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  1. I hope he's okay. Seems strange that @tdm would just completely stop communicating. 😕
  2. I'm sure I'm about to hex myself by posting this but, no case, no screen protector, no broken screen (though it was replaced by FxTec in January for Ghost Touches). In use since December 2019. For me, the true lifesaver is the textured Dbrand matte black skin on the back. Best shatter protection is having enough grain on the back to prevent it from sliding easily either out of your hand or off a surface. That, and not being in a blazing hurry when handling it. 😉 I do have 2 AlieExpress replacements waiting in the closet for the day when you all get to point your fingers and laugh
  3. The July 19th update with the July 2021 security patch installed smoothly via OTA. Root retained.
  4. True, but I believe the security update was April 2020, which was the yardstick I was using. 😉
  5. Sorry, I did say that with a bit too much certainty. I have no official source for that, but now that they are focused on developing for the 662 SOC and, given that they have not provided any updates for over a year, I find it unlikely that they can spread their limited resources to providing updates for the 835 SOC. Would love to be wrong. As @EskeRahnpointed out, Lineage is currently required to keep the Pro1 up to date and I have happily gone there.
  6. I no longer have an active AT&T sim to test, but my sim always worked fine with LTE. I think I had the preferred network set to Global. Also, try checking the Access Point names. I forget which one I used, unfortunately. Unless LTE where you are uses a band not included on the Pro1 (like band 71), I have no idea why you would have a problem with LTE.
  7. Interesting. So AT&T on the contract side is getting fussy about this. I still recommend you take it in to the techs in person and see if they can work it out. PAYG is not a bad idea. Also check T-Mobile coverage as they are a good alternative (I would look at PAYG there too). I am currently using T-Mobile on Lineage right now myself, just FYI.
  8. All I can address is that on mine , the dialer app is fine. I don't have any Microsoft apps.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure what that means. The message is IMEI is not recognized. But we have both had the Pro1 working on AT&T, so I really don't think that's the issue. I don't realy know much about how IMEIs work, but I think that message amounts to "your phone is not in some database we use so we don't know if it works on our network or not." I used AT&T PAYG under various names for years and never had the impression that they ever did phone model limitations like Verizon did. If it's got the bands their network uses, they'll take your money and go. I admit I have no experience
  10. I assume you have Post-pay AT&T servivce right now. If so, that is why the BYOD check is complaining about the IMEI-- it is already locked to an account. I don't know if you have other phones on this account and therefore what options you do or don't have. One possibility would be to take them the spec sheet with the bands listed. If you don't have other phones tied to your account (like a family plan), one option is to switch to Pre-pay, either AT&T or T-Mobile (porting the number). But if you get a good in-person tech at AT&T, given the specs, they should be able to
  11. The Pro1 certainly won't be updated, but I'm still pretty sure the contractor is working on the Pro1x, whether the same contractor or a different one. They most likely had to initiate a new contract. The contractor does the initial development job but is pretty bad at any maintenance follow-through. I assume that will probably be true for the Pro1x as well-- it will get an initial not well refined version of Android (probably 11) and will fall behind over time. I suspect they don't have a lot of choices of contractor and that they have no clout at all being a very small company. They get w
  12. I think, as before, Android is being done "in-house" by their contractor. This update is talking about getting reference devices to external developers and that those devs have made progress. At least, that's my interpretation. 😉
  13. I did OTA for the first time rather than ADB and it works great. And, yes, root is preserved.
  14. I'm pretty sure I don't really need to reflash Magisk or Gapps each time, but it's quick and easy, so I do. 🙂
  15. This is deeply buried in the comments on IGG from 4 months ago, in reply by FxTec to a post by @EskeRahn. Of course, we don't know who was speaking... You can find it, but you have to do a *lot* of scrolling. 😄
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