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  1. Actually I really enjoy that kind of manual activity, it is such pleasant change from software engineering.
  2. Custom flip bookcase based on Huawei P20 Pro, I recently switched from a thicker one to this low profile one. The former I used for over 18 months. I'm also not excluding going back to it depending on how well that later one is working out.
  3. On Lineage OS 18.1 I keep getting in situations where the fingerprint sensor won't work until I unlock to phone with PIN. That was somewhat of an issue before but since I changed my case it's annoying to the point where the fingerprint sensor is almost useless. I'm assuming most those issues are related to the fact that the fingerprint sensor gets temporary locked after 5 failed attempts and permanently locked after 20 failed attempts. Though on stock it would show a message on the lock screen telling you your fingerprint sensor is disabled, on LOS I don't get such message. My new case en
  4. FxTec replied they can't change anything now so I have to live with the guilt of not being persuasive enough to have them use New AZERTY layout and being the one that proposed that limited classic AZERTY layout in the first place. On one hand it is nice that they take on community contributions like this. On the other hand instead of passively just taking stuff it would have been nice if they had come here and say: "Hey Slion, we are about to print your classic AZERTY design hope that's ok with you" that would have given me the opportunity to work directly with them on the New AZERTY layo
  5. Well, that's not an issue with my latest case as the strap is on the front panel. I'm actually starting to like that strap. I'm somewhat a lefty and it turns out I mostly grab my phone with the left hand and with that design I can actually grab the phone, unlock the strap with the thumb and open the case one handed. I reckon I could also swipe the fingerprint reader in the same move, just need to register that part of my thumb. One drawback of the missing strap on the back panel is that I can't lock my phone safely in the car mount anymore... I guess I'll have to find another car mount.
  6. One thing you should know is that the smart case screen wake up feature using the proximity sensor causes a significant drain of the battery. My guess is that it somehow prevents the device to go into deep sleep. I reckon it could drain around 8% of the battery from a full charge. I simply disabled it.
  7. One issue I have with that case is that it seems to deposit a lot of dust on the screen. I'm thinking it is caused by the inside leather layer which has a nubuck or suede finish not sure which one. I'll attempt to clean it with a some tape hoping it will improve things. Moreover I'm expecting that layer to become smoother overtime which should fix the issue, though that could take months.
  8. I really like it too, though the closing strap on the front panel does take some getting used to. It has both pros and cons. I should get used to it after a couple of weeks I reckon. Still I could not prevent myself from making plans in my head on how to modify that case so that the strap is attached to the back panel 😁 However it will be a while before I attempt something like that again, if ever. That was a lot of stitching...
  9. Done with stitching. I love the leather quality, really soft, one of the best I've seen. I need to finish the cutouts on the bumper case and glue it to the leather. Will hopefully get around it tomorrow. The case is 75g that's 25g lighter than the one I've been using so far. Moreover I reckon its lower profile will be more confortable to use, notably when the keyboard is open. The closing latch is on the front panel which is a rarely seen design. As a result when closed it won't lay flat on it's back which should make the phone easier to pick up, not that this was ever a problem considering th
  10. Just linking to that other thread where I highlight just few of the flaws of the Pro1X AZERTY layout as published by FxTec in their last update: The fact is that classic AZERTY is a really poor layout to start with but it's even more crippled when you can't print three characters per key. New AZERTY layout is vastly superior.
  11. I'm fine with that. I don't think that's a show stopper. The current colour coding is already broken anyway as you need to shift to access most yellow characters. My New AZERTY proposal obviously does not take into account all manufacturing constraint. Please feel free to print in different colour or just don't print secondary character if there is not enough space. Most full size keyboards do display main, shift and altgr characters in the same colour.
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