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  1. The problem with this, is that it is just for typing text not controlling your phone like you do with a keyboard, think ctrl + tab and other shortcuts. I wonder if you could develop such a mode where the virtual keyboard is sticky. There is that and the fact that the front screen is way too narrow on the Fold.
  2. Is the front screen still so narrow or do they have a newer model already?
  3. It's just sitting in the biggest of the cases provided. It's quite stable and usable actually, it's just not locked in. In theory I guess you could 3D print a shell for it.
  4. Razer Junglecat, does not actually fit out-of-the-box.
  5. What happens to order from Russia? Looks like everyone else will be getting their X first.
  6. I don't think it develops. It's always been there but you don't usually notice it at first. Both my Pro1s have that to various extent in some corners. Just a common defect on those screens it seems.
  7. Of course you are right. I'm just venting my frustration at them having too little resources to invest in proper keyboard layouts which is somewhat central to that hardware... Hopefully their next hardware replaces the keyboard prints layer with a flexible OLED screen for maximum layout customisation.
  8. Just published release v1.7.14 which displays the keyboard shortcuts in the system menu. Merry Christmas everyone 🎅
  9. So it looks like FxTec is still hard at work designing the X and when I asked them to review their AZERTY design a couple of months ago they said they can't do that because they are already working on their next phone... I call bullshit 🤣 Basically they are so all over their heads just getting the basic phone features working that they don't have the resources to actually work on proper keyboard layouts. They also brilliantly fail at using their community to do it for them. You can tell I'm still quite frustrated that they use my original AZERTY proposal without getting in touch firs
  10. You should really decommission that phone. Open it up, remove the battery, assess the damages and ask fxtec support for spare parts. Use another phone until you can get this fixed one way or another. Order a Pro1X if not already done. Then wait 2 years for it to be delivered 😭
  11. My stock Android 9 was working fine but I missed things like proper dark mode and full screen gesture navigation. LOS is far from bug free though. For instance I recently noticed one of my SIM cards won't receive calls when 4G is enabled. That is a major showstopper if you ask me. I have not bothered reporting that issue outside of those forum yet.
  12. There are some BLOBs for proprietary device drivers which are closed source but others such as the keyboard driver have actually been opened source.
  13. I moved to Lineage OS 18.1 last summer and it's awesome but it takes skills and time to get it done the way you want. Though I would prefer an updated stock running the latest Android mostly because that means less work to maintain it.
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