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  1. Here is the keypad before sticking it to the phone:
  2. I have one phone i stuck an iphone 4 keypad to I found still in stock in a local webshop after a long search: I cut off the edge of the iphone case thing with a knife and put double-sided tape on there. Removing the case entirely wasn't possible as it's integral part of the sliding mechanism. It works allright but there only being a shift key on the left side is rather annoying, also it slightly interferes with the camera when closed but if I'd been more thoughtful before sticking it on there that could have been prevented I think. Also the keypad is quite low quality and it's
  3. If I understand it correctly, this happens because some firmware or parameters of the touchscreen has to be updated for the margins to be correct. There's a thread about it somewhere on the forum... It can be fixed by either: - reflashing stock firmware (which does the magic on first boot) - some illusive app which only works as root (you'd have to ask fxtec or someone else who has it to get that)
  4. This can be true, but I like to believe we're doing quite well at welcoming everyone on this forum :)
  5. Being in the UK does severely limit your target audience as basically everyone outside it would pay import duties as of januari...
  6. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    It isn't easy to brick a Pro1 just by software indeed though, you'd really have to be trying.
  7. I've had mine just a bit over a year but don't recall the exact date of arrival, still the best phone ever <3. I feel compelled to share my stickers thread here :D.
  8. I think you get the wrong idea, topic titles sometimes disappear when @EskeRahn merges threads that are just saying the same thing but I've never known any posts to be deleted for being critical or negative while watching this forum pretty closely...
  9. Very happy they are useful :). All you who requested stickers: they've been mailed out and should arrive in approx a week :). More are still available to anyone who wants some.
  10. Say Pro1 ten times fast. I have not gone beyond disassembling the screen part, but I did take off the stickers on the keyboard corners for putting them in a scanner and testing my replacements. The best info about disassembly so far are these instructions IMO https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/ also there's a document from F(x)tec themselves but beware this describes disassembly of pre-production unit where there are no stickers on the keyboard corners so it's different and taking the bottom half apart is different (i don't think you need a heat gun for the final units
  11. If you've taken your Pro1 apart before you will have noticed it's mostly held together with screws hidden behind small circular stickers: And while it's possible to take these off without damaging, if you are me you entirely destroy them in the removal process :D. Also I do like to get creative, so I made a solution: They're made from thick laminated vinyl (made by Orafol), and obviously quite different than the original stickers but they do the job well I think. I could not achieve the same roundness as the original since this would cost too much for smaller quantitites (to cut th
  12. There is also AICP: I do not know whether it solves the problem you're encountering.
  13. I "solve" this by having multiple browser windows each having their own theme/subject.
  14. Treble does really make a lot of things much easier @EskeRahn, it doesn't allow magic though. I've ran an Android 10 GSI from here on my Pro1 for a while and it worked well with the exception of not knowing when the keyboard is open or not, but I didn't check whether VoLTE works and VoWiFi isn't even something I can get as far as I know.
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