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  1. I could be wrong, in my experience the adhesive holding such cables etc into phones doesn't really require a heat gun although it may help. Batteries are another story, those don't always come out in one piece... Edit: looking at the manual again that cable at the bottom does look like it has a big area adhered to the case inside but I don't see why anyone would remove it unless the cable itself is to be replaced.
  2. No heat gun should be needed atall, unless you want to either delaminate the keyboard assembly or take the screen off the backing behind it.
  3. They also have a logo in nearly the same color theme as that bottle on IGG...
  4. If you got the yoga style hinge you'd have to stick the phone in your pocket with the keyboard to the outside to use it fully like a normal slabphone...
  5. I've tried the Cosmo with thumbs briefly (with a Pro1 side by side) and at least for my opinion it pales in comparison to Pro1 at that, it's however usable with thumbs if you need to but the keyboard is pretty wide and the keys like to topple over rather than getting pressed if you don't hit them dead center. Also did not like that there are no nubs on the F and J key. If I understand it the Astro will have the same (or virtually the same) keyboard. On the flip side typing with all 10 fingers on Pro1 isn't what I'd call ideal so if that's what you want from a device... I even did a typing speed test on the Cosmo, got 35 WPM if i recall correctly (that's with barely any practice), using fingertips of course. I also recall having trouble finding symbols and the layout being confusing, that's a matter of getting used to though.
  6. If you scroll waay down on their indiegogo page for it there's some more detail about the mechanism. Can't say it totally inspires confidence in me but it does seem possible. Edit: not as easy to find as i thought, the first video before the pic that says "DAY | NIGHT".
  7. I am not convinced because I want to type with my thumbs :P. It's a cool device though and seems like a step up from cosmo.
  8. @tdm has implemented the driver sligthly differently for lineage, but his should work similarly. The limit of which combinations of 3 keys and up is limited by hardware and they should be the same ones and somewhat clustered together as to which ones will exclude eachother which makes it pretty much a non-issue to map for games. Any combination of 2 keys should be possible.
  9. That's not how it works, Samsung will not just give you their stuff and reverse engineering it is more work than it's worth.
  10. - Be probably already aware that people whine regardless of talks. - Hopefully soon be able to crank out more of these awesome phones :).
  11. Not only that, as some people will build an immunity the spread with be permanently slowed down hugely if they manage to contain it a bit now.
  12. If you aren't afraid of factory resets due to AVB you can use the boot+vendor with kernel that i built (because be warned it's not signed so installing it will require factory reset), instructions in readme included. https://matland.be/pro1/kernel.zip A better way would be if we can get someone to extract a boot.img from the newest OTA so that you get a signed one and don't need the factory reset. Anyone willing and able?
  13. For reference here is how that menu looks like: Shutting down from there is perfectly safe and shouldn't have any adverse effects.
  14. Eek, hadn't considered that, that could be harmful to userdata/sd integrity i guess. Also it could cause trouble during updates, although a/b system should make it so nothing bad happens. In short: if you mean shutdown by longpressing power rather than from menu there is a chance you could lose files from userdata or on sd card (especially fat32/exfat formatted sd), hardware would be fine though. You can decide for yourself if that is a risk worth taking in the situation.
  15. Naw that is fine to do, why would you though?
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