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  1. This is like the AlieExpress merchant who figured out that the Elephone U Pro screen could be used for the F(x) Tec Pro 1 and relabeled the screen (and, then, in this case, jacked up the price-- you can get Elephone U Pro screens much cheaper on Alie Express). 😄 https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804530146022.html?gatewayAdapt=deu2usa4itemAdapt&_randl_shipto=US
  2. Also, if all you want is root (SU) and you don't care about magisk modules, you can simply use the depreciated method of renaming the magisk file changing the .apk extension to .zip and then using adb sideload to flash it in recovery the same way you do MindTheGapps. I'm not sure you can't also still use Magisk modules that way, but since I don't use them, I can't say. I never even open the Magisk app, but it gives root to any app that asks permission and I say ok.
  3. I'm a little confused by your descriptions. When you reboot to bootloader using adb, you should get the bootloader screen which is the same as your first screen shot way above except I think it says "START" in green at the top. I don't think it matters if you use the volume control to change what is at the top to "RECOVERY mode" because those are options you are scrolling through, but nothing changes unless you press power. That bootloader screen (with "START" or whatever at the top) is the bootloader. That is where fastboot is used. Going into recovery mode (by pressing the power button)
  4. Whereas with Manjaro on a Thinkpad x230, fastboot has always worked for me. Didn't need to install anything, fastboot and ADB tools were already there.
  5. As have others on Discord. Sean says it's "moderately stable" which is good enough for me. Probably not that different than the first unofficial test versions of Lineage 16 we got from TDM for the Pro1, and those were rock solid. As soon as I have a Pro1x, I'll be installing it.
  6. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/lineageos-20-for-pro1-x.4543997/ Scroll down :)
  7. Donate link worked fine for me using Pay Pal.
  8. Don't set USB to file transfer. All you need is debugging on. Leave it on charge only.
  9. It would probably help if you detailed where you got stuck. Windows is fussy with this, particularly which ports work or which cords work. Often people do better on Windows with USB2 ports (I used a hub for that). Although my main computer is windows I have Majaro Linux on an old Thinkpad and it just works. Fastboot and ADB were already set up in the default install, I now do all my flashing of Lineage there. However, I only have a Pro 1. I don't have my Pro1x yet.
  10. This is basically what I use my 5G Moto phone on PAYG Verizon for with my Pro 1. Don't yet have my Pro1x to see how things work out with that. I'm hoping to make my Pro1X my daily driver while I experiment with the Pro 1 trying things I wouldn't with my daily driver. My Moto is my phone, car phone, hot spot.
  11. I got it too. I don't think it is any different than what Amazon or AlieExpress does. You look at or buy something suddenly you get an email offering the thing you looked at or bought. 😉
  12. Hook

    Payment method Issues

    Need a few more details here. Pay where? IGG? The FxTec Web Store? I believe that if you order from the Web Store, it will have the status "processing" until it is shipped (which will be awhile yet), if that's what you mean by "on hold." Otherwise, I'm not sure.
  13. Well, yes, Verizon was a PITA, but it worked fine on AT&T (that was back when the techs at AT&T got excited when I showed them the Pro1). My main two problems were that without a headset, calls were almost as loud as a speaker phone so there was little privacy and the fact that for some reason it would not use the car speakers/microphone when connected to BT so I couldn't get hands free. I freely admit I had neither the technical knowledge nor the patience to see if I could work through to a solution to these two problems and these may have been corrected in later stock and/or Lineage
  14. Well, TBH, the Pro1 wasn't a truly great phone, which is why I stopped trying to use it as one, and they made Lineage for it anyway. I suppose, from what people are saying, the Pro1x is worse (although whatever the problem, it wasn't picked up by the beta testers). I don't know since I don't have one. However, since I have no real plans to use my Pro1x as a phone, I really hope they push ahead with a version of Lineage for it and make phone/modem/whatever fixes later. Selfish, yes I know. ;-)
  15. I'm not very technical, not a noob, but a knowledgable user willing to find and RTFM if I know where it is. Principly a Windows user, but am using Linux more and more (because I have two very knowledgeable and patient friends who use Linux professionally). I always found Windows to be very picky and inconsistent with flashing. Since switching to Manjaro Linux on a Thinkpad X230, I have had no problems. Didn't have to download anything. ADB and fastboot were already there and I can use them from any directory. It just works (note, I have only ever flashed Lineage so far). If a user l
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