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  1. @FlyingAntero came to the conclusion that the frames are different.
  2. I believe F(x)Tec has a support video for changing out the screen. I would imagine they would share it with you even if they didn't send you the screen. Worth contacting them.
  3. There is a flashall script included in the zip. Just be warned that, as is, the flashall will boot you without wiping user data. You don't want that to happen, so make sure you wipe userdata before firing off the flashall. The link for the zip is at the top of the post.
  4. Is this of any help? Not mine, but I have the link... https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/
  5. Hook

    Flaky GPS

    Correct. I should have said something like "Some cars integrate the Android Auto app into their dash system." Frankly, I wouldn't find Android Auto all that useful if not integrated into the car. Making controls a little bigger on the phone doesn't make it all that much safer to use while driving and the voice controls are mostly there without Android Auto. It's the integration into the car's system (steering wheel controls, speakers and microphone) that make it valuable (for me). This was the whole reason I added a supplemental phone for Android Auto when it didn't work fully with Lineag
  6. Hook

    Flaky GPS

    Android Auto is an app that some cars have. It uses a USB connection to your phone to utilize some Android Apps (maps for navigation, music player apps, messaging, phone, etc) and format their output onto the larger car screen if you don't have navigation built in. It allows use of the controls on the steering wheel and voice, so you are pretty hands free on all operations. Plus, it keeps your phone charged because it uses a USB connection. 😄
  7. Hook

    Flaky GPS

    Where I am (Coastal VA), I've never had any problems with navigation using Android Auto with either stock or lineage (I had other problems with Android Auto on Lineage, mostly the hands free stuff, which made me switch Android Auto functions to a different, stock android phone). But on stock, I never had a problem with the Pro 1 and Android Auto.
  8. Me too. Both @elvissteinjr Tasker scripts and Null Edge (I preferred the former) worked well on stock for me, while the setting on Lineage makes them unnecessary.
  9. Nope, doesn't offer to use internal storage.
  10. It offers the option on my phone, in recovery, under the adb sideload option. I will confess, however, I've never tried to use it.
  11. Yes and no. 9 months ago, COVID was hitting China and factories closed down in Feb. It's been a tough year. It doesn't necessarily translate to that long a wait if ordered now.
  12. Would appreciate a little more detail. DId you "Chat In" to the Verizon Tech and he/she then put in the request for you or did a Verizon tech have you chat in somewhere else to make the request. I'm not 100% clear how to reproduce what you did. I know of several Verizon techs I have talked to they have never brought up "CDMA-less activation" although it might just be becoming a thing as EOL for CDMA approaches. Appreciate the information.
  13. To update from a test build to a signed official nightly, you first have to flash the boot image (in this case the one dated 20200914). Then you use this new official and signed recovery to sideload the signed nightly.
  14. I'm with the majority here. Not that hard to adapt to, non-existent with Edge Null on Stock or with a setting on Lineage OS (which I am using). Unlike the majority, I don't like cases and will never have one. 😉
  15. When I said "my answer to this question..." I was addressing the OP. You didn't ask a question. Lol.
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