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  1. ^ also i think this would probably work
  2. You could try this if not already factory reset https://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-10/how-to/guide-fix-pin-pattern-password-t3538438 edit: also delete the files password.key and pattern.key if they exist edit2:
  3. Did someone say general availability before christmas?
  4. The sensors hypothesis holds water! This actually may help the devs :).
  5. The part I felt most relevant: 11-20 17:48:02.715 6164 6164 E SensorManager: Trigger Sensors should use the requestTriggerSensor. 11-20 17:48:02.736 6164 6164 I chatty : uid=10159(com.cpuid.cpu_z) identical 1 line 11-20 17:48:02.736 6164 6164 E SensorManager: Trigger Sensors should use the requestTriggerSensor. 11-20 17:48:02.835 6164 6164 I Choreographer: Skipped 1881 frames! The application may be doing too much work on its main thread. But no idea how to get dmesg at the time of the crash to maybe find out more. I guess the developers know better though, and seems easy enough to reproduce the issue :).
  6. I would tell these things but I've become oblivious to what is obvious or not to others :D.
  7. Any of these steps is under the condition you didn't already do it of course, but here hopefully complete instructions if i didn't forget something: On the phone: - Turn on developer options - Go to "Settings -> Developer Options" and enable USB debugging - [edit] Now when you connect the phone to the pc it will ask if the PC is allowed to debug the device, tell it yes. On the PC - Install ADB (on windows you may need some driver also, do not know how) - Now you should be able to get a command line where you can run adb commands, to check if the phone is connected and found you can run: adb devices If that works running the "adb logcat" command I said will simply keep outputting data, until the phone reboots probably. Perhaps a better idea yet is to run: adb logcat > log.txt Which will dump the output into the text file "log.txt".
  8. If it does not happen for others may be worth further investigating, with some luck running adb logcat on a PC connected to the device via USB, and then reproducing the issue could provide some more insight to what happens.
  9. OH haha I had no idea... So the subforums are a bit sneaky but fair enough, I could live with that.
  10. There is no way they'll be THAT slow.
  11. I also have been puzzled by this. But today i am damn well excited to see them, for the first time :D.
  12. Hm when i first read i was opposed to the idea, but thinking twice, it'd work if there was a dedicated subforum for it. I still vote for bugzilla or equivalent software.
  13. That kinda defines this as a bug. Could it be because the bootloader comes unlocked by default? Is it safe to tell in developer options to lock the bootloader? Maybe @Waxberry can chime in here :).
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