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  1. Tested with 512GB of card and it works fine. I think it should work up to 2TB.
  2. Currently there isn't an option for that and I don't know about other solutions to do it without rooting. However, I have not tried it, but I think if you download FinQwerty's apk, and modify the appropriate .kcm file in this archive and install it directly instead of the original application, it should work. ...or if you make your own build like I did.
  3. I think it would be good to provide your location / provider details as it may highly depend on the frequency range or potential frequency ranges depending on where you are and what you use. For me, I have not noticed any issues with phone signals compared to my previous phone. WiFi signal is a bit weaker anyway but it is still good I think.
  4. VaZso

    Displaying Black

    I have a greenish colour at low brightness and also brightness is not really changing at lower levels. However, I suggest you to check in the same app's screen as it is not completely dark but grey. Otherwise, I will receive my pre-order soon, so then I may be able to compare if there is any difference between the last batch and a very early production unit.
  5. @Waxberry wrote it will be fixed in next OTA. It may come somewhere after the Chinese New Year celebration. As of Sailfish and Lineage OS, as far as I know, it is already fixed.
  6. Yes - I have just tried to remove then reinstall it and I had the same problem. Even a single keypress is slower to respond but also experienced multiple keystrokes of the same button when it was active.
  7. So... it looked to be strange as I feeled there is a problem somewhere but not really found it. Battery usage was not seem to be radically high nor the system showed extreme usage of apps and I could also not find its cause in other apps. CPU usage was also not showed to be high by those application [email protected] has linked and it seemed CPU frequencies are also changed frequently - so system looked to be relatively good, but I still had several characters while typing on Pro¹ keyboard and also had long-press effect time to time on touch interface. Moreover, scrolling was not really fluent. About scrolling... it was much better when I have turned on forced GPU rendering of 2D applications in Developer settings, so then it was fluent in Android menus. When I have turned it back off, it became not really good again. About load average, that was written by uptime command in Termux and maybe caused by CPU mostly working at lower frequencies. I have booted my old phone and checked it also, it had similar average load times. As I though the cause may be something which tries to catch events, I have tried to browse system settings and permissions of applications. Finally, everything stared to work fluently when I have disabled "Button Mapper" - I have installed it when I saw it mentioned in this forum, I set up a combination in it, but it was the cause of my symthoms. Now even single keypresses are displaying fastly and there is no forgotten release event of keyboard, no lagging scrolling and no occassional long-presses in touch keyboard. Sorry for my messages and thank you for helping, at least now I know some useful applications, however, I still miss root access when it is needed. Anyway, I have written this whole text using my Pro¹ to test keyboard a bit and it worked well. 🙂
  8. Hardly, but in the event it would be necessary, maybe by removing flash chip and to read it elsewhere. However, it is a very complicated process potentially being a BGA component or at least it needs special equipment to do it. If TWRP will be able to decrypt data before backup, that makes everything far much better. I hope for a fully working TWRP soon.
  9. I thought keyboard mat is in one piece but maybe it isn't. Hmm, if it is in one piece, F(x)tec may send a replacement part and maybe replacement stickers, but... ...in the world of money, I think these special differences make it worth even more. I am not sure about technical devices though.
  10. VaZso

    Factory Restore Tool

    I would like to also hear about this problem as detailed as possible. Also if it is a hardware failure and also if it is a software problem... and if a solution has been found, it would be good to also hear what helped. I hope you will solve it soon.
  11. I don't think encryption is a huge problem unless the keys are hidden from users... ...and here comes the problem with it. If system locks you then prevents you to reach your data in case of a failure as not giving its keys - then it means this encryption is definitively not made for you. ...so that way I rather would like to see my phone unencrypted. So nobody should say encryption is for users till the OS is not willing to give keys for users to able to access encrypted data. ...as they don't do it, then it means basically encryption go against the user thus it allows the manufacturer to have access of data (being the "God" there) but prevents user to do anything with it even in case of a failure. It is very sad anyway. So in such a word, I don't need encryption - simply because I would like to keep the possibility to assess my _OWN_ data also in case of a hardware failure. Who need it is the manufacturer, including G and not me.
  12. Mine has passed customs and "Tendered to authorized agent for final delivery" on Friday afternoon. They still show scheduled delivery of 29th but I have a feeling it will arrive sooner.
  13. I see "Android operating system" uses far the highest memory of 1.1 GB, then "Android system" with 218 MB, then "System UI" with 163 MB, then "Google Play services" of 66 MB and then the rest. Basically what I would like to see is hidden as it would need the phone to be rooted - so I din't see the process list to find out what happening. Currently load average is 6.94 7.57 8.02 Image attached below is also looks strange.
  14. I am currently experiencing high load on my Pro1 and I don't really know the available options to hunt it down without root rights. The system shows applications are running properly but I see load even as high as 7-8 for longer period of time. Also it does not scroll evenly, sometimes typing several characters (like release event would be delayed) and also experiencing similar behaviour of touch-screen keyboard thinks long-pressing a button. I don't know if updates of today or yesterday is the root cause or an application installed earlier did something which has activated after reboot. As I have not initiated a reboot till yesterday evening after 14 days of uptime (and it worked perfectly before reboot), I think it can be closer to the root of my problem. What happened between shutdown and reboot is I have changed SIM2 extension to another one which has black ribbon cable so it is less ugly a bit. So I would like to have a similar output like top / htop does under Linux but I did not find a similar application. Also, without root rights, I am not able to look at it under Termux. ...so what is the standard way to find the cause of high load under Android? Thank you your help in advance.
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