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Newer contacts won't save

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This has been driving me crazy for the past day;  I can't seem to save any contacts onto my sim card, or even permanently remove them!

The two contacts I deleted ended up returning when I rebooted then phone;   Same with saving contacts... gone after reboot.

What Am I doing wrong?

Using textra and simple contacts;  avoiding google crap.

All I want is to add and remove contact from my sim.... PERMANENTLY. (My old S7 could do it, just fine..)

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Found a work around....

I'm using 'simple contacts' to ADD/EDIT contacts and 'textra' to send SMS.

On the play store, there is an app/tool called 'sim contacts';  Full of ads but it does the job.

Once you add a contact with your app of choice, open 'sim contacts', go to contacts on device and 'copy to sim' the contact of your choice.

Once you restart, your contact ID and info will still be there..... hallelujah.................................... *rolls eyes*


Jeez, stock is annoying and PIE is junk.

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