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  1. Thanks guys for your suggestions. Just an update for those who would like to use usb c to Ethernet adapter. the one i was trying to use and wouldn't work with Pro1 is the Belkins. it did works on samsung and nokia but wouldnt work with Pro1. so now i bought this UGreen adapter. it works fine with pro1 and i get very good speed as well. so the ones interested in it can try UGreen - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B091T7LPJP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. @claude0001so you have not tested it on andriod? because i have andriod installed and want something to work on andriod basically im not looking at speed, but sometimes i would need to connect to a network thats only has wired ethernet
  3. Hi All Does anyone has used usb c to Ethernet adapter? i have one that works with every other phone but not working with Pro1. so if someone can give me any tips?
  4. Just to put my input, i am using !TB Samsung sd card, and a 500GB Samsung sd card. Both are working fine.
  5. I would think its not hard to get the battery made. if the old battery is given to battery retailers, i think they can easily make a one for you?
  6. Hi dear experts I recently bought a usb c portable monitor. you can plug your phone to it via usb c cable. when i connect the monitor with galaxy note it works fine, it display and also touch on the monitor works fine. However when i connect it with Pro1 it does display on monitor, but touch on the monitor doesnt work. so i am not sure if there are some settings to do for touch to work, or if pro1 doesnt have that capability. Also the galaxy note has andriod 12 while pro1 has andriod 9, so wondering if it has something to do with the version? so any of you guys ha
  7. kashif

    Screen issue

    Well many thanks @claude0001 and @VaZso for clearifying
  8. kashif

    Screen issue

    Hi Guys I have recently noticed a dot on each bottom corner. i have attached the pics. is this the indication that the display is dying? and how long will it take for display to completely die? i am hopping it not what i fear, but need opinion of you guys who are experts. Thanks
  9. Hey Guys I recently bought Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It has also a flex mode where it can transform as laptop factor very similar to Pro1. So i have been comparing them and thought to share it with you guys for your comments. Basically the z fold 3 has a very good build quality. it has outer display as a smartphone, but then it can be opened to become tablet mode which is very big display. and it can also sit in an angle to become laptop mode or as its called flex mode. the software side is not the polished yet as most of the apps dont get keyboard or custom control pad
  10. Hi Guys Today i received my qi wireless charger pad it seems to be not charging. when i put phone on pad while its shut down, it wakes up and turn on and get to running mode. the red light also turn on. but there is no indication of charging, and it doesnt show its charging. anyone know what the issue is or if it will work?
  11. Finally i got my third Pro1
  12. Hi Guys I need help When i goto bootloader using power + vol down, i do i lock bootloader there i have dont it in thge past but i seems to find now how to do it can someone p,lz help?
  13. I have sorted it out. its qwertz so i had to select german instead of english. that makes kb works correctly
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