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postmarketOS for Pro1

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5 hours ago, Fxtecish said:

You could be interested on this and to follow it: https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1573761#post1573761

Wow - really mainline kernel support of Pro1 seems to be good?
...that is a really good news. I don't know what it is still missing but I hope it will have full support as we may have great benefit if that becomes true.

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Maemo forum is the best (sooorryyy). I mean the folks there. Just awesome community and still going strong (alive) for over ten years. Dedicated folk with a lot of knowledge. But I think many here have been (still are) members or visitors there over the years. When Maemo Leste get's ported to Pro maemo forum will be a place to find a lot of stuff I believe.

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Hey, I'm Kabouik from TMO but I admit I rarely check the F(x)tec forum nowadays, my interest is still very high but there are just too many forums to check (even on TMO, it goes in cycles with sometimes several months without checking :/). Thanks for posting that here Fxtecish!

pmOS on Pro¹ is still immature, but as said in the post, it's a nice milestone and it also facilitates flashing mainline on the Pro¹ (though keep in mind mainline is not ready yet, but at least it's ready enough to boot distros like pmOS). Hopefully this will also attract more developers, including the Maemo Leste ones. pmOS has many merits in its own regards too, including being basically a desktop distribution compatible with many Desktop Environments.

Among the major issues at this stage: the touchscreen is unusable because it's too noisy, which may be caused by a hardware design flaw according to people who know better than me what they are talking about. I heard the Pro¹ is missing denoising diodes or caps, which leads to noise on the bus that mainline doesn't deal with correctly. This may also be the cause of keystrokes coming unregistered when typing moderately fast; I have to type exaggeratedly slow for all my keystrokes to be registered.

Now obviously both those issues don't occur with the Android kernel which means there may be efficient software fixes for that. Kholk (Angelo, the dev working on mainlining the Pro¹ and Pro¹x) has some patch for it but I don't think anyone else tried it. I'd be willing to but I don't know how to proceed since the patch is applied to the kernel itself, not pmaports (pmOS). And there would be conflicts since an older version of the series is already merged. Also apparently noise rejection is already at the maximum. There's not much I can do since I'm only a user, but I hope devs involved in SD835 mainlining and pmOS port can come up with solutions at some point*.

*: So far nicknames I have in mind include Kholk (Github, Twitter), Danct12 (Gitlab, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, IRC), NotKit/TheKit (Github, Gitlab, Telegram, IRC, Discord, Matrix), Deathmist (Telegram, Matrix, IRC), Calebccff (Twitter, Matrix, Telegram). [Sorry I didn't bother to find URLs to all their Twitter or Git accounts :/].

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