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Weird VoLTE problem

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I'm glad I don't depend on my Pro1 to be a phone. I am still using my deconvergence strategy:


However, I do have a T-Mobile sim in the phone, though it is only there to provide data.  I never give out the number.  So when I got a call out of the blue today, I figured it was spam (it was) but it went to voice mail. So I decided to check my voice mail.  When I made the call, an "HD" symbol appeared and all I heard was electronic chirping instead of the voicemail  greeting.  I tried calling from my moto G8, same thing. Now I don't use the Pro1 as a phone, but I want it to work in case I need to.

I turned on my media player just to make sure the spaeker worked.  It was fine.  So, seeing that "HD" thing pop up for any call, on a hunch, I went into settings (I'm on Lineage 18.1) and unclicked the VoLTE toggle.  And guess what-- the call to voice mail worked fine.

Soooo... what does this mean?  This is in the US with T-Mobile.

I mean, if this works, I'm good, but I'd be curious about what is going on.  Is this some known problem I've missed?  With the Pro1 and VoLTE?  With T-Mobile US?  With Lineage 18.1?  All of the above?  😄

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