have it...
  8. while You are waiting to get one, I'm already waiting for a warranty repair... let's say I'm not-that-happy to try their warranty service for You guys 😉
  9. I really don't know where to write this, and since there were soooo many topics touched in this thread I have decided to do that here. Actually it may not be that much of an off-topic, since it concerns the delivery in some way... So as some of You probably know I had an issue with hall sensor in my phone and on 21. February I have finally managed to send it back to London. The day before I have sent the package I wrote an e-mail to the usual support address (replying to the last message from January) with a photo of the package label and short info when the device will be sent. After noticing the "package delivered" (27. February) status on the tracking page I have wrote an e-mail kindly asking for a confirmation that they have successfully received it and a short update on the repair status. Unfortunately until today I did not get any information back. I know it's been only a few days, but not hearing anything back is bothering me a bit. Does anyone know if the support helpdesk still works? @Waxberry, @Erik maybe You could help me out?
  10. Nothing happens for me - both lines remain black after opening and closing, I tried a few times 😞 the backlight of the keyboard also does not turn on after opening. That would confirm the hardware issue I guess... I wanted to give it last chance and did a factory reset once again, but still nothing. I have just packed it with a ton of bubble wrap, small carton box and stretch foil, next week I'll try to send it back (I just started new job a 2 weeks ago, still moving to a different city so not much spare time to go to the post office...)
  11. Does everything else work fine? I think You may have the same problem I do - my phone kept switching to landscape mode until I switched off autorotation when hwkb open (slider section in settings). It's probably due to some hardware problem with the "hwkb open" sensor - at the beginning mine stopped switching back to portrait, then started to switch to landscape all by itself when lying on the desk untouched, then was permanently stuck in landscape until factory reset, which got it stuck in portrait. All problems were kinda resolved by turning the rotation with hwkb off, but then the swkb keeps popping up always when writing. I'm going to send my on a guarantee repair (it's waiting for it since beginning of January, but there were more important things in my private life) next week. Edit: @EskeRahn could You show what what should the test look like? I run the test, but nothing happens when I flip the keyboard back and forth.
  12. Although there is a protection, it can be also turned into a nightmare due to bad service. And after all the misinformation and other bad experiences I'm really worried about how will this be resolved... Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
  13. Yes, I know, but since there is no phone number which I can call and nobody answered my e-mail this was the only possibility to make sure that the claim won't be ignored. Having a faulty, unusable device without any possibility of repair is worse than not receiving any device, because in this case I can't count on any chargeback options.
  14. Maybe it'll be a bit off-topic, but I did not get any answer in the other thread - and actually it does have something to do with the communication problems mentioned here. By Your post I'm assuming FxTec did work yesterday - why did I not receive any answer regarding my warranty claim? [cut] It's over a week now since I sent a message to the support and still no answer.
  15. "well technically yes, but actually no" does a faulty one count?
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