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  1. I just sent them my refund request. Let's see how that goes.
  2. I should really ask for my refund too. I did not buy it through IGG so it is owed. I don't think I can do a charge back. I changed my bank since. I'll definitely look into taking legal actions though. If they keep operating then they have cash to pay back. I'll have them go bankrupt if need be. Feeling mean tonight 😁
  3. Linxdot looks like a major shitshow too. I have little hope to ever get my cash back, or see my device...
  4. I'm guessing they subcontract much of the Android port like they do the manufacturing, possibly to the same company. As long as money flows I guess you can expect Android updates and new devices coming out of the factory. When the money stops flowing everything runs dry... Hardware and software.
  5. Long spent I figure, I mean they can't afford to pay for shipping and can't refund customers.
  6. Of course they can't keep paying for this when it does not bring any income. They are just trying to cut their losses. They may have a limited stock of devices but I doubt that will be enough to fullfil all the orders.
  7. At this stage your best bet to get an X is eBay. I'm guessing if they eventually manage to ship them you will be able to get some there.
  8. Pro1 X at this stage is mostly vaporware and at least 2 years too late... Though to be fair I wish they would still take order so that I could claim my money back while they keep the Ponzi scheme running 🤣 Just being sarcastic. There is no reason to believe any intent to wrong their customers. It looks like they are still trying their best to fullfil the orders but the project really went to shit on so many levels. Even the X they do manage to deliver are not really usable as smartphones apparently...
  9. TBH as I was backing the X I knew we got really lucky with the Pro1 and I knew this could easily turn into a shit show 😏 and it did, that it did 💩 I mean most of us are still waiting for it and those who have it can confirm it is unusable as a smartphone... Still, respect to the F(X)Tec team for all their hard work and persistence in the face of adversity.
  10. Has it been 3 years already? I lost track. The whole thing turned into a farse a while ago 🤣 Still have not bothered asking for my money back. Maybe I should though and CC my lawyer too ⚖️
  11. Release v0.6.0: 📱Soft keyboard mode ⌨️Hardware keyboard passthrough 🔊Finer key volume adjustment 🖱️Fix trackpad cursor lags and jumps 🐁Smaller mouse buttons 🔢Numpad and Alt codes: Fn + [Alt +] digits 🌐Remove device distribution restrictions Now available on Google Play.
  12. The app should soon be available on virtually any devices including the Pro1. The keyboard pass through seems to be working really well, at least on Windows PC. May have to put a bit more work to provide Android specific features when connected to a TV or streaming box for instance. On Pro1 you will be able to use it with the keyboard open or closed. With open keyboard the screen serves mostly as trackpad. All you need to do is match the keyboard layout settings with the host device and the keys are translated properly providing that they are available on the host keyboard layout. On
  13. Yeah everyone who actually spent more on that project by purchasing the extras is bound to be extra disappointed instead. I'm pretty sure they have no plan to deliver the spare parts for instance.
  14. Two actually, and I also have a couple of replacement screens in my stash. Also got a couple of custom made leather smart cases too. Not sure when or if I'll be willing to part with them. As a developer being able use them for testing apps is convenient. Testing Lineage OS is also a plus. Though to be fair it looks like they are both bound to spend a lot of time in a drawer.
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