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  1. I am mixed. Mine is rock solid normally. But If I held it upside down it clatters worse than yours. Since I do not often do that, I don't care to much.
  2. While we all can agree that vim or neovim in termux is of course the superior way of text editing. There are two Issues which I like to bring in play: Is it possible to paste text from f.e. firefox to termux? Has someone else strange keys in termux? Like the `\` instead of `?`
  3. Yep it is strange. However this may not be the fault of the developers but the one of the apps. I suppose Launchtime does just have a look at the app-tags in the store. However auto-categorizing can be turned off and it is a good thing 😄 Glad you are happy with lawnchair!
  4. An that is not a uncommon high margin I expected it to be higher tbh. Other companies have more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-apple-iphone/apples-iphone-x-has-higher-margin-than-iphone-8-analysis-idUSKBN1D62RZ
  5. Well it is important to note that the sender is EXPANSYS and not fxtec. Could it be that 300$ is what fxtec pays for the phone? It is strange in anyway
  6. I am not a big fan of the shifted layout either, but after using it for a few weeks I have to say it is not bad. You get used to it and your fingers are nicely centered in the middle of the phone.
  7. Lol, he quoted me, it is what we normal people call a conversations... it is indeed an answer to this specific person. I am sorry if that is too much for you to comprehend I will in future always state why I quote a specific quote to not further confuse you 😄
  8. Don't get me wrong, I do not say you should believe them or anything. I am just saying, that they, at least public, stated clearly that this is not a sure thing. Is the communication still off? sure. Are they still delayed? Oh boy, YES! Do you handle the priority of the orders badly? Another clear yes. And you also have the total right to be angry in my opinion! But false accusations will not bring us anything (not that you have done any, but some have).
  9. You got a blue arrow? Where can I get that 😄 (I bet you owned a nokia keyboard phone 😄 )
  10. I would also prefer that. Currently if this is important to you, you could move the category column to the left and change between them by swiping (which is not that nice, but it works). You would still have all the power of launchtime if needed, but can also use it one handed.
  11. Doktor Oswaldo


    In Finqwerty you can do it with Ctrl+FN+4 which is way easier ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ ( I am on the pc an cheating tbh )
  12. Well launchtime does work with categories. But it has widgets a static shortcut bar and even a last-used page. But it is not a classic launcher. It does a lot differently. If you want a classic launcher lawnchair may be a possibility (I have tested that one, but I can't quite remember how good the landscape support was. But since someone else has recommended it, and it is FOSS, I would have a look on that).
  13. Depends on what you want, I would have a look at launchtime, kiss and lawnchair.
  14. I have also installed it over f-droid of course. But to be honest on f-droid you find nothing if you don't know the exact name of it 😄
  15. You can just correct all of this you know? Move apps to other categories, add new categories (long click on any category for that) and so on.
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