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  1. Thais doesnt seems like dos mode, its looks like for only playing games
  2. Guys Can you tell me what emulator is it? and from where can i download it? i tried looking for it but couldnt find. Thanks for help
  3. Ive bought it from someone. And Fx Tec in the email confirmed me that the warranty goes with the phone not person and so they also confirmed that therefore my pro1 is still under warranty based on pro1 serial number
  4. But just to clarify, both sims inserted are of same type? i.e. nano sims?
  5. Im bit confused. @EskeRahn do both slots use same sim type?
  6. Hi Guys I have been trying to insert two sims but when I put two sims the tray cant fully go all the way and it sticks a tiny bit. and then Pro1 only detect one sim, so I guess its because of tray not sitting in [properly. So how I insert sims is: first sim in the first sim slot facing corner on top second sim in sd card slot, placed pretty much in the middle with corner facing bottom (other way around the first sim) Both sims are facing gold upwards. so can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong here? Cheers
  7. You are missing iMate Jasjar, it was a fantastic design
  8. Thanks @Waxberry, its world's smallest umpc
  9. Pics of my 8 Nokia E7 devices. Pretty much useless now.
  10. I Just thought to share my collection of Keyboard devices.
  11. ive gor samsung evo 512 gb. pretty good speed with read and write. and 512gb is pretty decent memory
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