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  1. Update: Until Februari 2023 I won't be able to dispatch out stickers and I'm not sure I'll watch the forum, but until then if you want stickers you can message @Hook to request stickers regardless of location :). They are still available and still free. Edit: do not be concerned, i'm just away traveling for a while :).
  2. The -X has a single stage button, I suppose the specs page needs updated. Can confirm the on the original pro1 first stage is rather devoid of tactility, works for me though.
  3. Because chat and forums are slightly different in purpose... Also we're mostly talking offtopic xD. Discord rather than other chat things because that's what caught on somehow (there are IRC and Telegram groups too but not very active).
  4. Since the Pro1X has started shipping, I'll bump this topic with the message that stickers are still available and until i run out of post stamps they're free of charge ;).
  5. You're a beast! I'm still stuck at 50WPM but I have been out of the game for a bit due to a dislocated thumb 😬 (no worries, it's fully recovered by now). For me what i'd call a "leasurely" pace would be 40-45WPM which I'm sure people can do on a touchscreen, but for me it's not even so much about speed, it's just way less frustrating and harsh on the fingers when there's some feedback rather than just hammering my thumbs on a pane of glass.
  6. hand! i feel like we'll have more eyes on this once the pro1x's go out πŸ™‚
  7. πŸ‘‹ I am not new but, hello all! πŸ™‚
  8. I had ripped the membrane on one of the buttons a bit like that when reassembling, but it was still good enough to work (all bits still attached). The second time I assembled i placed some kapton (mylar) tape over it to protect it from damage on assembly because I was quite concerned about destroying it further, this appears to have worked.
  9. netman

    Disabling 4G+

    I believe there's a setting in "settings -> network and internet -> mobile network -> preferred network type" that allows you to control this type of thing, the options there are cryptic to me though so hopefully someone with a bigger brain will also chime in πŸ˜…
  10. i got the normal "early bird" one after many refreshes
  11. Or someone has a bot that bought them all at once.
  12. + me + anyone i know that tried to go for the super early, did anyone actually get one?
  13. You are not alone. [edit: for those with the same issue, it appears to work after you retry a bazillion times]
  14. 9. If you managed to screw up the screw cover stickers send @netman a message :)
  15. Here is the keypad before sticking it to the phone:
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