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  1. Yes I have the same kit and I was wondering if the tape provided was good enough. Having some tips on how to apply it would be great too.
  2. Same issue on a new phone. Disabling landscape orientation lock is indeed badly broken.
  3. @a123qwertz567 You may want to try that new version of Fx Service and see if it helps with your issues:
  4. Just published release v0.9.8 adding more screen rotation options. @c3cf If you are still interested in getting Fx Service working better on LOS you should be able to use the newly added debug option to show keyboard status change and tell me if it works on LOS. If it does I should be able to get some of the missing functionalities working in the next release.
  5. FxTec Pro1 has a special Settings section called Slider. One of those settings called "Landscape orientation lock" is badly broken both at the user level and at the system and application developer level. At the user level: When enabled it does not always switch to landscape when the keyboard it opened. When disabled the software keyboard pops up even when the keyboard is opened. At the system and developer level: When enabled all seems to be working as expected and apps get a configuration changed notification whenever the keyboard opens or closes. When d
  6. Remove the screen assembly first, there are five screws at the back of the display underneath stickers. Unhook the flexible flat cable. Then I believe you need to pry apart the screen itself from the assembly's frame. I believe it is just glued in place. There must be a small tool included with your replacement screen to help with that.
  7. Slion

    Flaky GPS

    and it is hard to prove the device hardware is at fault in this case. If you are mostly driving the same car you could use a BT GPS receiver such as this: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/645104 Disclaimer: I work for Garmin. I never used that device myself though and I don't do product support so don't blame me if you are not satisfied with it, do your own research before buying 😁
  8. Slion

    Flaky GPS

    Maybe Pro1 does not get a good GPS signal in your car for some reason. Do you get a fix when you leave it outside with a clear view of the sky? Was AGPS enabled?
  9. Just published release v1.0.4 adding new shortcuts for tab cycling as Ctrl+Tab annoyingly goes back to the top of the page.
  10. Slion

    Flaky GPS

    While you there you may also check that every other location services have been properly enabled.
  11. I doubt it, looks hard coded in Android.
  12. Slion

    Flaky GPS

    The lengthy initial fix problem is a well known GPS issue that is supposed to be mitigated by AGPS. With GPS only it may take a good 15mn without moving with a clear view of the sky to get a fix. That's especially true if you kept GPS off for a long time or if you moved significantly since your last GPS fix. If you keep on driving before your initial fix it is very possible you won't get a fix until you remain stationary long enough. Now AGPS is supposed to help speed up initial GPS fix. It looks like Pro1 is using a service from Qualcomm called IZat for this. Go to Settings >
  13. Slion

    Flaky GPS

    Yes Actually it is just an Android App too. Can be used without car integration.
  14. https://slions.net/resources/fx-qwerty.7/
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