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A few months back me phone just went pitch black in my hand. Nothing triggered any reaction. No button and also no charger.
So I contacted support for help. It took a while until they answered me. But they offered me help to repair it myself.  Not really keen to try any parcel service during brexit with a phone still holding a decent amount of personal data, I gladly took that offer. They hinted me at the battery and the USB-Board.

My skills in electronics and manual labor are... well let's say I am a programmer 😉
But the phone is really really easy to disassemble, I was able to do it with a screwdriver and nothing else (and the screwdriver was too big).

Once open a broken ribbon cable to the battery made a clear statement about at least one issue. So Fxtec sent me my IGG battery. Unfortunately it changed nothing.
So I also got a new USB-Board. Disassembled again, replaced the board, assembled again. Couldn't really fix 3 of the internal screws (most likely because I used the wrong ones?) but I thought
that wouldn't matter. The phone did no react to a connected charger, but unfortunately did not charge at all.

So I bought a proper phone repair kit with a fitting screwdriver and was again dissembling it. Fitted all the screws this time, blow out some dust, and assembled everything really tight.
Now the phone was charging hurra... touchscreen was not working. Again disassemble, checked the ribbon cables, reattached them, assembled it and ....
my phone is back from the dead! Finally don't have to use my old slab anymore. I hated it and missed the keyboard.

So my verdict about the whole process:

1. Fxtec was really helpful in my case!
2. It seems like these small ribbon cable need a lot of pressure from other parts to connect properly, so using fitting tools and not beeing a programmer may be advisable.
3. Repairing this phone is pretty easy! Even I could do it. It is a shame not all phones are built with screws!

While FxTec is struggling with a lot of things, they have done a lot of things right in the engineering department!

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