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  1. @DesSuburbia Yes there has been QA issues with Pro¹s. I got to unbox three of them. One was DOA with keyboard short circuit, one had the touch screen fail within 6 months and one apparently works but is mostly sitting in a drawer. Luckily with two broken devices I could assemble a fully working one which has been one year in daily use without failure since I replaced the display half. If I recall well FxTec took 10 weeks door to door (Germany-UK-Germany) to repair the one device I sent them. I'm not surprise they forgot about your device. Typical for start-up having to deal with logistics
  2. I've been using mine as my daily driver for 16 months now. Though having a backup phone is good advice no matter what you use as you primary device. I have other devices I can use when I'm home and I do tend to avoid using Pro1 when doing long video calls as audio quality issues can too often get in the way.
  3. I thought those were genuine albeit expensive. I think that guy was just clever to invest in a batch to resale them. Don't blame me if you get swindled though.
  4. That should work from Android 10 so I would say yes. I never tried LOS myself though.
  5. There is no 8gb version at this stage. This is just a Pro1 with blue casing.
  6. We do know they had plans for an Android 10 upgrade before the SoC changed. My guess would that they just won't have the resources to do that now, but you never know, the very existence of our Pro1 proves FxTec is very resourceful indeed.
  7. Don't you get auto updates then once MindTheGapps is installed?
  8. Can you run Google Play on Lineage or do you use other app stores?
  9. So it ain't working for Android? It must be using some ground breaking DRM system.
  10. That's rather underwhelming, then again I don't think the Pro¹ can do better. In fact it seems many flagship devices have rather disappointing resolution for external displays. I think even my Huawei P30 Pro was rather limited too. Not that I care so much wherever I have a high resolution screen I usually have a PC attached to it.
  11. I swapped my faulty display assembly with one from another Pro1 and it's been working great ever since. It was like 8 months ago.
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