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  1. I have never experienced any reboots. i am wondering if a batch of phones were faulty
  2. I used Nokia E7 for around 8 years and i used it extensively. But i dont miss E7 at all because it was very frustrating to use E7 primarily because of its obsolete symbian os and battle to find or use most of the apps, its poor camera and under performing hardware. Pro1 solved all these problems and life is now so easy with Pro1. The only worry i have is that i have only one Pro1. And hearing from so many of this forum about their Pro1 breaking, i am worried about the safety of my Pro1
  3. Its little bit off this but Pro1 also lacks VR capability. The apps like measuring objects with camera use VR and it wont install on Pro1 because it doesnt have VR. so anyone knows more on it?
  4. Hey how do you get this to show? is it linix? coz im running andriod
  5. I have done the update. mine seems to be all fine. keyboard works without any issue landscape and portrait is working fine gpay is fine speaks sound is ok so i dont see any issue at all
  6. Hi Guys New update is available on my device but i havent yet update. i read here that the new update is not recomended, is that right? so should i not update? incase it cause any issue. Update is about fixed two keys and speraker channels
  7. Do we need to buy some smart case to use it? if so which one to buy?
  8. Thanks Guys and netman How do you shut down from the menu though? i cant find any shutdown option
  9. Hi Gurus Just want to get technical opinion about a silly question. Does shutting down pro1 using powere button several times a day can cause any damage or any issue in the long run? thanks for your help
  10. @EskeRahn is extremely obsessed with cases! 🙂
  11. Ok so i just bought google chromecast today and tested it with Pro1. it was pretty easy and quick and it works fine. so here is how i set it up: connect chromecast to hmdi port of any monitor or tv connect micro usb to chromecast usb port for power in few seconds it will show chromecast screen on the tv or monitor now download Google home app from play to any phone in order to setup your chromecast. i installed it on my Note8. then run Google home app and setup chromecast to your wifi, its pretty straight forward, it will detect your chromecast device and just fill in the info asked. after setup is complete then its all setup. now on pro1 you dont need to install any app, in quick app drawer first enable wifi and then enable Cast. it will detect your chromecast device. click on it and it will start mirroring your phone to the tv or monitor to turn off just disable cast in pro1. so it works pretty well playing movies are fine with both video and audio. you can also just cast youtube in the youtube app. it did once disconnected and i had to connect again. the other thing is that i bought the normal chromecast, not the 4k version. so the resolution is not the very best. i guess if you buy 4k version then it will be better. i will prolly buy 4k version later. so the cast option in pro1 is very handy to use it.
  12. first time when i was looking, i opened files and the card was not showing there as it should yes i got an app called sd card manager that i downloaded. well before buying 512gb, i bought 256gb and when i inserted that the pro1 detected it straight away but did asked to format it. but later when i got 512gb and inserted the pro1 didnt detected it or popup any msg to format it.
  13. When i first inserted Samsung Evo 512gb sd card in pro1 it didn't read or detect it and no sd card was showing. i take it out and tested in my Note8 and surface pro, it worked on both. so i put it back in Pro1 and it still didn't show. so while trying to make it work i went to sd card manager and there it showed that my sd card in not formatted in fat32 and gave me an option to reformat. after reformatting the sd card works fine
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