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  1. Well biding should just reserve the amount on your credit card, and release it again once you haven't got the highest bid any more. But for that, you need the money you are spending available on your cc, which is unfortunately not compatible with the american way of life...
  2. I would say yes. The founder of FxTec has an execellent Track record of doing what he is able to, to deliver stuff or refund. True in the current pandemic who knows, it may not be possible to deliver everything. I mean don't get me wrong, I THINK they will deliver everything but we can't know. What we know is though, that despite their lack in communication and despite many errors they made, they are working hard to deliver! And that is more than most preorders can say (well a bit of a problem is, that the normal Pro1 was never titled as preorder, but that is what I meant with errors. F
  3. Not really, I was lucky though, got mine earlier that I should. But for most it was quite the opposite. No communication at all did not help either. Even got a bit of a bad conscience (of course kept the phone anyway :D) But I think it is important to point out, that FxTec just seem to have no system at all. It is unlikely that they are favour some people over others.
  4. Well that is true, but this is probably the only smartphone were you have earned the money back before you receive the phone. So you can just order your next one once you get it 😄
  5. naa man, that is not true. It is mostly completely random.
  6. ~wow good condition for that price, I am sure this will sell pretty fast!~ Nevermind, thought it was a asking price, instead of a starting price, still pretty good condition judging from the photos
  7. Well it is unfortunately not hard to believe. Fxtec screwed up in this point multiple times. They had no system to send the devices out sorted by the date of the order, it was more or less random when you got your device. They sent devices to resellers before preorders where done and so on. But stay strong guys, the phone is worth it!
  8. Yes tighten screws. If that does not help, some people added some stuff below the hinge to stabilize it. On my old screen I just shove a tiny piece of paper under it. But that was related to a drop. Normally the screws should do the job.
  9. Well then you may should precise that in your post. And I would also recommend stating what you are willing to pay for it.
  10. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/25023318#/
  11. That is exactly what I meant. Well yes, but if there is only one phone in the lineup, it would be wise to make it good for the average hand size. And I believe it is slightly bigger than what would have been the perfect average. But of course as a small company you have to take what screen size you can fit into your design! And after all I am really happy with the keyboard.
  12. Well even more ideal would be the not a have a base as width as a top. By having the base the same size and just centre the keys you would gain nearly nothing. What also would have been great, is to add a gap in the middle. Like if you are holding the pro1, where the `G` is, there should be nothing (or some macro key or whatever). I still stand on my point though, that a 5-5.3" device would have been big enough (regarding screen) and would make typing faster. However it is not too bad, you get a pretty solid speed on it after a while, and touch typing is possible with ease.
  13. Well... the Ford T used that method to make something cheaper, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Since there will be high class alternatives more tailored to a specific user. But apple showed that this is not needed, you can just use marketing to sell everybody a high class phone with a huge margin and price... Which makes high class alternatives to a slab useless from a economic standpoint. Apple marketing has already told everyone that they need a slab, so why fight against that marketing, when you can just glue together your own cheap slab and sell it for big bucks?
  14. That is actually the only real innovation that apple brought to the smartphone market (everything else was more or less bought). What they showed the competition is, that variety may be good for customers, but it is much more lucrative to market just ONE device. Media talked about how innovative the device was, it wasn't, the marketing was. It destroyed years of innovation and prevented future innovation. Imagine having just one car for everybody. Driving Long distance? Well nobody needs that anyway. More than 2 seats? Oh that is a niche, we don't care. It is a sportscabrio for everybody. N
  15. Well I was talking about the latest update: https://player.vimeo.com/video/491140062 You can see, that it wedges pretty fast, and an alternation between force on the left and right side is needed to open it in multiple pushes. This could work way more stable, once the rest of the phone is done, but I don't see anything suggesting a mechanism to prevent that.
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