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"Chargie", a battery life saver for non-rooted devices?

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@dreamflasher Sad to hear it didn't work out. What ROM have you been running? I used the Chargie app on (unrooted) LOS 16.1 for quite some time with no major problems. That said, I've been running AccA, too, since I've moved to (rooted) LOS 18.1 without any problems, either. I wonder whether your having had problems with both might somehow point to the same root cause?

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@Rob. S.I am on LOS 18 rooted. As the timings were different, and everything else the same, it's unlikely the same cause. AccA didn't work for 3 months, continued not to work while using a working chargie. After a couple of weeks with chargie not working I tested the latest acca version (which had been updated meanwhile) and now no issues with acca anymore. 

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