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  1. I don't know what type of glue he used, but if I want to use a strong (and hard) glue, I use a two-component glue like DevCon (made in the USA) which is really strong and S-31 is water-clear but advised to be used in a well-ventilated place or maybe Uverapid for example (made in Hungary) but that is not 100% clear... Basically these are two-component "epoxy resin"-based adhesives which are usually very strong glues. DevCon is my favourite being really strong, has a long shelf-life and remains usable even long time after opened (if you not bought it from old stock). S31 has an about
  2. Right, it is also very convenient in everyday life, that case also the original shifted-QWERTY version layout of Pro1 would be perfect. Same for me.
  3. Right - it is extremely painful using an on-screen keyboard for logging to a server through ssh while you can do it conveniently using a hardware keyboard, especially if it has a QWERTY-like layout (not shifted anywhere). ...not speaking about programming, if one would like to do it on a phone... However, I understand if this part may be important only for a minority of users, but there are a few who knew the need of the keyboard is essential for their own productivity - which may also mean a less importance of bringing a heavier device (laptop) everywhere and for potentially extensi
  4. I remember when F(x)tec has announced the chipset change, there were some users complaining about the lack of external output by chipset. ...then F(x)tec told they have received a comfirmation about the chipset supports external display. However, I don't know who told this information to F(x)tec and if that info was true or not...
  5. Which phone do you have? Pro1 or Pro1X? Pro1 supports HDMI out but not with its initial firmware (it was started working after an upgrade later). Pro1X apparently does not support HDMI yet, hopefully they will solve this problem in a later software upgrade.
  6. It seems to be a common problem with Pro1X which I hope can be fixed by a software update later - maybe that is also the reason you have not received a reply yet... a potential firmware upgrade may fix the problem but they may not know when it is expected or if it can be really solved by a firmware upgrade...
  7. I think it is harder to obtain that part but it worth a try to ask if F(x)tec has spare items. Otherwise, I would pull the ribbon cable of the sensor - that way the phone itself would remain usable without excessive battery drain. However, it needs opening the bottom part of the phone - the worst part of assembling/disassembling of the phone is the ribbon cable of fingerprint sensor anyway as that is the cable what users can easily break in case the lack of attention.
  8. What is the problem of your Pro1? F(x)tec also seems to have some spare parts.
  9. I have recently ran into a similar issue on my Pro1. I have installed AnyDesk which has installed a service and I had no FinQwerty-like layouts working until I have found that application was the cause of my issue and disabled its service. (Pro1, LineageOS 18.1 here.)
  10. That case I would glue it back to the mat (but not to the white thing below the mat - that was what I tried to express). 🙂
  11. Basically that part should be the same except the print of the keys (layout difference is only a difference of printing). I didn't examined the keyboard precisely but no, keys don't fell out, black keyboard is generally one piece of material. However, it may happen you have a key removed from the base of black keyboard material and it did not come out fully from it (leaving a hole in place). So I saw a keyboard pad which had a sticky bottom and there was a white part at phone base where keyboard was glued to using that sticky bottom (it feels similarly to a double-sided adhesive
  12. Look at these parts: There is a white "foil" near the bottom-left corner. That should be at the phone side and it should be intact. Above it, there is the keyboard itself which you have a missing key as far as I understood well. That (black) keyboard has a double-sided tape at back, so its bottom is sticky (you can remove it using some heat). So I would try to fix the missing key in the black part and not gluing to the white part which should be kept intact. Edit: When I have disassembled my Pro1 the first time, I have also removed springs (it was not a good idea
  13. Basically keyboard mat should be one piece (all keys on one plate) which are glued (using doble-side tape) on top of button mebranes covered by a foil. I would not glue it using a super glue as it will stick on top of the foil which covers the membrane so it will not remain in stock condition. If you remove display assembly, keyboard mat can be removed by applying some heat using a heat gun and some mechanical help using a tool. After removing mat, I would try to fix the missing key somehow - maybe using a sticker which has relatively strong adhesive (it should be elastic and that
  14. It depends on what the problem is. At first, I would think the UFS / flash IC may failing which most probably means a mainboard repacement would be needed... or if not replacement, a replacement of a BGA part of the mainboard which does not seem to be an easy task if we are speaking about a replacement mainboard of Pro1. However, strange things may happen - I don't know how USB panel has caused unbootable phones (except triggering EDL mode by a failed connection), so who knows if it may cause other problems as well...
  15. I am receiving IGG udates (and I post it here if it is not already there) - my Pro1X order is already fulfilled, however, I have a separate "Enthusiast" order which has shortly disappeared from perks but it may happen that is the reason I am still receiving these updates.
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