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  1. Has anyone done that yet? So that we can quantify how much a downgarde it is.
  2. Did they fix that since? To be fair even on 18.1 there was some major breakage with dual SIM, unless it was just LTE…
  3. Do realise you are really late to the party. I don't see how you would get your phone before December 2023. Unless they somehow unfairly prioritize website orders over IGGs.
  4. Yeah at this price you may as well get a Samsung Fold it does landscape keyboard too.
  5. I don't think that's very relevant for smartphones at this stage. Can you name one thing you would do with a 2022 mid-range smartphone that you could not do with a Pro1X? Having said that I understand your frustration and that makes me wonder if I should also ask for a refund… I sent F(x)tec an e-mail last week asking them to change my layout from AZERTY to QWERTY since their AZERTY design is so weak anyway... I figure the QWERTY could be delivered sooner and will be easier to resell too, if need be. Please do let us know how that goes.
  6. My Pro1 can easily last 2 days running LOS. Never changed the battery. Is that phone going to be 3 years old in January? I think I've been running LOS about a year now.
  7. Assuming you are talking about the Pro¹X. It's not surprising, quite the opposite. Putting together the hardware and running Android on it is the easy part. Although the keyboard form factor makes it harder than most I guess. What's tricky is to get it all to work optimally and even huge international corporations sometimes fail at that so we would be very lucky to have best connectivity with the Pro¹X especially on day one.
  8. The problem with this, is that it is just for typing text not controlling your phone like you do with a keyboard, think ctrl + tab and other shortcuts. I wonder if you could develop such a mode where the virtual keyboard is sticky. There is that and the fact that the front screen is way too narrow on the Fold.
  9. Is the front screen still so narrow or do they have a newer model already?
  10. It's just sitting in the biggest of the cases provided. It's quite stable and usable actually, it's just not locked in. In theory I guess you could 3D print a shell for it.
  11. Razer Junglecat, does not actually fit out-of-the-box.
  12. What happens to order from Russia? Looks like everyone else will be getting their X first.
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