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  1. Say Pro1 ten times fast. I have not gone beyond disassembling the screen part, but I did take off the stickers on the keyboard corners for putting them in a scanner and testing my replacements. The best info about disassembly so far are these instructions IMO https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/ also there's a document from F(x)tec themselves but beware this describes disassembly of pre-production unit where there are no stickers on the keyboard corners so it's different and taking the bottom half apart is different (i don't think you need a heat gun for the final units
  2. If you've taken your Pro1 apart before you will have noticed it's mostly held together with screws hidden behind small circular stickers: And while it's possible to take these off without damaging, if you are me you entirely destroy them in the removal process :D. Also I do like to get creative, so I made a solution: They're made from thick laminated vinyl (made by Orafol), and obviously quite different than the original stickers but they do the job well I think. I could not achieve the same roundness as the original since this would cost too much for smaller quantitites (to cut th
  3. There is also AICP: I do not know whether it solves the problem you're encountering.
  4. I "solve" this by having multiple browser windows each having their own theme/subject.
  5. Treble does really make a lot of things much easier @EskeRahn, it doesn't allow magic though. I've ran an Android 10 GSI from here on my Pro1 for a while and it worked well with the exception of not knowing when the keyboard is open or not, but I didn't check whether VoLTE works and VoWiFi isn't even something I can get as far as I know.
  6. It's shocking that you do not have the first one yet, maybe something went wrong? I would try contacting them via the contact form rather than e-mail, maybe their spam filters are blocking you. Also tagging @Erik here sometimes helps he is the hero when email support fails 😅❤️
  7. I really believe that everyone will get their phone and things will speed up over time, even though fxtec has struggled to get things done in a timely manner so far. Bringing a phone to market as a startup is no easy feat. Your concerns are legit though, I'd only advice taking the dive if you are willing to wait.
  8. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    It's certainly the phone yeah, worth a try. Since it's unable to connect to the device at all on the windows machine I suspect most likely some silly USB issue to be causing that.
  9. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    There is! Bus 002 Device 002, the Qualcomm Gobi Wireless Modem nonsense is a phone in EDL mode.
  10. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    nothing if you run lsusb?
  11. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    There are a lot of them out there, there's bound to be some failures. The only thing that seems somewhat common are display/touch issues. I wouldn't get too worried :).
  12. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    Reflashing via EDL mode is the thing to try right, you won't even need an EDL cable because it is in EDL state. Either the bootloader is somehow corrupted (failed update or broken flash memory presumably). That factory restore tool should be able to do it.
  13. netman

    Pro1 Just died.

    Grasping for straws here, but does the caps-lock button affect the caps-lock LED?
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