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Pro1 with usb c monitor, touch issue

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Hi dear experts

I recently bought a usb c portable monitor. you can plug your phone to it via usb c cable.

when i connect the monitor with galaxy note it works fine, it display and also touch on the monitor works fine.

However when i connect it with Pro1 it does display on monitor, but touch on the monitor doesnt work.

so i am not sure if there are some settings to do for touch to work, or if pro1 doesnt have that capability.

Also the galaxy note has andriod 12 while pro1 has andriod 9, so wondering if it has something to do with the version?

so any of you guys have any experience or if you could help me if its some settings?

Thanks for the help

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  • EskeRahn changed the title to Pro1 with usb c monitor, touch issue

I do not know if native android 9 supports touch on external monitor. It might be a Samsung DeX feature? Or as you suggest Android 12.
Maybe LineageOS or AICP? At the least they are offered based on newer android than 9/pie.

It seems to have been in Android for a decade, BUT needed/needs a proper driver....
See e.g. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/connecting-android-tablet-to-external-touch-screen.1294268/

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