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  1. I do not mean lawnchair, both are nice though 😉 https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.quaap.launchtime/
  2. launchtime is awesome (also in landscape mode) after some configuring
  3. This thing is intended to screw onto a standard tripod mount which is how I use it, you could use any normal tripod with it. I don't have any recommendations for those. Also note that the actual clamp part has a separate thread for placing that on a tripod directly, which seems to be much more stable than using the swivel thing that comes with it.
  4. Now that you mention it I tried and indeed they do not press the buttons unless you crank down on it. It holds quite securely though so no issues to hold it to the side of the buttons which is how I've used it.
  5. It can grip the phone next to the buttons (somewhere between unlock and camera button).
  6. I've had this one since some time, which is capable of holding the Pro1 and pretty much any other phone I tried. Quality is mediocre but it gets the job done. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32868370597.html Edit: just realized the listing shows several items, it's this one:
  7. Because they're assuming the user is stupid and will complain if the SD card can't be read from their PC when they choose to format it as ext4 I think...
  8. netman

    Spare Parts

    I am now very concerned...
  9. The main difference is that exFAT supports files bigger than 2/4gb (that limit depends on the implementation), otherwise they are virtually the same filesystem.
  10. For me it's mostly solved simply by owning the phone a while. It's thicc enough that you can grab it without accidentally pressing the screen.
  11. Not a huge advantage, but night mode is a little bit better implemented in 10. Also it is the new and shiny one that may have some security patches android 9 does not.
  12. I have no crystal ball, but it's in the pipeline so it'll definitely come at some point.
  13. This is definitely not by design, impossible on my unit, the whole edge of the glass is supposed to be recessed. I think the screen is even supposed to be glued (not strongly but enough to dustproof) on the edge. I think you should contact support to get it repaired or replaced.
  14. This doesn't look right to me for what I can tell from the photo there seems to be a gap between the screen and the part it is attached to. There is definitely no gap where dust could get in on mine, I would advice to contact support about this.
  15. That's correct, it is a separate issue in the same driver. The latest version of the driver I have is merged with those changes also. (I may have stated otherwise in the past due to not realizing merging with newer driver from stock inadvertently to me also fixed the crashes.)
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