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  1. @tdm Thank you for whatever you can do whenever you can do it. Right now, the number one priority is taking care of yourself and your family. Bless you for all you have already done! Cheers!
  2. I use Firefox on the Pro 1. I do like it, but I mostly use it because it syncs with my desktop and two laptops (Windows and Linux) that all use Firefox, my preferred computer browser.
  3. @Erik Yes, that works and it is a very nice summary of the instructions that those of us on (or who were on 😉 ) Verizon have used (I found Global worked nicely as network setting). The only caveat is that, for some of us, it doesn't keep working, the most common failure seeming to be that you can receive but not send SMS. Why? I don't know, I certainly don't think it's the phone. I'd love to find an explanation. It happened to me twice. On the other hand, the phone worked wonderfully on Verizon for the better part of 3 months. However, especially in these times, I didn't feel I could tolerate undependable communication. Since I had a choice, I went to AT&T which works flawlessly without any jury rigging. My recommendation is that if you already have Verizon, it's worth a shot. But I would not pick Verizon as a new service for the Pro 1 unless you have no choice.
  4. Here's the source in English: https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/03/31/supersim-combines-a-memory-card-and-sim-into-one-is-this-the-future/
  5. It works fine with both my Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and with Android Auto in my car. I don't use my phone for listening to music, so haven't tried my Sony BT headphones. What I do find is that sometimes the phone has trouble pairing with the auto when the watch is paired, but not always. I should try and sort it out better, but especialy since I'm not using my car as much as I used to with limited travel, I'm just turning off my watch when I get in the car. This phone is not the only phone or device I've found that has trouble sorting multiple pairings.
  6. I'm compromised, rooted and open bootloader, so, yeah, no Disney+, Can you find it for sideload? Might work... Netflix does.
  7. Sadly, I have given up. I ordered an AT&T SIM on-line, put it in the phone (Lol, I hate dealing with that SIM tray) and everything just works. No need to fiddle with preferred networks or find the right APN. All the switches already flipped on in the phone menu. Good 4G with calls and texts all working and good data speeds and signal around town and at home. Painless. The funny thing is I used AT&T for years and love their prepay because in 2009 they were the only US prepay that let you have data (A Nokia 5800 was my first smartphone)-- I've never done contracts and never will. I only moved to Verizon prepay (which they greatly improved-- used to be terrible) when my wife was traveling to rural Arizona which only had a Verizon tower. I hate to give up a fight but Verizon on the Pro1 is just too much work. When it works (and truthfully, it did most of the time) it is great... until it suddenly doesn't work, for no apparent reason. Which is just too frustrating. I'm done. My wife will keep Verizon on her Pixel 2XL.
  8. And now I have the mysterious problem that a few others have hit with Verizon where being able to send sms stops working. I can send mms, and I can receieve sms and mms, but I cannot send sms. I think I am about to give up on Verizon. I have an AT&T sim on the way. When it gets here I'll put the Verizon sim in my old phone just to make sure Verizon isn't just messing up in general (I seriously doubt it) and I will make sure that AT&T still works properly. I will probably then try LOS again and if it works with AT&T, I'm afraid that will be it for Verizon. I was actually hit with this Verizon SMS thing once before. It did go away when I did a complete reflash of my phone, though I am hesitant to attach causality to that sequence. 😉 But I'm getting tired of all this dancing around with Verizon, ffs.
  9. I'm still using Launchtime and find it refreshingly simple, but it suddenly dawned on me why I love it so much. As an old Palm PDA user from way back, this is essentially the old Palm Launcher... tabs with categories with each tab showing a window of icons of apps you have identified as belonging to that category. There are a few updated tweaks... tabs rather than a drop down (a tweak all third party Palm launchers added), a hidden category (very useful for getting Pro key icons and other useless things out of your way. and some personalization features. As mentioned much earlier in this thread, when you first install it, it autocategorizes everything. I turn that immediately off, change the names of categories and rearrange everything to my liking. I've found the easiest way to handle widgets is to give them their own tab. The launcher handles flipping them from Portrait to Landscape very well. I haven't been using widgets with the launcher long enough to know how stable it's handling of widgets is, but so far so good. I really like the simplicity of this launcher. I've been seeking out more simplicity in my life lately. This is a launcher that does one thing very well. It launches apps. And the bonus is, it handles the transition for landscape to portrait very well. And, if you happened to have had Palm PDAs before, it will make you smile. I just wanted to come back after more than a month of using this launcher, including many experiments to see if I could get Nova to behave the way I wanted, I am very happy with this launcher.
  10. This morning my phone signal went dead. I went to the phone menu (*#*#4636#*#*) and all the Volte and Voice over Wifi switches were turned off. This is the second time this has happened to me since December, so the good news is it doesn't happen often. Thankfully, because I have no clue as to why. But I just wanted to make folks aware this is a possibility. If you suddenly lose signal on Verizon, check the phone menu.
  11. Hook

    Call Volume Too High.

    I greatly reduced the volume slider for voice call. It does not seem to affect how well others can hear me on their end.
  12. Hook

    Call Volume Too High.

    Something odd going on. I'm on the suspended update (20200304) and I still have the issue, It was solved by the nice little volume control app mentioned by @FlyingAntero above.
  13. Yes, to be clear, priority or not, I am simply requesting that LOS be able to do what stock can do. Verizon works on stock using LTE only. It allows the VoLTE and Voice over Wifi switches to be turned on, which appears to be all that is needed for Verizon to work. The user still has to use the mule workaround to get a SIM provisioned for VoLTE, but that's on the user. It works in stock.
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