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  1. Lineage-21-20240520-NIGHTLY-pro1x with May 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained.
  2. Well, can't accuse them of not giving updates. Lol. Now there are three "color" schemes (as long as your colors are either black or white or a combination of both). Seems strange to me to be messing with this stuff now and why make the material ordering so complicated. Lock in the design and prototype. Get your idea to market and then iterate on the design for version 2. It would be fun to see the conversations on Discord, but I'm not paying $325 to do so. ;-) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-minimal-phone-first-e-ink-qwerty-phone/x/17980121?secret_perk_token=aba958e5#/updates/
  3. If you have a Pro1, yes, maybe. They had those in stock (it includes the proper frame), or you can order Elephone U Pro displays (without the frame) from Alie express or there is the full-frame screen for the Pro 1 linked above in this thread, also from Alie Express. For the Pro1x, no, they don't have. And if they have any, they would be going to people who ordered them on IGG, but probably not in London.
  4. A new update. Changing things up again. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-minimal-phone-first-e-ink-qwerty-phone/x/17980121?secret_perk_token=aba958e5#/updates/all Apparently they will offer a choice of front camera or not (located in the lower left is odd). Also, though not in the update unless I skimmed too fast, on the Story page with specs it looks like they are making the Minimal logo button a touch pad. Eventually they are going to have to stop these design swings and get this thing prototyped. Lol. Right now they seem to have a Titan Slim with a Titan Pocket
  5. https://discord.gg/NFkWeMWy
  6. We're already on Discord. :)
  7. As far as I know, there is no solution for the Pro1x unless you have access to a Pro1. If you connect the display to a Pro 1, you can use the Pro 1 method of flashing/reflashing Stock Android 9 and then put the display back into the Pro1x and it will work properly. However, there is no patch we know of for the Pro1x using those displays.
  8. Lineage-21-20240513-NIGHTLY-pro1x with May 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained.
  9. They have said the new dimensions are closer to the Passport than the Key 2. Actually, the new changes make this more tempting to me. The elimination of a front facing camera is strange, but given the get away from social media aspect of their philosophy, maybe getting away from selfies is a good thing and you probably aren't going to use an eInk phone for Zoom. I agree, they are never going to hit September for delivery. They'll be lucky to hit Christmas. I predict post Chinese New Year.
  10. Lineage-21-20240506-NIGHTLY-pro1x with Apr 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained. Done on the road in CO. 😉
  11. Not that I know of. I do assume they will still make some updates, though maybe not often, since they are still allowing pledges. They are clearly not answering questions much except to tell people they will send out Discord links for backers.
  12. As I found with a different set of links, not everything on those pages work though it's true they don't take you to the new page... they just don't work. And neither link has the videos, although they are still available HERE and HERE (on the second link you have to scroll down to find the take apart and repair videos).
  13. Unfortunately, no. You can get to an older version of the site by clicking on the "Shop" link at the top of the forum, but the FAQ and Support links will just take you to the new default page.
  14. Lineage-21-20240429-NIGHTLY-pro1x with Apr 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained.
  15. Yes, I do this all the time with magnetic cables. My cables are all USB 2.0-- for my uses I've never thought it worth bothering trying t upgrade. The magnetic adapter goes in when I first receive any phone and never comes out. I've never felt any play with any adapter I've used.
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