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  1. Basically this whole Forum is a mess (Don't look at me, I am completely innocent). This is unlikely to get better until there is some real user2user content here. So I would say do not put too much work into it until we got the phones.
  2. That is the point. There is a lot of stuff I only do on my phone if it has to be done immediately (like writing mails). So this device will make my everyday life more efficient again!
  3. You mean that it is ~240g not =240g ? Well I did, but ignored it 😃 P.S. I kept mAh because it is then easier to compare to the given 3200 mAh in the specs 😉
  4. That would be 48,888,888.89 mAh. So the preproduction unit seems to be better than the officially announced numbers!
  5. Nay, he posted that quite recently and should focus on my phone instead 😄
  6. Where can I buy one of these kitchen scales? Mine is waaaaay less precise!
  7. Thank you for the correction. But is it done inclusive Fx-Branding or just a bought sleeve? I do suspect they are buying these.
  8. I do not think it is done yet. Or even started. I think they are concentrating on the phone for now.
  9. Well the difference is, that the plane does not belong to FxTec and is also not chartered by FxTec, but FxTec sends the batch with a logistics company which does merge several parcels into the same plane. As far as I understand the Twitter it just says that the logistic company does not work over the weekend. So they have to wait for them.
  10. No he said private airfreight is out of question. It still is sent by airfreight as far as we are informed!
  11. So your daily driver now? Still leaves the question why you had in your breast pocket and not in a belt holster like people of certain age should? (Or is this just reserved for dads?) Anyway seems to be more stable than my current phone with case!
  12. There is nobody posting official Updates in this Forum at all. So what do you expect from a locked thread?
  13. No, nothing will be included in the Package. Both things will be sent afterwards if you get them.
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