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  1. Thank you @foxfreejack@Rob. S.@SchattengestaIt– I managed to macgyver the buttons back functioning by using the double sided electronic repair tape I used to reattach the display. I doubt we will get new videos from FxTec, but a big warning to everyone who is trying to disassemble/reassemble their phone: When removing the bottom cover, make sure to go nowhere near the buttons, else you will destroy them When removing the bottom be careful with he fingerprint connector, one wrong move and you will break the cable When reattaching the bottom cover, make sure to push out all but
  2. Okay, next issue: My power and volume buttons don't move back and forth anymore. I don't quite get how they supposed to work, it kinda looks if there are springs missing that push the buttons back? But there weren't any springs or any pieces, I just opened it as shown in the video.
  3. I am trying to replace the battery, but I already broke one plastic prying tool by trying to do so. Any tips? There are in total 5 screws attached to the bottom cover, right? (Not that I missed one) [edit] I finally managed to open it, so yes there are 5 screws attached to the bottom cover, and you don't need to press down, you need to find one place where the prying tool fits in the gap between the cover and the rest, and it's more a pulling pressure than a pressing down – for future reference.
  4. I read through the whole thread and so far the summary is: We have no clue which battery could fit, due to differences in size, voltage and connector? It's unfortunate that Fxtec didn't use a battery from a common phone. I guess then I'll get the 99+shipping replacement directly from them.
  5. Did a factory reset, flashed the original images, flashed LOS recovery, the LOS installation instructions state to wipe data/factory reset before flashing LOS, which I did – but that's apparently a big error in the guide (https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/install). That apparently removed the adb connection, so I couldn't flash LOS anymore. Tried to reboot, but now the phone doesn't boot anymore. Stuck at the logo forever. Also no possibility to ADB or fastboot connect 😕 How can I debrick? Retried adb sideload and restart to recovery a dozend times and suddenly it worked.
  6. I'm on LOS 20, and for a couple of months now (April maybe), after an OTA, my Pro1 is constantly crashing. When it's charging there are a lot less crashes, also when battery >95%, but when batter <80% I can't use the phone anymore, it boots and crashes right away and reboots. My impression is it has something to do with CPU heavy activities (eg. the most reproducible crashes I get are from playing voice message in a messenger). Is anybody experiencing similar issues or has in the past? I wonder if it's a hardware problem or a software problem… I guess my next step is not make a fresh ins
  7. I upgraded to LOS 19.1 and sadly observe pretty bad battery drain. It was the same with LOS 18.1, there I had to enable to power saving mode all the time. But now even with power saving mode on, it shows bad battery drain 😞
  8. Just updated to magisk 25.2 and I can't find the Safetynet check anymore, is it still there? Furthermore, update possibilities to modules seems to be gone? Ah, I should have read further up… so yeah safetynet indeed gone 😕
  9. Unbelievable, this actually worked! And I did a system upgrade (LOS 18->19) as well, and that worked on top! This was my first time a dirty flash worked – with device encryption. This is what I flashed from the stock rom: fastboot flash boot_a boot.img fastboot flash boot_b boot.img fastboot flash dtbo_a dtbo.img fastboot flash dtbo_b dtbo.img fastboot flash system_a system.img fastboot flash system_b system.img fastboot flash vendor_a vendor.img fastboot flash vendor_b vendor.img fastboot flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img fastboot flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img rem fastboot flash userdata
  10. @EskeRahnIs there such a thing as a stock rom image that I can sideload?
  11. @dualinfinityThanks a lot for the guide! I am trying it out right now. Just for clarification, when you say "Flash the 2020-08-25 stock ROM", what exactly do you mean that should be flashed? All images? The full process here: Maybe exclude userdata and persist? What about system and boot?
  12. @EskeRahn What's your experience with AICP on the Pro1? How does it compare to LOS in terms of stability (and features)?
  13. Ah dang, I read this thread here and didn't find that part which said that the apk+firmware files don't work with current ROMs. Okay, as I don't want to reflash, I'll have a look if I can make the screen output smaller.
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