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  1. Hi, the purpose here is to "track" the amount of devices having factory hardware issues. If You've had: -problem with hardware buttons, -problem with hinge, -problem with hall sensor, -problem with fingerprint reader (not working at all, working by itself etc. - not talking here about it's accuracy), -broken USB or headphone jack (caused by normal using), -any other hardware, definitely non-software related problems Then select "Yes" (permanent or temporary, depending on the nature of Your problem). If You've had: -problems with fingerprin
  2. The headset model should not have anything to say here - in Jack socket the plug is recognized over a hardware switch, so even if You input the plug without anything connected to it the switch closes and should be recognized, unless there is some real hardware/software issue.
  3. Just got a message, that they were able to send a small batch of oldest QWERTZ orders. About QWERTY - they are waiting for delivery of the screens.
  4. I had exactly the same thing - run the hall sensor diagnostics and You will know if the problem is software or hardware, but looks like a hardware issue to me. You can try to push the housing here and there or gently twist the device back and forth, it worked for me for 1 day before becoming completely unresponsive to open/close. Too bad they don't have any replacements on stock, so if You send Yours on warranty You'll end up being without a phone for... who knows how long, I'm already waiting almost 2 months and something tells me there are a few more weeks to go...
  5. The thing is I already had my Pro1 in my hands (the experience was really bad btw, mostly due to terrible software), but it turned out to have a factory hardware issue and I had to send it back - waiting for a replacement since over a month now... I'm really starting to consider asking for a refund instead - reading about how poor things get over time is not really giving me positive vibes about this whole thing. But maybe I'll give it another try, if I get it back and still not like it within a month or so You guys (and/or girls) will probably see it for sale somewhere here 😉
  6. I had to buy a new battery for my trusty old S7 - it's stamina became significantly weaker over the last two weeks and I can't keep telling myself that there's no point in buying it "because I'll get something new in 2 weeks" forever
  7. It might be a beginning of hardware problems with hall sensor. If it gets stuck again, try running the hall sensor diagnostics.
  8. I got mine via UPS to Poland.
  9. Another dumb question: can't we re-lock the BL after flashing LOS? Wouldn't it solve the problem?
  10. Can someone explain, cause I can't find the answer anywhere... Is the device with LineageOS flashed but unrooted still SafetyNet approved? I'm using the banking app very often and I remember reading somewhere that flashing LineageOS can cause problems with some apps.
  11. @Erik why didn't FxTec inform us about change of office address? It would be good to know, normally companies inform everyone who may want to try contacting them much earlier... I understand that "going through half of the city" may not be comfortable to get the device sent to an old address, but come on, it's not like I have found the address somewhere on the Internet, it's what I got from the support.
  12. They probably will want to send it back.
  13. there are 2 options: 1. they don't care about after-sales service; 2. they don't have enough people to handle the business. So far I'm going for the no. 2... About the fingerprint sensor: I've noticed the poor mounting of it within the first few minutes after unboxing, I even mentioned it here on the forum but it didn't seem to be a problem for others so I thought maybe it's just about me and tried to ignore it, but it couldn't unlock the phone at the first try even once... What I mean is, at first the phone itself looked robust, but after a closer look and an hour of usage it started giv
  14. if You read my previous posts You would know, that I did contact them previously.
  15. So, on the warranty repair news... it came out that the company has changed the office address (was there any newsletter or something on that?) and they do not have my phone. They promised to send someone to the old office yesterday, but after sending a reminder I've got a reply, that they still don't have it...
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