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  1. I don't think they have the parts, they just have the contracts for the parts (It is wild guessing at my side though). So there is still room for problems. Also their update mention some missing parts indirectly: ``` We need to re-make the individual parts for the new mini-board and back cover (due to the redesign mentioned above). ```
  2. Again I have no knowledge in this area, I am a programmer and this seems to be a HW problem. But could it be, that the power controller is also on the PCB where the USB is located? There are two connectors to that pcb for sure.
  3. I am completely off my expertise, so I can only tell you that I thought the same, but it was indeed the USB-Board that kept my phone totally black. No LED, no charging, no USB connection from the pc nothing. Exactly as you describe. And it happened for me while I was using the phone. It just went black. Don't ask me why, but the support told me USB-Board and they were right.
  4. You could ask them to send you an USB-Board if you are willing to replace it yourself. This might be faster than to wait for official support. It worked for me but was a few months ago.
  5. I had the same Problem, reach out to the support. It seems to be the USB-Board or the Battery are possible sources for that Problem.
  6. Hurray the fxtec Advent calendar. Everyday a new part will be added and on Christmas we will already have 24/30+ steps done 😄
  7. I used the same approach but have used more force: I did not cover the whole back though, Just the area where the fingers are. The disadvantage of that tape is that it becomes less grippy over time. How is the transparent packing tape holding up?
  8. Well while I understand the frustration, everybody does, we all have been there, I think it is important to remember that we just have no idea. FxTec may have done things wrong. Or they just don't get what they have paid for. The truth is, to produce a smartphone you are highly dependent on a few big players that can play ball with you. Sure if they don't send you the parts you may consider legal steps. That may bring you your money back but you surely won't get any parts afterwards. Not when you are so small that they don't really care. In addition to having no leverage at all, a lot of
  9. People should take good decisions about everything... What do you want to express?
  10. Unfortunately no. If you give him a message ( https://twitter.com/ESAdevlog ) he might agree on adding it as an .apk ... I don't know him at all, I it just a guess since he seems to include as many possibilities as possible on his website (direct buy there, drm free, linux version).
  11. Just saw yesterday, that "Baba is you" is now on Android (Played it on switch before). I tested it, and it works great with the keyboard. Movement is on arrow-keys and WASD. Rewind is even mapped on Ctrl+Z (and more comfortable: backspace). "Baba is you" is a "Boulder Dash" like puzzle Game where the rules of the current level are blocks on the playing field and can be moved around which changes the rules. For example there may be a Rule out of three blocks: "[Wall][Is][Stop]" which means you can't walk through walls. By pushing one of these three blocks out, the rule will not be there any
  12. A few months back me phone just went pitch black in my hand. Nothing triggered any reaction. No button and also no charger. So I contacted support for help. It took a while until they answered me. But they offered me help to repair it myself. Not really keen to try any parcel service during brexit with a phone still holding a decent amount of personal data, I gladly took that offer. They hinted me at the battery and the USB-Board. My skills in electronics and manual labor are... well let's say I am a programmer 😉 But the phone is really really easy to disassemble, I was able to do it w
  13. They do send spare parts, but I have no idea if they have spare FP sensors. P.S. Eske is just a power user, not affiliated with fxtec nor working for them. So he has to guess exactly like me.
  14. That is pure hindsight bias. It is useless to look behind. Of course you would have made money if you knew back then what courses are today. If you would have bought XTZBEAR Coins for that money you would have like 0.02 $ right now...
  15. They stepped up their game again. Since a few weeks support is answering and sending out parts again. I got a new USB-Board a few days ago, which has brought me one step closer to revive my precious pro1.
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