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Didn't find this topic which I think is a nice feature on maemo forum.

So hello to everyone and happy new year 2022!

I am hoping to be a new  Pro1X user on february. Hoped I would have got it as a birthday present to myself on last march but didn't happen.

I have been hassling with Nokia N900 devices for some years and managed to save 70 pieces of them from three crackheads who were thinking of using them as burner phones! They weren't in good condition (I mean the devices) but I am putting them together to contribute them to Maemo Leste developers. Have been sending working ones already around the world. My way of giving back to awesome community.

What is the best thing is that I have got help from a member of this forum (a member of maemo forum as well) who has been soldering usb ports to the motherboards. And he has got help on that from another member here! Opensource community rules!

So still waiting my Pro1X but hopefully not that long anymore. I have thought of using  it with Ubuntu touch which is a new thing to me. At the moment using xda port of LineageOs on a MotoG8.

So hopefully I can soon search help from topics on this site for my new device and maybe I find a way to give back to this community too!



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