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  1. Well I am still not on LOS (I am planning to move in a month, when I have a vacation). But I will share my opinion anyway: First of all, thank you for your great work, I am not using it now, but I do appreciate it! The free device is a reward yes. But it is a really shitty pay compared to the hours you guys put in. So it would be totally okay to take donations*. So if your only doubt with taking donations is the fact that you received a free phone, forget it and take donations. But if you just have phone developing and don't need to money... well there is a downside to donations. Dona
  2. Nothing to do with the pro1, since the keyboard does not work there. But I usually don't play on phones (I hate the mobile game stuff). But Battle Chasers: Nightwar got a full port for 10 bucks. works great!
  3. Well PUBG Mobile is (or at least was) famous for matching you up with bots in the beginning....
  4. Agree, a lot of us seem to have forgotten how long it took the get used to a n900 and such alike. Yeah it was easier, but because we switched over from t9 which was even slower than touchscreens. At the beginning I also though I am using the touchscreen quite a lot. Now after 9 months, it is all fluid. I use the touchscreen to answer a quick 'yes' on a message, get a reply, switch open the keyboard, type in an answer. All done in a natural movement without thinking about it. The longer I use it, the more important the Keyboard gets
  5. Yeah but support sold you the whole upper part of the phone, not just the screen.
  6. Well I honestly don't think they are that far with personalized adverts. I would be happy to not getting adverts for a vacuum cleaner for the next 2 years AFTER I bought it. In my opinion the real danger of all this, lies in the companies buying that data. Mostly insurances are extremely dangerous. Even here, where there are strict laws that everyone must have base insurance and companies can't reject you, some of them tend to loose the paperwork of older patients which are trying to switch to them because they are cheaper. In a less regulated country this can be fatal. If we think that th
  7. Yep and depending on which cities, people would need a flat with enough space for a pc too.... Well this may be an exaggeration and most IT personal should be able to pay for a more or less decent flat (Not that I know I am guessing). But to assume just anyone can do home office without any problem is naive.
  8. Well we don't want to take measures this drastic, want we? 😄
  9. Interesting. Have tried it 3 times, it just aborted without any info at all. But nice to hear. Maybe I have an app interfering with it. Anyway if someone has a problem, try the SD card!
  10. Attention, the file MUST be placed on the SD-Card. Pointing to a place on your internal storage just aborts the update (At least for me). Can not to further Research since it worked with the SD card. UPDATE: See posts below! Update from Internal Storage should be possible, I don't know why it didn't work for me. If you have problems try from the SD card!
  11. Uuuups, you are right, I am sorry! P.S. yeah we don't know, but best guesses are at 1%
  12. A good to know, I remembered it wrongly. Thanks. But to be a gobshite, that is still 1/20 of the corona rate not 1/100 😉
  13. Eske is super chill with people with different opinions, but he does not like discussions based on personal opinion instead of data and science. So he is just saying that the mechanism is rock solid once mastered. You could of course argue that it would be wiser to have one that instantly can be used but then the tricycle comparison is pretty on spot. So there is no reason to feel belittled.
  14. Indeed, but we also don't know how many get rid of the virus, so the mortality could fall well under influenca or go as high as sars. Anyway agree with you that we don't know a big deal yet and panic does not help. What is for sure is that People should stop buying masks. Most of them are useless. the other ones do only help for 20 minutes or so and do make breathing hard!
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