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  1. Whether this year can be compared to last year is unclear. Last year, they were new to manufacturing and logistics and the pandemic hit closing everything down. This year, they have renegotiated contracts, a lot more experience and, although the pandemic is still here and UK is in lockdown, I think they may have a better handle on how to move forward. I would expect the Pro1s to pop up when the Pro1xs do, that they will maximize their Factory run time they have contracted for. Still means maybe March to June, but I doubt one year this time around unless the lockdown becomes much worse glob
  2. If you are in the US, feel free to PM me your address directly. 🙂
  3. Also, these two viseos for screen and battery replacement.
  4. Actually, that disappeared for a few days. It's back now. Interesting.
  5. Android Ice Cold Project (Android Q). It's an alternative AOSP-based ROM.
  6. Not on Xfinity, but that is a very common thing that goes wrong on Verizon (if you get it working at all). Happened to me twice (which does also mean I got Verizon working twice). Got tired of fighting with it.
  7. By the way, note that they have removed the change matrix and revised their "story" to reflect the current specs with no notation of there being a change. I understand, but some transparency would have been nice. (This was pointed out by someone else of Discord before I saw it, so I am just echoing my agreement here 😉 ) Be interesting to see what they reveal in their "first look" event Tuesday.
  8. That didn't take long. Not surprised. 😉 Congrats to whoever scored it. 👍
  9. It's possible, but I would expect the effect of that would be more along the lines of causing touches to be inaccurate. That used to happen a lot with Palm PDA digitizers and the cure most times was to run the corner of an index card carefully around under the bezel. But, as I say, the effect was to make the digitizer inaccurate (you would tap one place but it would be interpreted as tapping at a different location). Not clear why crud would trigger an avalanche of touches across the screen on it's own, while just sitting on a desk. Not saying you are wrong. Just raising a question. I
  10. They turned me down for sending a display after first considering it. They indicated that they are no longer confident that just replacing the screen addresses the underlying issue. Hence, my Pro 1 is now at their offices. With a number of these issues popping up, they may want to do a more thorough investigation. Doesn't mean it won't turn out to be the display, but I think they want to look more deeply into it. Hope you do get the new display, however.
  11. Hook

    Pro1 Just died.

    I did send them an email inquiry on 05 Jan to confirm what the post office said, that my Pro 1 had been delivered on 30 Dec. They answered today with their confirmation, so they are working, even if from home, and tracking things. I do believe this will take a while and, as Slion suggested, probably won't hear much until they have finished servicing my Pro1. I don't expect that to happen quickly, especially given and intermittent problem (ghost touches-- dramatic when they happen, but not constant or predictable) and the lockdown, but appreciated the quick confirmation.
  12. I do suggest making this thread sticky if possible because if a couple of days of inactivity sinks it too far down, folks may end up creating more new threads,
  13. Yeah, much better sponsorship options. Added a little more beer. 😉
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