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  1. My pro1 just started doing this yesterday. I had to work on some machines underneath; When I went down and got on my knees, I heard a slight crack noise but didn't think anything of it. Well, not I know what it was. Part of me.. heck, ALL of me does not think this is by design. It's putting me off on the build quality, as if the software couldn't be hassle enough sometimes. I guess you must REALLY want a keyboard to put up with this phone.
  2. I'm too used to the PRO1 standard to change the keyboard.
  3. My QWERTY model is very visible? I can see the keyboard very well, on my end. Everyone's eyes are different, though.
  4. Found a work around.... I'm using 'simple contacts' to ADD/EDIT contacts and 'textra' to send SMS. On the play store, there is an app/tool called 'sim contacts'; Full of ads but it does the job. Once you add a contact with your app of choice, open 'sim contacts', go to contacts on device and 'copy to sim' the contact of your choice. Once you restart, your contact ID and info will still be there..... hallelujah.................................... *rolls eyes* Jeez, stock is annoying and PIE is junk.
  5. On my qwerty model, there is a yellow 'arrow' button by the FXTec button; You hold this instead of LSHIFT.
  6. This has been driving me crazy for the past day; I can't seem to save any contacts onto my sim card, or even permanently remove them! The two contacts I deleted ended up returning when I rebooted then phone; Same with saving contacts... gone after reboot. What Am I doing wrong? Using textra and simple contacts; avoiding google crap. All I want is to add and remove contact from my sim.... PERMANENTLY. (My old S7 could do it, just fine..)
  7. The few users I've chatted with also say their protectors bubbled like crazy; Wouldn't know tho, cuz' mine ripped while tearing it. Had to import these; Hope they come soon.
  8. I could give a quick rundown of my first few hours: Hinge is very stiff; Definitely spend a few minutes opening and closing it, so it becomes easier. Power button directly in the middle of the right side is a terrible design choice. Despite being slightly shifted, the qwerty keyboard feels very nice to type with. However, you have to hit the yellow arrow key for symbols, not LShift. The screen is very pretty; Beautiful and vibrant. Audio is nice and loud. I'm currently getting good performance. I haven't really noticed any slowdowns and rebooting is ve
  9. If i'm not mistaken, Verizon is CDMA. My PRO1 box specifically states for CDMA/EVDO that bands 'BC0', 'BC1' are supported. I'm in the US on AT&T (GSM) Hope that helps.
  10. Haven't had a crash yet, but I have noticed some quirks with stock Android (not the phone). Kind of a pain to close software; The app drawer keeps pulling up sometimes.
  11. My only issue is the power button placement. The middle of the right side; Cancer. Stock Android has it's own quirks, but that's android; Not the phone. The keyboard is very nice, though QWERTY is shifted slightly; Takes some getting used to. But I will be using it as my daily driver for on-the-go.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Bedifol-Ultra-Clear-Protector-Elephone-accurately/dp/B07D2JYGVW/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=elephone+u+display&qid=1580158541&sr=8-8 How about the Elephone U 'pro'?
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