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  1. I upgraded to LOS 19.1 and sadly observe pretty bad battery drain. It was the same with LOS 18.1, there I had to enable to power saving mode all the time. But now even with power saving mode on, it shows bad battery drain 😞
  2. Just updated to magisk 25.2 and I can't find the Safetynet check anymore, is it still there? Furthermore, update possibilities to modules seems to be gone? Ah, I should have read further up… so yeah safetynet indeed gone 😕
  3. Unbelievable, this actually worked! And I did a system upgrade (LOS 18->19) as well, and that worked on top! This was my first time a dirty flash worked – with device encryption. This is what I flashed from the stock rom: fastboot flash boot_a boot.img fastboot flash boot_b boot.img fastboot flash dtbo_a dtbo.img fastboot flash dtbo_b dtbo.img fastboot flash system_a system.img fastboot flash system_b system.img fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img fastboot flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img fastboot flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img rem fastboot flash userdata
  4. @EskeRahnIs there such a thing as a stock rom image that I can sideload?
  5. @dualinfinityThanks a lot for the guide! I am trying it out right now. Just for clarification, when you say "Flash the 2020-08-25 stock ROM", what exactly do you mean that should be flashed? All images? The full process here: Maybe exclude userdata and persist? What about system and boot?
  6. @EskeRahn What's your experience with AICP on the Pro1? How does it compare to LOS in terms of stability (and features)?
  7. Ah dang, I read this thread here and didn't find that part which said that the apk+firmware files don't work with current ROMs. Okay, as I don't want to reflash, I'll have a look if I can make the screen output smaller.
  8. Could someone please attach the magic APK to fix the insensitive edges?
  9. Oh wow, Thank you so much Rob! I would have continued searching for hours. You made my day. Happy Easter! 😄
  10. I ordered this: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32956500815.html and it works perfectly. Arrived within 10 days, I found it challenging to remove the old display, because it was broken and the glue on the top edge was so sticky that the display tore apart – and I needed a cutter to remove the remaining glass and glue. Other difficulty: I received 4 glue stripes to attach the new display, and I put two at both sides first – and that didn't work at all. Somehow most of the display actually does not touch the underlying case. It's holding well with two stripes at the bottom and the top but nothing
  11. I am joining the ghost touch club. I don't expect anything from Fxtec, so: What's the best replacement screen to get? The "official" the Fxtec support links: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005001300088859.html Or the cheap Elefone U: https://aliexpress.com/item/32956500815.html (What's the difference between Elephone U and Elephone U Pro?) I have read in this thread that there might be hints, that it's not a display but a connection problem. Is there anything I can try before ordering the display?
  12. Okay, I found the problem, if I press one of the cables tightly in it works, but when I move it a little bit it stops working. So it's a problem of the USB-C port of the phone. Can I change the port by myself?
  13. Status 1 day ago: Phone is able to connect to two different computers (both with Windows and Linux), and three different dables, USB debugging working, phone shows that it's connected to a computer Now: Restarted PCs and phone multiple times, but the phone does not show anymore that it's connected to a computer, also USB debugging not working. On no combination of cables, computers and OSs. But it's charging. Does anybody have any idea?
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