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  1. offtopic here but *hust* newpipe *hust* have a look at f-droid for it
  2. I doubt that. We do have keyboard cases for tablets for a reason. No matter how big the screen is, a keyboard is in another league!
  3. After typing on a keyboard phone again for a while, I can just feel again how awkward touchscreens are to type. I do not type enough to get really fast but I do type on it! On the touchscreen I often wait until I am at a computer before I reply.
  4. As long as you still buy shiploads of phones from them, they should do alright 😄 But I am in the same boat, I am currently thinking about getting a 1X once it is released to replace my pro1. I would happily pay for ensuring progress too, but for that they would need to be a lot more transparent. What I mean is, if we would know, that they do a pro2 if they sell N more pro1x's, and N is a realistic number, I would order one today. If the 50 bucks a year does not only pay for a few updates, but would make them able to sustain, no problem. On the other hand, if it does not really float t
  5. We have that here too. Funnily also in a Supermarket called coop. They also offer you handscaners though. But here the problem is, that you need an account and give them access to all your sales data to use it. So I use the self scanning register instead of that.
  6. Trust is maybe an overstatement... but you have to asses the risks. If someone has access to a manipulated carrier network, there are probably more valuable targets than me. But since I do the same (never connecting to public wifi). Do you have the same problem as me, that it seems that some places with public wifi (supermarkets especially) seem to be constructed to block mobile network? I know this sounds like a conspiracy, but I swear, here in Switzerland you seem to have no Internet at all in big supermarkets!
  7. Well, I don't know about the 2000s but until 1997 local products where common, Switzerland had ASCOM phones for example. So I guess some cheaper countries had local products for longer.
  8. I just came to the believe, that the smartphone market is really broken. If we want a new supplier, that isn't a china supported company, we will have to live with the struggle. Sure they could probably communicate better. But I guess they keep attention to not piss off any suppliers.
  9. For me it was the other way around, sticky modifiers are what I was used from my n900. It is not really needed on the pro1 since you have most modifiers twice, but for example the US International Layout only works with finQWERTY. I would still like sticky modifiers though. Right shift is pretty far away, and sometimes I wish I could type with one hand while the phone sits on a table.
  10. You may want to adjust that price on the replacement screen. It is cheaper to get one directly from ali express: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32956500815.html#!
  11. I completely agree! But just to check for a certified android without even looking at what apps are installed is just worthless. I know that it is bitter reality.
  12. I know, sorry if I wasn't clear. I am not objecting against the statement, I am just saying, that the way it is is probably stupid.
  13. I wish the people specifying the 5G standard would have understood that 😅
  14. I think you are right on this. But it is stupid, I would say LOS is at least on pair with a Android FxTec patched together. However, they likely just have to show, that it runs Android 11 which it does, and will not have a further look at it. So I guess it is the best shot he has to get a Pro1 through.
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