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  1. I don't think anyone here dismisses the alternate OSs as being important, and they are coming. But there are two simple facts that the review needed to point out so at least people know why those OSs are not yet available. First, the Pro1x had been planned as a Pro1 with more memory and thus the alternative OSs already existed. This was disrupted when they were not supplied with SD 835 chips they had paid for and they couldn't source them from elsewhere. Hence the SOC change. Second, because of the changed SOC, the work on alternative OSs could only begin once there were test devices availa
  2. Thanks for hanging in there so long. Very disappointing, but Lineage 19 is okay, just underfeatured. 😉
  3. Yup. No discussion. Still hasn't revealed whether he/she even has a Pro1 or Pro1x. Insults directed at other posters. Troll...
  4. Just wanted to point out that we don't know that he ordered the 662. If he backed on IGG before Feb 2021, he thought he was getting an SD835. But, yes, he doesn't discuss any of this, so we don't know. Based on my 3 year old cheap Moto backup phone, I don't think the 662 will be too weak for the things I need to do. The things for which I need a keyboard, not a cutting edge phone. In general, I find benchmarks pretty irrelevant these days. Smartphones have hit the same Plateau that computers hit in the early 2000s. As long as the hardware is supported for OS updates, a 12 year old com
  5. Does FinQwerty work on the X? I should let my friend know if it does.
  6. Here's another useful review... I have had a Pro1 for almost 3 years now. It has proved to be a very useful pocket computer and, in fact, with my Pro1, I rarely take my laptop when I am traveling for only a week or less. I eagerly purchased a Pro1x and despite the change in SOC and the resulting delays in getting test devices to alternative OS devs, I am excitedly looking forward to finally getting a second keyboard device. During the three years I have dealt with F(x)Tec, including two warranty repairs requiring the phone to go to London, their customer has been exceptional, mu
  7. Really. Thread title as a shout? Your post is a much more reasonable tone. My friend, who I talked into a Pro1x and received his (I'm still waiting), is extremely happy with his. He's a Linux SysAdmin. This phone is not for everyone. That's not a strike against it.
  8. I wasn't judging or doubting you; merely stating that I was puzzled because my experience had been quite different.
  9. I am not questioning anything you are saying but I have had several customer service interactions with Francisco, including sending my Pro1 to London for repairs, and he has always been on topof things an extremely helpful. So, I am puzzled.
  10. I think you know this and just had it as an assumption, but the important thing is to type the response above the line indicated in the email or the help desk system may fail to parse it correctly.
  11. I suspect no one at AICP is using a Pro1 anymore and these are just automated updates with no actual updating being done.
  12. And I have been continuing to do OTA updates weekly, all successful, nothing breaks, but what the heck is that long delay as the updater prepares for first boot. It is literally hours now. Lol. Luckily I'm working on my laptop Monday mornings. 😄
  13. Yeah, much as I loved AICP, I'm just not going to trust and depend on it for those very reasons. Having only 1 pro1, I'm staying with Lineage 19 as my daily driver. Once I have my Pro1x, my Pro 1 will become my experimental device to try Droidian, Sailfish, no google Lineage, etc.
  14. The first question would be were you bin tbe past able to use the phone for long periods without this happening? Is this recent? If so, whatt have you added to or changed on the phone in recent history, I would look for the culprit there.
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