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  1. Doh! So was mine. A typo, sorry. Corrected now. Less dependence of the FN key for normal use, adds some number of third layer characters depending of which keymap you use. The term "Keyboard mapper" implies that Finqwerty is doing something actively. It isn't. It merely supplies additional key maps that it makes visible to Android. https://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/#pro1x
  2. Then, no, I'm not old. Just ask Mrs. Hook 😄
  3. No, no documentation, but to be honest, I don't think there are many. Stock Android 11 on the Pro1x actually is pretty nice and runs very smoothly. If you add Finqwerty (particularly the corrected one Rob S made available), it's really nice keyboard experience. LOS doesn't fix many things... if you are having problems with LTE and cell signal in stock, you will probably still have them in LOS. You get some additional features, you get a great reduction in bloat if you don't use a lot of google apps, the keyboard mapping works fine without Finqwerty, and you get up-to-date Android secur
  4. When you email them, the zendesk autoresponder will will assign you a ticket ID.
  5. I'm 70. Does that count as old? 😉
  6. Not sure, but it is true for the Pro1 and Pro1x. It will brick the device. I've never tried to relock a bootloader on any previous device, so I don't know. Had Dirty Unicorns on my Nexus 5. I miss that phone. 😉
  7. Yes, the apps may be detecting the bootloader being unlocked. You obviously bought yours second hand. If it is rooted, it was most likely done using Magisk. See if Magisk manager is in the app tray. If you open it, it should offer to uninstall Magisk, which I assume unroots, although I have never tried it (I have never unrooted after rooting unless I was wiping and reflashing everything). I have no idea if a Factory Reset would get rid of root, maybe someone else knows.
  8. NO! If it is on LOS, do NOT try to lock the bootloader. That can only be done on stock!
  9. This is, of course, on the Pro1x, not the Pro1 (I have Droidian on my Pro1 right now), but camera seems fine using open camera.
  10. No, as far as I know, they just stopped producing the means of doing so themselves. You can probably also root stock using Magisk the same way, but I didn't try until I moved to LOS. I don't think there is actually a way to prevent rooting once a phone is unlocked other than adding something that would actively block it. That would not go over well in the ROM flasher world.
  11. LOS has always allowed rooting. I suspect you mean do they still have the simple rooting utility they used to supply for SU. No to the latter, but Magisk works fine and, if you are mainly just interested in SU authorization like me, Magisk is similarly simple to use. Simply flash the magisk apk you get from the link below as a zip using adb sideload. You then open or download and open the Magisk Manager app and click install. It will offer an automated option... do that and it will do all the boot sector hoop-jumping itself, reboot and bam!, you're done and you never have to open magisk m
  12. I'm on LOS 20 now and don't remember clearly the settings on stock... LOS has a control panel for notification lights under settings and they seem to work, though I just leave it on auto. And stock should have some setting under Settings->System-> Language and Input for keeping the soft keyboard off when using the physical keyboard, but maybe I'm misremembering and spoiled by LOS.
  13. Yeah, I think that once the battery goes to sleep, nothing short of taking the phone apart and providing a direct jolt of energy will allow it to charge and supply power. Something that would be waaay above my pay grade. Maybe you could tie it to a kite and fly it in a thunder storm... 😄
  14. It looks like you've run into the dreaded battery protection issue. Most Pro1xs are fine when delivered. Even sitting for a year in the warehouse, the batteries should have 30-50% charge (Mine, delivered in early April 2023 had 50% charge), but the battery protection apparently has a flaw they are investigating. If the battery becomes somehow completely deleted, it enters a sleep state and won't charge. You should contact FxcTec at [email protected] to open a support ticket. Sorry 😞
  15. No. No one knows for sure all the details, but they are switching shippers from Expansys. My best guess (and it is just a guess) is that although they had a contract with Expansys to ship, the phones were so late, with prices having been driven up during the pandemic, that Expansys insisted on more money than the contract called for. We don't know if that was a breech of contract by Expansys or if there was a clause allowing that under "dire circumstances" or whether there was a disagreement on what was allowable. Who knows what the legal challenges are here. So it will take time.
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