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  1. This is why I continue to believe in FxTec. They can only do what they can do, but no matter how long it takes...they come through. Even when it's at the point where you may have given up on reminding them.
  2. If he doesn't answer, people complain. But it is hard to be specific when you can't be sure about the situation enough to give an iron clad assurance. Rock and a hard place. The problem is not just how small Fxtec is. It;s that it does very little in house and they don't own or have priority with any of the pieces. Unlike Apple, who own all of the pieces and have high priority, or Samsung, close enough to the same. FxTec has to juggle multiple providers and contracts where they have very low priority. So, if they have scheduled fkashing and packaging for shipping, but things are hal
  3. Not exoeriencing these issues (wifi, slow. losing root). I would try reflashing the zip from recovery and see if anything changes. It shouldn't make a difference sine the OTAs are the full system and not just updates, but it would still be worth trying. Sounds like something might be corrupted somewhere.
  4. This is a known issue, though I think most of the discussion has taken place in the Lineage 18.1 thread and in the Lineage room on the unofficial FxTec Discord. No one seems to have quite figured out what brings this one in terms of reliable steps to recreate. I certainly haven't, though it does happen to me, just not often and not predictably. Then again, I haven't kept up with all the postings, maybe others know more.
  5. And I am another who really has never been given any reason to complain about F(x) Tec's customer service. Yes there have been delays, but in fact the communication was good if you factor in that they don't say much if they don't actually have any news. When there were delays, they were very clear that there would be delays and they didn't know how long. I accepted that. Certainly never got a Frankenphone back. It's only my experience, but I am very happy with the CS I have received from this company. Far better than anything I have received by any other phone company.
  6. Indeed, Say what you want about communication and delays, their customer service is stunning, Got the Pro1 I sent for repairs in December back 2 days after they said it had been repaired and was being shipped, and also with a new battery thrown in. Even though he had seen all the delays, after seeing the CS I was provided, a friend ordered the Pro1x Enthusiasts Perk on IGG. This is a company that cares.
  7. I got My Pro1 back. I decided to not steal my T-mobile sim back from my Pinephine plus keyboard (mostly because it requires removing the keyboard and the connection is finicky), but T-mobile is no longer offering the $15/month plan w 1 GB data so I went to Ting Mobile for my Pro1. They even claim the IEMI is supported (my theory is if you type any random set of numbers and letters in there the decision tool will say you are supported 😄 ). They have a plan that is $10 for unlimited calls and text and 5$ for each 1GB of data, which works out to the same as the T-Mobile plan. The SIM is iden
  8. Got my Pro1 back from repair and decided to start out with Lineage 19 as described above by Eske (I flashed the 20220613 recovery image... probably could have used the Lineage 18 recovery which also worked for AICP, but I wanted a fresh start). I also wanted to note that I was able to sideload version 25 of Magisk as a zip (depreciated install technique) in order to get SU, which ios all I use Magisk for. I had to open the Magisk Manager app to finish install, which was painless, but I think might be new. I don't remember having to do that before just for SU. Took me 30 minutes (and then a
  9. Having just gotten back my Pro1, I decided to start out with Lineage 19. Still, I'm hoping there might be an AICP-s.
  10. Sorry for your experience. Mine arrived yesterday and it is indeed mine and works flawlessly. Have Lineage 19 flashed and rooted and restoring everything. 🙂
  11. Wow! Now FedEx says it is on the truck in my city and is being delivered today! Considering I was sent the tracking number Friday morning and last I saw it was hopping around London, that's dang fast. 🙂
  12. I received a FedEx tracking number and tracked it moving around London, but now the FedEx site keeps saying it is having a problem and "try again later"-- which must mean "try again on Monday". 😄
  13. It's admittedly confusing, and I have no special insight on what happened here. @EskeRahn's guess is plausible. However, this last update is the first one to explicitly say "Mass shipping has now been confirmed..." I would take that as a clear sign that the manufacturing hurdles have been surmounted. Hopefully.
  14. I wouldn't want to say I know for sure, but all previous hints seem to indicate that it is Android 11.
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