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  1. Hi Guys Sorry to ask this question as i am confused. I want to order the qi charging adapter, so can someone tell me the one works best with Pro1. If you can maybe post a amazon or ebay link to that one too. Thanks
  2. My suggestion is if Fx Tec could consider imate Jasjar design. Not only makes it versatile design and you can use it as tablet, phone, lapotop mode and closed for screen protection. but also more easy to replace screen and battery. But having said that all, i still love Pro1 design
  3. Nah, i dont think these will worth anything. i just bought them for backup, at one point it was hard to buy them so i started buying them from where i could
  4. And i still have 10 Nokia E7 in original packing and running perfect is brand new confdition
  5. Thats my collection over the years. Starting from right is OQO Model 01 then Fx tec Pro1 then Nokia E7 and finally imate Jasjar
  6. Well i would say they are certainly are not crooks and they are trying their best. however its just my opinion and i could be wrong but i think they could improve their strategy. especially now that its been over 2 years and people still waiting i dont understand, there is obviously very high demand for this phone and so many people out there are so keen to buy it. then why not do something to increase production so the people will be happy and fx tec will make good profit. I would think they should have given an option of express service, so they can double the price for expres
  7. Yes the green part rotates with the rotation, it always stays on top when you rotate. so its never fixed to one side and rotates and stays on top as you rotate the display. Although i have noticed that on my other pro1 the green part is bit less green. both of them have battery saver enabled
  8. Thanks EskeRahn and Hook If i rotate the screen the green part follow the logic i.e. its always the top part which is green. so its not a fixed part of screen and the green part moves to the top when screen is rotated. does that means my display is ok?
  9. Hi Guys My Pro1 gets like a green bar on the top area where it has time, battery status, wifi icon etc. this upper part becomes green when the brightness is bit low, and if i turn the display brightness pretty high like 70% or more then the green area disappear and becomes normal black. is there an issue with my display? or is my display slowly dying? Appropriate your help!
  10. I have bought two Pro1 devices from individuals that owed Pro1. I contacted Fx Tech about the warranty and they said yes its transfers to me as the warranty is attached to the device and not to the owner of the device
  11. kashif

    Pro1 Just died.

    This is a scary stuff! Why Pro1s are dying like this
  12. Hi Ive got a usb hub that has hdmi and a usb. yes it changes while outputting to hdmi.
  13. Has anyone tried Sentio desktop experience? I tried it the other day and it can do this. it does needs to tweaking to allow screen resolutions and multi windows which i haven't done yet. but it would give the desktop experience
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