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  1. That's rather underwhelming, then again I don't think the Pro¹ can do better. In fact it seems many flagship devices have rather disappointing resolution for external displays. I think even my Huawei P30 Pro was rather limited too. Not that I care so much wherever I have a high resolution screen I usually have a PC attached to it.
  2. I swapped my faulty display assembly with one from another Pro1 and it's been working great ever since. It was like 8 months ago.
  3. If I recall well I built-in a feature in Fx Service to disable the touch screen, then you are in keyboard only mode 😁 use at your own risks. I've been there too, hope you can get it fixed soon.
  4. Was contemplating trying out LOS. Came here to see what was going on: Keyboard issues for international layouts. Bluetooth issues. Bricked device. Vanishing builds from servers. Mmmh, me think I'm going to stick to stock a while longer 😁 It looks like the LOS team is just pumping out builds with no dev actually caring and using them. I'm assuming @tdmis still MIA, right?
  5. That's some bad luck, the one I replaced around June last year is still go strong. I wonder what happend to @hka. Did you get your repeat failure fixed too?
  6. Smart move, remind me to do that too if I ever need to change the display panel 😁
  7. You can enable touch visualisation from developer menu if you want to see where they occur.
  8. Maybe we should pin that thread, edit the title to something like: "Replacement screen digitiser calibration" and prefix the first post with a summary?
  9. I don't understand. Are you saying they can't print so many yellow labels? To be honnest I don't think it matters much if they are yellow or white. Though it would be better if the secondary function of keys was printed in yellow but that's not a show stopper IMO.
  10. Updated new AZERTY layout proposal so that we have both minus and plus key directly accessible as those are often used as shortcuts. The missing star key primary character is now accessible using shit+plus.
  11. It feels like those stickers should stay in place on the Pro1 keys providing that you clean the keyboard properly before putting them on. But you have a good point, the convex keys could prove more challenging and stickers could slide off more easily indeed.
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