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  1. @Erik @Waxberry any chance to get a fix for this at some point? @tdm was that fixed on LOS? Now that the audio crackling has been fixed surely this should be your number one priority. We are talking about a qwerty phone without a functional spellchecker.
  2. Have you documented the display panel replacement process? Do you have photos and tips for other people who may need to get it done one day?
  3. What are you doing with the broken screen assembly? Can I have it?
  4. I just had that same issue. Though I have been using Fx Service for months and never seen it before. To fix it I just restarted the accessibility service. I can see two possible root cause: The last release slightly changed the way it uses the proximity sensor. Maybe that regression was introduced then. However you were first reporting that issue in an earlier release. Maybe it has something to do with Battery Saver mode as I recently started using it.
  5. I reckon you could probably go 30 hours with 6 hours of screen time using Battery Saver.
  6. Forget about that, get in the queue or buy secondhand 😏
  7. Indeed, audio sounds much better overall. Awesome 🥳🥳🥳
  8. Ever tried alternative layouts like FX Qwerty?
  9. Battery Saver is just awesome: Is there any drawback for using it? I have not find any.
  10. I looked into it quick but apparently it is closed source and is asking for the pants down permission. No thanks, I'll keep my pants 😁
  11. My Pro1 battery usually can last a day of average use. However, too often I find it overheating and thus wasting battery power for no obvious reason. I've had issues early on and tracked it down to Gmail, disabling auto-sync or using Fx Service to schedule auto-sync usage mostly fixed the issue. However lately I found it overheating more often even when auto-sync was disabled. My workaround this time involves turning on Battery Saver and leaving it on all the time. I'm just getting started with this solution but so far it looks very promising. Now my concern is that even when the phone was overheating I have never seen Battery Manager reporting any power consumption issue with an app. That probably means that the issues lie with built-in or trusted apps and components that are exempt from Battery Manager scrutiny somehow. That or Battery Manager is useless on that phone. Have you guys ever seen Battery Manager reporting any issues? Are you using third-party app the keep track of power consumption per application?
  12. And twice on this thread already. It does not harm though 😀
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