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  1. Don't you worry Americans are spying on you too, they will just find a way to make it legal 😁 Joking aside, I got it, closed source is bad especially for niche, community driven products like those.
  2. Yes it should but some development is needed. I guess you would notably need to check if you are in a phone call to avoid locking the phone while calling for instance. It's usually straight forward and more reliable that the proximity sensor.
  3. Slion

    Screen Burn

    I respectfully disagree. Used my Samsung S7 Edge for years without ever burning it. Then again I'm often using low brightness levels.
  4. After trying quite a few browsers those last couple of days it looks like i'm going to settle with Lightning for a while. It ticks all the boxes for me: Dark theme Hide status bar Aggressively hiding address bar Open Source
  5. Actually a lot of the stuff I was trying to do on the DuckDuckGo code base is already available with Lightning.
  6. Just re-published that custom DuckDuckGo v0.0.1. That status bar should now remain hidden in landscape most of the time.
  7. Just published a DuckDuckGo build that's hiding the status bar in landscape. Well that build was a little rushed so the status bar pops back when opening the menu for instance.
  8. Another plus for DuckDuckGo is that the code base is also available and can be built easily on Windows using Android Studio. Building Chromium is nowhere that straight forward unfortunately. It means that customising DDG for F(x)tec Pro1 should be relatively easy. Notably on my task list: Adding support for keyboard shortcuts. Adding option to hide the status in landscape.
  9. So it looks like it is using Chrome Web View rather than Chromium directly. That would explain why it does not feel as snappy as Bromite or other Chromium based browser. Going through Web View comes at a slight performance cost I guess. Still DDG is the best landscape keyboard experience IMHO. Even though shortcuts like Ctrl+T don't work there.
  10. I'm trying DuckDuckGo right now and I could stick with it for a while cause it does not open the URL bar when you put the focus on text field. Meaning more precious vertical screen real estate when using your keyboard in forums and wikis. Most chromium base browser do that for some reason. Do you guys know on which engine DDG browser is based? I thought it was based on Chromium too but now I'm not so sure.
  11. Just added a new feature to Fx Service to workaround this major issue, see:
  12. Just released v0.9.0 adding Auto-sync scheduler feature which is primarily intended to workaround the following issue and should slightly improve battery life for anyone. Auto-sync scheduler is still brand new and needs more testing so keep an eye open for bugs.
  13. What's wrong with them? You can still use the latest version and just ignore or disable the features you don't need for now. Still using an older version is a valid option too if you really can't stand the latest one 🙂
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