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  1. conjuring for sure. If you have no virgin blood, you should try emailing them directly.
  2. Could also be a pack of "digital appreciation". They may have no time to really appreciate it themself, so they have a AI to do it digitally....
  3. We could do that, what condition is yours in? mine is mint! I don't think we will get anything soon. But that is okay.
  4. Oh there was a digital enthusiast perk for like 19$ where you get nothin' (well they promised some digital stuff, but it is mostly to support the project)
  5. Great thing, thinking about selling my digital Enthusiast Perk. Since it is sold out I think 500$ seem to be fair 😄 ADD by moderator: Split this from this thread
  6. Please read the title of the thread: please do NOT post requests to buy! Also I would tag a price tag to that request, what are you looking at paying? 500$, 1000$, 1500$ depending on your range, you get a different outcome! @EskeRahn If you decide to clean his post because it is the wrong thread, please remove this one too. thank you!
  7. What you want to say, it is not a good Idea to move everything to top left just because iOS did it? Blasphemy! Apple clearly knows how you want to use your phone! Just trust them... Na honestly even with a better UI I would also prefer a 5.3-5.5" device. The pro1 is great but it is not easy to hold in the beginning. I also don't think it would make the keyboard cramped at all, but even easier to reach all the buttons and faster to type. I agree that the sweet spot for that is of course slightly different for everybody, but I think 6" is more on the upper side of the scale. I would guess I h
  8. I completely agree. I don't think anyone here tries to defend IGG. I think the whole concept of Crowdfunding for perks is a really bad deal for the consumer. It probably should be regulated more. So please be angry at IGG, but not at fxtec. And do not try to ruin them, call your local politician and complain about crowdfunding or whatever. But don't try to damage a company which is in my opinion in a position, where crowdfunding is not too unethical!
  9. Breaking news: Crowdfunding is very questionable, high risk and a bad deal for the customer! Well we know that since decades. It indeed is. Why we do it anyway? Well in most cases i don't know, people seem to be stupid.... In this case simply because it is a project that would not exist without us taking the risk. That we even reached the point we are now, is only possible because a lot of people here have invested even more money than you. We didn't even saw a pro1. There was none! We didn't knew how good the hinge would turn out. We didn't knew if it would be usable at all, or if it is ev
  10. Well since this feels a bit like Fanboys defending, I think it is important to state at @PsyDucky that we all have been through this. We all agree that communication is not the best, we all agree that it is hard to know anything for sure, since a lot of unofficial information pours in, while official is missing. But in this case, they stated relatively clearly, what happened and why. Yeah there are some Information missing, like HDMI out. But you know what? I am pretty certain they don't know yet. They haven't redesigned the thing yet! Community asked if it will do HDMI out, so they asked
  11. I understand the anger with the missing communication and downgrades. Mostly because I was in a similar position 1.5 years ago. But It is highly unlikely that FxTec is a scam. They have delivered phones, why should they in a scam? I am pretty sure they had the most money 2 year ago, when all the preorders paid. That would have been the moment to cash out in a scam, not after fabricating and licensing a few thousand phones. And I don't think their current communication is bad, what information are you missing? And even if it is bad, you should have seen the communication 1.5 years ago. The o
  12. I know it seems like a good price, but be aware, it is set to French... 😄 Naa honestly, I am tempted as fuck, it is even in Switzerland, maybe I could use one more ... 😄
  13. Sorry I have to get back to that. This list is from a Wikipedia article and not specific rules for a lender. SOME lenders MAY have rules about crowdfunding. But in general terms, it is wrong to assume something is not listed must be covered by something else. This is not how law works (at least in western countries) and also not company rules (which are mostly based on the concept of laws, and quite often also backed/regulated by some laws). If something is not listed, there is either no rule on that, and a new rule must be made (Or in reality, it is quite often the case, that it depends on
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