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  1. It is not only a matter of not enforcing it, it highly doubt they could enforce it. Just because a company writes something in their TOS doesn't makes it law. I mean the only thing IGG could do is to delete their campaign, which would help no one expect maybe IGG. So the TOS line is worthless. If you want your money back, you would have to follow the laws of the sellers jurisdiction, because that is where the contract is valid. I have no idea what the right steps for the UX are. But you probably have to set them a deadline, then report them to some sort of local authority. Then all the comp
  2. Possible, but the last 10 updates or so have already been non-updates... so this would mean a step shift in strategy 😄
  3. Well we have to accept that we have been abandoned. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want to judge them. I don't know what shit they had to go through. But at the moment, we are just cut off. No more news, no more excuses just nothing. So I guess they have just moved on. If that is the case, I would wish for them to just tell us the truth and just tell everyone that the crowdfunding campaign has flopped. That would at least put an end to the waiting.
  4. Interesting, I am based in Switzerland and aren't reachable per call a lot of times. Also building up a Call takes up to 20 seconds at least sometimes. So it doesn't seem to be a pure US thing. I am pretty certain we use the EU frequencies. I will have a look into logging on android.
  5. If that helps, feel free to provide us a list (here or in the discord) with things that would help you. I mean we could also deliver logs and stuff. But I guess since it is common, you can reproduce it yourself?
  6. No, the battery can be removed and replaced. I have removed it like 3 times without any problems. However the battery connector is really thin so it could get damaged.
  7. Since you are living in a country where people have some rights too, not only companies, I would not worry too much. If the process is anything like it is here, you will just have to say that you refused the package and then they will have to prove different.
  8. Luckily in Switzerland you can usually get a payment mail even before the delivery. So it is not collected by the drivers anymore. I mean in most countries it is such a shit job, I can't even blame the drivers too much for stealing.
  9. Here you have to pay taxes on imported goods. These taxes are not known upfront (well on could calculate them in theory, but parcel services are not gonna trust your informations on it), so parcel services have to collect the money afterwards. Bigger problem here is that parcel services charge you an additional 20 bucks for the service of handling customs for you.
  10. Oh sorry I was unspecific, I was talking about the Inkasso Company. If you think Fedex is bad, wait for them. Had to deal with some in my civil service year... they pressured people not speaking the local language in signing stuff by telling them that they must sign it by law. I don't know laws of other countries but here the following rules apply: 1. Don't sign anything 2. Pay your debts and pay the usual interest-rates on them but nothing else! They will try to bill you all kind of other stuff, but if you haven't signed the fucking paper they have no right to bill you that. I
  11. don't sign anything and you have nothing to worry in most countries.
  12. Okay I agree with @Hook, I had my fun, but now it just starts to get personal. I would advise all of us, to not continue that. Else outsiders may indeed see a fanboy vs critic fight here (even though it is soooo stupid, it is hard to get that one wrong). Time to move on and think about dealing with him in other ways. I would advise the following steps: 1. Not getting personal at all anymore, just correct his wrong facts. 2. Remove personal insults from him if needed, but leave his "facts". 3. Ignore everything else. So he can still submit any criticism to the phone, he can't say h
  13. Since you are the only one crying around here, I can see no other snowflake than you.
  14. well that is an instant no buy here (not that I would have otherwise). But as you stated in your review, the phone lacks another row of keys, which would make it possible to save that kind of things easily. I think it is a bit strange, that unihertz still has the same flaws after so many models. The pro1 isn't perfect but it is not their 5th design, still they have tweaked the layout for the pro1x
  15. Also there could be some scalping involved. There where some early bird perks for like half the price. So selling it now does yield a nice profit.
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