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  1. Although there is a protection, it can be also turned into a nightmare due to bad service. And after all the misinformation and other bad experiences I'm really worried about how will this be resolved... Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
  2. Yes, I know, but since there is no phone number which I can call and nobody answered my e-mail this was the only possibility to make sure that the claim won't be ignored. Having a faulty, unusable device without any possibility of repair is worse than not receiving any device, because in this case I can't count on any chargeback options.
  3. Maybe it'll be a bit off-topic, but I did not get any answer in the other thread - and actually it does have something to do with the communication problems mentioned here. By Your post I'm assuming FxTec did work yesterday - why did I not receive any answer regarding my warranty claim? [cut] It's over a week now since I sent a message to the support and still no answer.
  4. "well technically yes, but actually no" does a faulty one count?
  5. It's not about the Android experience, it's about the bugs with keyboard support and some other basic stuff (most of them can be resolved with a different laucher, though). Since the phone was designed to use Android natively, I don't expect any other system to work better than that at the moment. I just want to give them some time. Speaking of time, I wrote them about my hardware problem on Friday last week in the afternoon/evening, didn't hear from them so far 😞 but it's Christmas, I'll give them some more time... I also don't think they'll send the replacement parts yet - we know those will be available after the phones are in a general availability on the market. @edit: maybe @Erik could help here? Is there any other official e-mail address for warranty claims or just the one shared with support? What will the warranty repair process look like? How long can/should it take to repair/replace the device - are there any timelines?
  6. Some things are poorly assembled in mine, but there's no wobble on the hinge at all.
  7. Hope it will also be that fast for my warranty claim...
  8. 100% true. Most power users will turn it off right after first boot, but if the device wants to be a hit, it must get to the mass sooner or later, and many standard users would like to have that feature. If there's something they could borrow from BB, that would be it - on PRIV it worked great. Great to know, will try that one out as soon as my Pro1 gets back to me.
  9. It's visible only on the black bezel on the top and bottom (when looking in portrait). The fingerprint scanner is also not well aligned. Edit: and the SIM card tray is also flimsy - looks like it could break with the next opening. Notification LED is also working gradually, was expecting to be more fluent - it's a detail, but annoys me (even my wife's xiaomi's LED works better - maybe can be corrected with a software update?) 100% agreed about the software, for me it's bad enough to go back to my old Galaxy S7 (also if it wasn't faulty) as my daily driver and Pro1 stay with me as a toy to play with (and get used to that looong keyboard) in free time until some updates come out, for example for the keyboard. It's far from working like You were using the virtual one but with real buttons - no capitals automatically, no autocorrect, no word suggestions (very useful when writing in a foreign language), no space after commas or dots, You can't choose any language to type because You lose the possibility of typing some of the symbols in (yes, can be corrected with creating Your own layout when rooted, but that's not what non-power users expect, also not everyone wants to root the device right away because of banking apps for example). Basically there is no software support for it, beside it's working. The launcher which was supposed to be projected strictly for this device is also very basic. As for a device which first release was being postponed because of software polishing, there's still a lot of work to do. I'm not worried about that, software can always be corrected with updates. As I will have to send it back anyway, I'm going back to my S7 for now (no sense in configuring everything for those few days).
  10. I think so too, now it's stuck for good, nothing helps 😞 guess I'll be the first one to try their repair service.
  11. tere's some kind of hardware issue, I tink I'll have to use the warranty.
  12. Rebooting does not help at all. Factory reset only for a short time. All updates installed. edit: strange thing just happened. Everything was fine (phone in portrait mode), phone was in stand-by lying on the desk and suddenly it has turned itself on in landscape mode. edit2: now it was just fipping back and forth for a couple of seconds, like some contact from the sensor was loose. edit3: pushed the housing harder in a couple of places and it's back to normal at the moment. The situation is dynamic with this issue...
  13. Thanks everyone for the answers. The main problem I have now is that the phone is thinking the hwkb is open 99% of the time, no matter how many times I open and close 😞 the backlight stopped working too. In this state it's unusable for me. You guys (and girls) are much smarter than me, can You think of any solution for that? Can it be a software bug or rather hardware related problem?
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