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  1. A big problem you would have is that AT&T has also been kicking off Pro1s and I don't expect it to be any different with the Pro1x. AT&T, after for years being willing to accept any phone and let you deal with whether or not it worked, has decided to only allow whitelisted phones that they have approved in their database. This is disappointing. I used AT&T pre-paid for years, starting when they were Cingular Prepaid. I left AT&T before they started pulling this and am on T-Mobile now, but it is disappointing.
  2. Honestly, this is why I happily carry two phones, a Moto G8 Power and my Pro1. My Moto is my phone phone. Phone calls, sms/mms, Android Auto hands free functions, all my stubbornly portrait apps which are mostly bank and commercial apps I mostly use out in the world anyway. My Pro1 I use for writing, editing, notes (including a Bonsai like hierarchical note app that along with Textmaker gives me the basic capability of Scrivener across 3 platforms), browsing, email, ssh, things I would never do on a portrait phone even with a keyboard (I find portrait keyboards frustrating-- just too small
  3. I have tried both. AICP offers more tweaks that I like. Lineage seems very vanilla to me-- I used to use Dirty Unicorns. I don't think there is much of a difference in their core functionality. Now that AICP has become official, it is updated weekly with a reliable OTA updater. I have not had problems with either Lineage or AICP's updater. I do use Magisk, but only for SU, I am encrypted according to settings (I only use swipe access).
  4. Updated to the 13 OCT weekly via OTA. All went smoothly and root was maintained, October security patch.
  5. I never let my Pro1 drop that low, but it is no doubt related to this problem that has been identified in Lineage 18.1.
  6. The back of my never-in-a-case Pro1... πŸ˜‰
  7. Honestly, I've never seen a case that doesn't end up capturing dust on whatever surface it covers. One of the many reasons I won't use cases. πŸ˜‰
  8. Updated to the 06 OCT weekly via OTA. All went smoothly and root was maintained, September security patch (wasn't expecting October patch this early).
  9. Hook

    Dual boot

    Not as of yet. It is being worked on for the Pro1X, although it may not be available at release. Hopefully, the same solution will become available for the Pro1, but no one official has said that specifically.
  10. Updated to the 29 SEP weekly via OTA. All went smoothly and root was maintained, September security patch.
  11. Not surprising. Try passing on these two videos to a shop and see if those, the specs and that fact that, other than the keyboard, it is a bog-standard Andriod phone gets someone willing to look at it.
  12. Maybe, but I suspect your case was made much easier because they were Sony phones-- phones from a major known manufacturer. I'm not confident that will work as well for an FxTec phone, but one can hope (Though I have moved to T-Mobile now). Agree about the honey...
  13. @tdm This is from the AICP-Q thread, but I'm wondering if any progress has been made on this?
  14. Updated to the 22 SEP weekly via OTA. All went smoothly and root was maintained, Basically, looks like the same updater Lineage uses and has the same result.
  15. Yeah, not in my spam box. I'll chalk it up for now to some blip in the internet, like dryers eating socks. πŸ˜‰
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