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  1. Hey Guys I recently bought Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It has also a flex mode where it can transform as laptop factor very similar to Pro1. So i have been comparing them and thought to share it with you guys for your comments. Basically the z fold 3 has a very good build quality. it has outer display as a smartphone, but then it can be opened to become tablet mode which is very big display. and it can also sit in an angle to become laptop mode or as its called flex mode. the software side is not the polished yet as most of the apps dont get keyboard or custom control pad
  2. Hi Guys Today i received my qi wireless charger pad it seems to be not charging. when i put phone on pad while its shut down, it wakes up and turn on and get to running mode. the red light also turn on. but there is no indication of charging, and it doesnt show its charging. anyone know what the issue is or if it will work?
  3. Finally i got my third Pro1
  4. Hi Guys I need help When i goto bootloader using power + vol down, i do i lock bootloader there i have dont it in thge past but i seems to find now how to do it can someone p,lz help?
  5. I have sorted it out. its qwertz so i had to select german instead of english. that makes kb works correctly
  6. Hi Guys I just bought a Pro1 and all seems to be fine except the keyboard. The top number key is fine but all the rows below are incorrect. so it seems like when i press a key its always the one below. for example if i press g it will type h, and if i type f it will type g. i am wondering is it a setting issue? can someone help me please to resolve this issue Many Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Sorry to ask this question as i am confused. I want to order the qi charging adapter, so can someone tell me the one works best with Pro1. If you can maybe post a amazon or ebay link to that one too. Thanks
  8. My suggestion is if Fx Tec could consider imate Jasjar design. Not only makes it versatile design and you can use it as tablet, phone, lapotop mode and closed for screen protection. but also more easy to replace screen and battery. But having said that all, i still love Pro1 design
  9. Nah, i dont think these will worth anything. i just bought them for backup, at one point it was hard to buy them so i started buying them from where i could
  10. And i still have 10 Nokia E7 in original packing and running perfect is brand new confdition
  11. Thats my collection over the years. Starting from right is OQO Model 01 then Fx tec Pro1 then Nokia E7 and finally imate Jasjar
  12. Well i would say they are certainly are not crooks and they are trying their best. however its just my opinion and i could be wrong but i think they could improve their strategy. especially now that its been over 2 years and people still waiting i dont understand, there is obviously very high demand for this phone and so many people out there are so keen to buy it. then why not do something to increase production so the people will be happy and fx tec will make good profit. I would think they should have given an option of express service, so they can double the price for expres
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