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  1. Long story sort, my problem seems to be a software / SD Card handling issue and not hardware-related. A few days ago, I have noticed my phone lighted up its display a few minutes fter I have connected it to charger, but in the morning, it seemed okay, however, it wrote I have to give my passcode after reboot - hmm. Later, it also restarted after charger connection and it was not able to boot up for a few hours (Android tried it again and again, so it is not a cold boot.) Then the latest update came on the very same day - I have installed it late evening / early in the morning, then it played the exact same soft restart game for hours, so maybe 4 hours later, when I went from home, it did the same. I was on a trip and it could start after maybe 1 hour later, I have also had the update successful message this time as a result of the update before. The next day I traveled for holiday and when I have connected my charger, it started the same game. When it was able to start, I have started to copy all data in user reachable part of internal flash to the SD Card, then I wanted to check if everything was copied, so I did it again and set to skip existing files, but as a mistake, I have started the copy of these data to the root of SD Card at first, so I have started to delete these files then. When I have reached "Android" folder, I have started deleting it from SD Card but then I have realized it should be a different directory. However, after this mistake, I feel the system is much better - fingerprint reader reacts instantly, initiating a call does not have a few seconds of delay and receiving a call also possible in 1-2 rings instead of previous 5-6 rings. Yesterday, it also did a soft restart after I have connected my charger, but system was able to boot up, so it has not started its reboot loop. So now I do not dare restarting the phone, but basically I think my problem was caused either the not perfect setting of Android error-handling system or some application data or most likely the relatively slow handling of SD Card. ...or at least I think Android wanted to do something with its directory on SD Card while loading other parts of the system was delayed and Android's error-handling system found some components still not running, so initiated a soft restart, then did it again and again. All in all, I think it is not a huge problem so it can be solved but at least it seems to be not a hardware fault which was what I was afraid of... So at least this is what I currently think.
  2. We don't know the background, be it a mistake (which are definitively also happened), contract-related or other considerations. Earlier, they may thought they will be able to produce pre-orders much earlier but they had some unexpected conditions like having light-bleeding problem, some other problems with earlier displays, some other quality problems, slower production scaling than expected, etc - these are affected manufactured device count and earlier contracts may had some clauses which may highly affect profitability. We know very few information regarding this, but unexpected conditions may definitively apply.
  3. Hmm, unsure. ☺️ You are right that his / her nickname is self-speaking. πŸ˜„
  4. Do you know what you are talking about? I understand you can do something DIY but to design a phone (both electronically and mechanically), do correct measurements, design antenna system, design manufacturing process for mass production, do certifications, etc are another matter. It is a long and costly project and you also have to work on software side which also has some stages. Anyway, they have also reached that stage what you are speaking about a long time ago but it is only one part of the whole process. Also, you had a phone to work with and not counted the time and effort what phone manufacturer put in the design of that phone, nor you have checked how affects the keyboard inner parts and placement the reception of the antennas - it is not a problem in a DIY project but it is in an industrial project. Moreover, if you would have to make let's say only 1000 pieces of only your modification, how long would it take and how much of your hairs would be pulled out? ...and what would you say if the phone or the keyboard is unreachable for a while because of transportation problems? How would you handle those who complain something unexpected happened? ...as unexpected things are always happen and especially if you are a startup, so you have no already initiated partnerships. I think a lot of manufacturers (startups) would have been shut down their project because of these unexpected conditions like COVID-19 but F(x)tec really want to solve all of these problems and continue manufacturing.
  5. Anyway, I am unsure, but may the low brightness colour issue improved? Maybe I was not looking at appropriate photo, but I have a feeling it may be better now. Also, I am not at home (so it is not latest firmware-related), but at this place, I have "4G+" sign in status row.
  6. I have also called service provider's IVR system and I haven't noticed call is quieter than before... or at least it is still too loud.
  7. I also feel the Pro1 hardware is more than enough and the keyboard is a huge plus, so I would not trade my Pro1 for anything else... However, about photos... have you tried GCam mods like "Poco F1"? It takes really good photos even in dark environment - so basically also its camera is good, just need a better software than stock one.
  8. That is also not bad anyway. πŸ™‚ I don't know how about stock Android, however, if a mail client also runs with IMAP Push and two SIM cards and also a relatively active usage, it lasts about a day for me...
  9. ...and another thing which is good to know is the Pro1 hardware itself seems to be not eating the battery too much when the phone is switched on. πŸ™‚ So its power management / power handling seems to be good anyway.
  10. Do you mean your Pro1 was able to survive almost a week in deep sleep and still has 25% capacity left? That is really impressive although the system doesn't really do anything in this state, but RAM refresh and maybe some wakeups happened during this period. Anyway, the UBTouch for Pinephone has recently improved to last about a day if I understood well. The ~1 week capability of Pro1 is really good anyway - does it wake up on phone call in this state (does it ring)?
  11. That is also my hope as it is the closest successor of Maemo which may also have Android app support.
  12. Right, that is what I did so far when I wanted to reach my files. However, I usually ended up using a more convenient and faster solution (I mean without using MTP).
  13. Thank you. Unfortunately, it was written in C#, so there is no much chance to be compiled to run under Linux. However, maybe also MTP/PTP handling would be also different otherwise. ...but it should be a useful program for Windows.
  14. For me, an up-to-date Maemo with Android app support...
  15. Right, FinQwerty is mandatory for proper using of international layouts. Interesting... it seems I use both of them as small. ...maybe that was why I was wondering one of the web pages I often visit loads in a mobile-like outfit (it is a Drupal system which moves sidebars to the bottom if resolution is below 1024 pixels). However, it seems logical resolution is still below this value. I have tried this application and it looks good, but I had problems with my keyboard when it was installed (slower appearing of characters and unintended repeat of characters). Maybe it is better with the improved keyboard driver now, but I had a feeling it was not designed to handle a lot of buttons what Pro1 has. So I don't want to say not to use it as its features are valuable, just to say if you experiencing problems, you may try to remove it to see if that helps. I use the same port and it makes really good photos using Pro1.
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