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  1. I believe I need to declare defeat. I tried now hundreds of combinations, every time rebooting, it simply doesn't work. Is there any way to backup all my data that actually works? I don't want to give google my data, but with helium and titanium there are always some things missing. Can't I make a disk image of the user partition and restore that? How should magisk look like after Uninstall->Restore Images? For me nothing changes in the UI (despite a message saying that it was succesful in restoring the image). It still shows magisk installed, and there is still an uninstall button.
  2. Thank you! For future reference, this is the thread:
  3. In the post before I wrote that I managed to install magisk including root again. Key finding here was that the latest beta does not work, but the latest stable does. Yet, occasionally, find and xargs stop working. When xargs stops working the following command sometimes still works: find /system -type f -mtime -1 -print With su and this command I was able to find out that also F-Droid apparently installed in /system, despite me having installed the systemless module. So I uninstalled all modules in magisk, and now it looks like nothing has been modified since I installed the system. (side note: I did not have ad-aware installed) Then I followed the OTA update procedure (temporarily deactivating Magisk), but I still get the "20" error. So still no OTA for me ๐Ÿ˜•
  4. @david I uninstalled the safetypatch module in magisk, rebooted, the update still does not work โ€“ but on top, the find command doesn't work anymore either. It just lists the files in the current directory. Now only find /system -mtime -1 -print works. Which gives /system/priv-app and /system/etc/permissions
  5. @david Thank you. It was a challenge to install Magisk again, but now it's running again, including root. The latest change is in `/system/build.prop`, how do I find out what the correct info in there is? Later in time the next change is in /system/bin/safetypatch, same questionโ€ฆ And then /system/etc/hosts
  6. Would you be so kind as to explain a bit more (with commands) your process? You seem to describe the very same problems I am facing, and found a solution.
  7. @david Thank you, with the link on how to rename the boot.img.gz file I was able to uninstall Magisk. Unfortunately, I still get the "20" error from update. I also tried reboot (I guess Magisk is gone now fully), but still it doesn't want to update ๐Ÿ˜• Would be happy to hear if anyone has an idea what to do, thank you. I am wondering if Lineage OS would be easier? Do we already have a thread comparing Lineage and stock? What's more stable? What get's updates more frequently? Do we get OTA updates for Lineage too that contain the same fixes as for stock, or are there simply different bugs?
  8. Thank you so much for your kind help @david I followed the steps exactly from @Craig from the inital post here. The post doesn't mention something with a backup image. Does Magisk do this automatically or is there a dialogue box that one needs to answer correctly? I didn't uninstall Magisk temporarily, nor do I have an SD card. Maybe there are other cases in which Magisk forgets/cant find their backup anymore? What would be the location/name of the backup? Where can I find the firmware version? In "about phone" there is only Build number, it's QX1000_EEA_20200106110245.
  9. Thank you. When uninstalling Magisk Manager, "Restore Images" I get "Stock backup does not exist". What can I do in this case?
  10. After how smoothly the whole production process and communication was, really surprising that the software update process is so rough. Fxtec -.-
  11. OTA didn't work for me. It showed there is an update, when clicking on the notification nothing happened and now the updater says there is no update, while being on the old version ๐Ÿ˜ž
  12. You made my day! This is amazing. I immediately checked if swype can do the same, but they can't. Swype would have had the advantage that you get a lot more suggestions.
  13. Bkackberry had autocomplete suggestions with the hardware keyboard. Is there any way to have the same with pro1? sure, we can't have the touch swipe on the keyboard, but on screen a couple of suggestions should only require software.
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