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  1. You do have to flash with fastboot to go back to stock from another OS.
  2. I think this issue is very subjective, it does not really happen for me ever since i got a bit used to the phone. For others luckily there is software workarounds :).
  3. A drawing application may help to show even small dead sopts.
  4. Sailfish also is a whole lot more like a normal Linux, and that one is quite polished on Pro1.
  5. I don't think it's related to the circuitry at all, I believe there's (compile time) settings for this. Pretty sure it filters out faraway based on phase offset between the two microphones and has a noise gate on that too. Some phones expose the unprocessed audio as an additional audio source if I am not wrong, but this isn't the case on the Pro1.
  6. As long as the screen shows an image still (even if it's got lines n stuff) my guess would be yes. Do check whether the earpiece, selfie camera, notification light, proximity sensor and keyboard open/closed detection are still working.
  7. The mic is very much tuned for picking up nearby voice and nothing else, I believe this can be fixed in software fairly easily but wouldn't know how off-hand. I've tried many apps to see if any of them are able to record the audio unprocessed but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  8. One thing I did differently is I go over the matrix twice, because my anti-ghosting is somewhat naive in that it gets confused if the state of the matrix changes during the scan (so i re-scan to be sure that's not possible). It's probably possible to do this in one go when you do the anti-ghosting better and I believe the way you approached it should work from reading the code, however I haven't tested it. So I don't think it's relevant but since we are possibly looking for a difference between the drivers i figured it's worth mentioning.
  9. Hmm I wonder why unlock is not allowed... Hopefully someone knows. I think the reason it does not allow to flash is probably because of locked bootloader in combination with the images being older than what is on the phone. There's also a factory restore tool from @tdm but i would be cautious about trying it until someone wiser than me comments, as I'm concerned the rollback protection could mean succeeding to write an older image would do more harm than good.
  10. I believe unlock in this case means unlocking the bootloader, not the pattern lock. fastboot flashing unlock Would be the command to do that, but be aware this will irrevocably delete userdata (installed apps and anything like photos and documents stored on the internal storage).
  11. Since nobody is replying yet I will, but I held off because I don't recall what the order statuses mean because it's been too long, all I remember is that they are confusing xD. I think in any case though the best thing to do would be e-mail support or contact them here since they can see whether your payment arrived or not and tell you exactly what's going on.
  12. The US is a pretty foreign world to me, so hopefully someone more informed can comment 😅 . The prepaid style of billing I'm familiar with is where you just pay certain amount to get "credit" and then that gets eaten only if you call/text - usually expiring after 12 or 24 months of not using it. In some places it is different of course, in Malaysia for example it seems most carriers have the credit expire depending on how much was purchased. The prepaid plans are usually not advertised much lately, probably more profitable for the companies to take a fixed sum every month. I vaguely recal
  13. Where do you live? For less regular use often prepaid plans make waay more sense than anything with monthly payments, and you can then redirect calls to that if not mistaken.
  14. I personally hope it will be good, i could see it not being that bad. More important than being easy to open is if it will be steady when standing open, which i think they could pull off. Although it really does look like quite a difficult design to get right.
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