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  1. I had AT&T Prepaid for a month while I was working out Verizon. The apn was AT&T Nextgenphone. However, the account has been cancelled so I don't have the preferred networks setting for it, I do know I didn't have to pick that setting. It used the default.
  2. Hook

    Feature Requests

    My idea for this feature is simply that the fingerprint sensor should be optionally set to not care how many attempts are made. If it gets a good finger print read, it works. Doesn't care how many off position touches or wrong finger touches it gets. It's like setting password attempts to unlimited. I don't care as I too have disabled the fingerprint sensor, but seems like a good option for folks to have.
  3. I know that @Craig had to input an APN for his AT&T MNVO. You might check their web site or ask customer service what apn you should use in your area.
  4. That looks exactly like mine. also USB 2, but don't care for the same reason @Craig doesn't care. Large file transfers are pretty rare for me, so even the 2,0 speeds are fine with me.
  5. I dunno then, I can easily get from top to bottom in one flick and vice versa. Must not have enough apps. 😄
  6. I find no difference in speed finger scrolling (measured speed to see what is scrolling) and finger flicking (speeding up and down the list versus grabbing the side scroller in landscape, where I can.
  7. I have absolutely no problem with the all apps screen in app info in settings. Does not require edge scrolling for me.
  8. In Nova, the apps list scrolls from anywhere, I haven't run into any problems with the apps I use, but I imagine for an app that required and edge scroll-bar rather than scroll screen from anywhere it could be a problem.
  9. Edge Null, works pretty well for me. You do have to remember to take it off battery optimization or Android 9 will keep closing it after a while. Like Netman, I was okay after some use, but this app just makes it so I don't have to think about it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meatcube.edgenull&hl=en_US
  10. You can get the latest apk here: https://github.com/anssih/finqwerty/releases
  11. @Erik From the math, it sounds like Feb 27th is a typo and you meant Jan 27th. Can you clarify?
  12. Glad to hear his positive tone, but it was really too bad the software wasn't working as smoothly as the production units do. Not just the bad screen orientation behavior, but the screen keyboard popping up in landscape ( that has never happened to me). Someone seeing only this video might get scared away.
  13. Yes, they don't reach the desk because although they stick just a hair beyond the back edge, the middle of the back is higher. I thought you had found one that was less than 6mm. What I relly like about this one I just got is that everything is smooth and rounded and it is unlikely that anything will catch it. Further, it is rock solid stable once clicked in. This is the first one I have found that didn't have a little play in the fit. Let me know how your turns out when you get it.
  14. That 2mm is not the dimension I'm talking about. I'm talking about the measure of from below the port to above the port (the short dimension, not the long one) as that determines if and by how much the adapter plate will extend past the back. Mine appears to be 6mm whereas the side of the keyboard is just about 7mm in the same dimension. If I'm not bring clear, I will try to diagram it on one of my photos. My adapter is 2mm on the dimension you referred to. The 6,8mm may be correct, but I don't see it on that schematic.
  15. Let me know if it is. I suspect it's the same, but the critical dimension-- the height of the adapter-- is not one they give. For some reason, I couldn't find yours on US ebay before, but must have made a mistake because I found it now. Trouble is, it is still shipping from China (but the shipping is free)... I prefer quick, free shipping from Brooklyn even though I pay more. But if it really is smaller, I'll consider it.
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