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  1. I have bought two Pro1 devices from individuals that owed Pro1. I contacted Fx Tech about the warranty and they said yes its transfers to me as the warranty is attached to the device and not to the owner of the device
  2. kashif

    Pro1 Just died.

    This is a scary stuff! Why Pro1s are dying like this
  3. Hi Ive got a usb hub that has hdmi and a usb. yes it changes while outputting to hdmi.
  4. Has anyone tried Sentio desktop experience? I tried it the other day and it can do this. it does needs to tweaking to allow screen resolutions and multi windows which i haven't done yet. but it would give the desktop experience
  5. Hi Guys My Pro1 screen goes pretty dim and moving it turns it back to normal but it keep going like this. its looks like the proximity sensor when it detects more light it changes brightness, but it does it much more frequently. i have my battery saver on. Anyone has similar issue or anyone has any suggestions why its doing it?
  6. Hi Guys Just want to ask, i recently bought another pro1 from a user It doesnt have the sticker on the back, so firstly i dont know serial number\ secondly what implications it would have? thanks
  7. I think keeping screen on is not the best option as it will drain battery. i would think best way would be that screen sleeps as usual but touching it would just wake it up to home screen
  8. Yes E7 can do that. it has a keyboard slideout section in setting that has these options
  9. Like E7, E7 has option for slide out keyboard where you can select to keep it unlocked and switch to speakers etc
  10. Hi Guys Is there any option, app or solution that will keep the pro1 unlocked while in the keyboard slideout mode? its one of the option E7 had that would keep it unlocked while sitting on table and touching screen will wake it up to home screen
  11. Well its happened to my Nokia E7s all the time. after every few months the cable will not connect. so i will push it harder and it will work for few times and then pushing harder wont work either. basically it the beginning of the end of the usb port. and then i had to get the usb port replaced from the workshop. Didn't someone posted that its easy to get usb port replaced from any workshop?
  12. Hi I am also intrested Im in Perth, Australia
  13. Hi guys i have a question. As we know there are still many pre orders waiting, its been almost a year now. will Pro1 ever be available for general orders or is it that after fulfilling all the pre orders it will stop I need to buy few more devices, so @Erik maybe can you also shed some light on it
  14. I have never experienced any reboots. i am wondering if a batch of phones were faulty
  15. I used Nokia E7 for around 8 years and i used it extensively. But i dont miss E7 at all because it was very frustrating to use E7 primarily because of its obsolete symbian os and battle to find or use most of the apps, its poor camera and under performing hardware. Pro1 solved all these problems and life is now so easy with Pro1. The only worry i have is that i have only one Pro1. And hearing from so many of this forum about their Pro1 breaking, i am worried about the safety of my Pro1
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