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  1. Today they got back also for me regarding faulty USB connector.
  2. I could not miss it - but really stopped for a moment and re-read you comment. 😄
  3. They alias Unihertz or they alias F(x)tec? ...just curious. 😄
  4. On my Pro1, all keys are intact but all of them are shiny. When I was holding a less-used Pro1 in my hands, I was wondering it was originally matte - it looked a bit strange for me at first. 😄
  5. At first glance, it looks to be the right one. However, the one quoted below is correct (#7):
  6. Currently I don't have LineageOS 19.1 installed but have you tested it using a media playback? If you only tried handsfree mode then it is normal that only right speaker is active, however, the basic concept is wrong as it should be the left one (not LOS-related but kernel BLOB-related)...
  7. Ouch, then I should not update to LOS19.1 either... however, I wanted to do it in the near future. Dual SIM support is also mandatory for me - I hope it will be corrected soon... Anyway, I have the latest official LOS18.1 image you wrote above. I am going to upload it and write you a PM.
  8. It practically displays the same applications for me but using bigger gaps in-between and I have a bigger clock which is smaller in landscape, I think there are widgets which keeps aspect ratio and smaller height causes smaller width in landscape while there are others (like Simple Calendar) which stretches. However, I can live with it (I don't have problems) but N900's solution, which used different settings for portrait and landscape mode, was better. Overall I have found Nova suits for me the best of launchers and I like that I can lock "desktop" automatically which can be un
  9. I am practically never used it - I have always used Nova Launcher instead.
  10. Based on its file size, it may be the same version as mine. 🙂 (I am not on stock OS but I had apks saved.)
  11. I have a "Quickstep_com.android.launcher3.apk" saved on 2020 may 21 - may that be what you search for?
  12. Right, however, the "about to start shipping" is still sounds interesting.
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