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  1. They stepped up their game again. Since a few weeks support is answering and sending out parts again. I got a new USB-Board a few days ago, which has brought me one step closer to revive my precious pro1.
  2. They actually have a pretty good track record in delivery the stuff sometime. It just takes forever.
  3. yes yes it is, cpu wise. But the keyboard is timeless. The Question is only, what is the keyboard worth for you? I am currently an owner of a fried prawn, using my old phone (nokia 6.1). I do not miss the faster cpu, I miss the keyboard... every f**king time.
  4. That is exactly the reason why nobody should EVER pay for extended warranty as long as the burden of proof is not reverted. But at least this phone can be repaired.
  5. I don't know what the confidence of a suicidal orange is worth though 😄
  6. where are you from then? Most smaller countries in Europe that are not in the EU have similar rulings.
  7. I had exactly the same, even was looking at the phone while it turned black. Still trying to repair it, but I will have to send it in I think. BUT I MISS THAT DAMN THING EVERYTIME I PICK UP MY PHONE 😪 So please send the thing in for repair and then sell it to someone who is as desperate as me!
  8. Great interview @EvilDragon ! But what really kills me is the video. Impressive talking!
  9. He just said he leaved the bottle there, nothing about the whisky. I guess DieBruine is very skilled at using a straw now 😉
  10. Probably worked because it is proper whisky, do NOT try this at home with johnny walker red label!
  11. yes I did, did not help, had to replace the screen.
  12. That is great news! Thank you for the update. To be clear, I never wanted to attack fxtec or anyone personally! And I am not surprised, that the problem is with the parcel service and not with you (I mean I know dpd.... it is a casino). I was just pointing out, that DieBruine has no possibility or rights to pressure the parcel service at all. It is unfortunately for you something fxtec must do. We all know that you are a small company and it sucks to fight against big parcel services. But I honestly think DieBruine has tried what he could to solve the issue by himself! Keep up the go
  13. I agree, if there are additional fees. I would pay it as customer. I would guess you don't have to, but I have a feeling, that nobody really knows with brexit... so I would advise to bite that apple. You could also book a transport yourself (probably more expensive due to pickup) or let them send it to an english buddy of you and then use the postal service. P.S. to be clear I am NO lawyer, and all my advise is done to my best knowledge but without any form of guarantee!
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