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  1. You made my day! This is amazing. I immediately checked if swype can do the same, but they can't. Swype would have had the advantage that you get a lot more suggestions.
  2. Bkackberry had autocomplete suggestions with the hardware keyboard. Is there any way to have the same with pro1? sure, we can't have the touch swipe on the keyboard, but on screen a couple of suggestions should only require software.
  3. I just got my Pro1 delivered by Fedex, 1 day earlier than estimated! 🎉
  4. What are your estimates (speculations) on shipping times to Europe? I asked the support, but they only responded that I received a stock assigned mail.
  5. From support: So yesterday only qwerty should have received tracking numbers, and it means that all IGG qwerty are delivered… what are our observations?
  6. @Erik I was told by support that all IGG backers would be in that batch. I wasn't, and many others neither. What happened?
  7. @Erik I was hoping that all IGG backers would be fulfilled with the 3rd batch, would you be so kind to post an update towards this? Are IGG backers still prioritized? How many backers are there? How many have been fulfilled so far? How many devices are produced per day?
  8. Ah Eriks post was about the 2nd batch 😕 So yeah, it's gonna be at least another week.
  9. I have the same hope. QWERTZ and IGG backer, hopefully this time.
  10. @Erik did the 3rd batch arrive in the warehouse? People should receive stock assigned emails today, then right? Did anybody already get theirs?
  11. Gosh, yeah, if they would have ordered a bunch of phone to be picked up at their office I totally would have made the trip to get it two months earlier^^
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