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  1. If you got stock assigned, it's coming. Another week or even two, what does that matter at this point? Be happy. You'll have a great keyboard phone soon. why waste so much energy on whining when you could be happily anticipating. Sheesh, at least wait to see if it's Monday or Tuesday (OMG, one to two days late). If they stopped to do updates for every phone, they wouldn't have time to actually see to it that they get out. They said it is coming. It will. Be excited.
  2. Have you tried asking [email protected], or by using the support form on this site or by asking @Erik? If a mistake was made, they can ferret it out.
  3. I know it's hard, but it is very difficult for them to be exact and has always been that way. If you got a order allocated email earlier this week, know that it is indeed coming. But even going back to December, "end of the week" would often wrap around to sometime the next week. Not because they are messing with you but because they don't control all aspects of the operation-- that is, they depend on others. Just a little longer. Trust me, the wait is worth it.
  4. Lol. Can't wait to get my SIM back Monday. I'm dying to try out Verizon! 😉 Thanks so much,
  5. Not sure why you are giving him such a serious detailed response... he does, after all, admit at the outset that he's a troll. 😄
  6. Don't really know how helpful this will be. I got mine last December and that was a really different world, for shipping as well. I was told on Thursday December 5th that my order was completed. I'm pretty sure I had a notification from FedEx the next day showing the package in Hong King. It then sat there the entire week-end and then began moving on Monday. It went to Alaska before coming into the big FedEx hub in Memphis and still managed to reach me in Virginia by Tuesday afternoon. International shipping has been affected like everything else by the Covid stuff, so I would probably expect it to take a little longer. But fingers crossed for you. 🤞
  7. I flashed Test18. So far no problems. I use Nova. Arrow keys work again. 😄
  8. Yup, was just typing up my discovery of the swapping of the arrow keys when you posted.
  9. Test 17 installed smoothly. Everything seems fine (QWERTY).
  10. That's the advantage of Lineage. We can be updated to 10 maybe before IdeaLTE does it. And even if we can't, security updates can be delivered. My Samsung TAB S from 2014 is on the Lineage version of Nougat, but it has the June 2020 security update. I'm not arguing if you prefer Linux, but just saying that Lineage can keep Android going far past Google's official support. So long as apps don't exceed the capability of the hardware, things can go on a long time.
  11. Selfishly, that's all I care about. I doubt I will ever go back to stock except to experiment. 😄
  12. Frankly, I just want smoothly operating Android, which Lineage is fast becoming. I've used Android for 10 years and have assembled a fine set of Apps that do what I want in pretty much the way I want them to do it, allowing me great productivity, especially with a physical keyboard.
  13. Yes, please, thank you! 😄
  14. Here's the US link for these. I failed to turn this up back when I ordered my 1600, lol. https://www.ebay.com/itm/3600-Glue-Dots-5mm-Circles-Black-dot-Self-Adhesive-Sticker-Inventory-Foil/273534542426?epid=27025325402&hash=item3fafede25a:g:gLEAAOSwn0pdOD18
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