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Buy F(x)Tec Pro1 Compatible Case?

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping I'll receive my Pro1 shortly so I'm getting prepared....

I've seen some people on this forum adapt cases to fit their Pro1, and even a 3D printed case.  I'm visually impaired and won't be able to reliably adapt a case to my Pro1 - if I were to try making the needed cut-outs, it'd look like a disaster I'm sure. 

Would anyone be interested in making a compatible case for me and I'll pay for the case + shipping + time (I'm in Winnipeg, Canada)?  I'd be interested in any standard hard-shell or soft-shell cases as long as it had a decent fit and all buttons / sensors were exposed. 

Thanks in advance?

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I would gladly help by sending you one, but as shipping from Denmark is pretty absurdly priced, I hope someone else closer by can help you out.

It is really easy to modify a shell type of case for "Huawei P20 Pro" , so you could have anyone around you do it. It does not require much. For a soft silicon case, I would say 5-10 minutes with a pair of scissors. I have used the small scissors in a Swiss army knife for the dozen or so I've cut

If you got a friend that can do it for you, i have explained it in quite a lot of details and pictures in this post: https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3620

Including links to different ones that I tried from ebay.

I would suggest something like this one for Can$ 3.14 including shipping https://www.ebay.ca/itm/254181243108?var=553543447253

Below a quick guide image for a flip-case, but the basic cuts for the shell part are identical.



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@BlindDroid I could prepare one for you and ship it if you have no better option. I have a few premium quality leather flip case from SnakeHive I could use. Trouble is I'm based in Germany so it's probably not your cheapest and fastest option. I'd just charge you the cost of the case and shipping.

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@BlindDroid Here are links to pictures of that case I mentioned, I'm not sure you can see them but here they are anyway:

Here is again that same case from another community member:


In case you can't see those pictures at all, it's basically a premium leather book case which securely closes with a magnetic strap. I'm no expert but it feels like very usable for visually impaired people.

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