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[SOLVED] Strange bluetooth pairing failure (to car stereo; LineageOS 17.1)

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Tried to connect the Pro1 to my car stereo (old Pioneer in-dash receiver), but it didn't. On "Pair new device", the "Pair with xyz? [x] Allow access to your contacts and call history" dialog just flashes up briefly with no chance to interfere. It disappears and the message "Couldn't pair with xyz because of an incorrect PIN or passkey" comes up (which also would come up if I'd just have tapped "cancel", by the way). 

Different from earlier (all successful*) pairing attempts with other devices, the selection box was already checked (possibly because the clever fellow knows the car stereo can do something with contacts and call histories).

Any idea how to work around that? Is it perhaps a bug in LineageOS that could be fixed? 

For me, it's no big deal, I need the connection just to play music, and for now I'm simply switching to a good old audio cable.

* Delivering audio to my living room stereo works like a charm and, as of now, more stable than with other devices...

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Solved it. It was the car stereo, not the phone. I went through the menus and found a "clear bluetooth settings" option. I did that – and the Pro1 connected without problems afterwards... 🙂 

(The pic to prove it is here!) 


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