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  1. About call quality... one of my friends told me the in-call quality is worse since I am using LineageOS after stock. I may try it later using another phone under LineageOS and stock again but he showed me it is very noisy (background noise "hiss?") even if we are speaking on my primary and secondary phone number. It is very significant together with his latest phone while it feels better on his older phone but it can be heard on both phones while these phones can call each other without any similar noises. It would be good to find out if microphone issue can be solved somehow...
  2. ...as far as I know, theoretically Pro1 supports PD but I don't know if it really supports it. Anyway, SD835 supports QC4 which has PD support and also F(x)tec shows PD under technical details of Pro1. So it may happen also power limit works if it does not have a fallback option for QC which allows higher power.
  3. Confirmed on LOS 18.1 I usually disable NFC when not in use anyway.
  4. @AngledLuffa and @saygi, You may want to look in the following thread: ...or most likely in this thread: I think the latter (Factory Restore Tool) would be interesting for you, but I have a feeling it will not help. My friend had a similar problem of his Pro1 maybe a year ago (or more) which has started the same way and ended up with a factory replacement device. Flash tool could reach the device, but it has failed reaching its internal flash storage, most likely UFS flash IC became dead in his case. (So, it was either a soldering problem or IC fault but the result
  5. Right, it would be good to have an option to put images in native resolution at least in this specific thread as it would show the full potential of Pro1's camera. Even more, if Pro1-X will arrive, it will produce even larger photos and it's quality will be really interesting, so it would be good to find a solution for that. Anyway, we don't know what amount of free space does the server have or if they want to extend it or what options they have for storage extension. ...basically the problem is the limits of storage itself and that is why owner's decision is necessary...
  6. Same here. Anyway, e-mail is generally not the most reliable form of communication, so anything may happen with it... Fortunately, this forum has also warns the user from another user. 😄
  7. You may also want look at the latest update of their IGG campaign sent out almost an hour ago. It seems they have some working units (potentially good for development even if its mainboard has an earlier version), a potential last iteration of V3 main board, then an ongoing CE/FCC certification (it should be done using the final mainboard iteration) and mass production then. They currently estimate shipping in November which is potentially the end of the month and that will mean if they are right, they will serve their pending orders first near the beginning of December. So I would
  8. I think "\" it is the AltGr section of "-" as per US keyboard and "|" is the AltGr section of the key left to "ZXC". Also, the key "\|" exists on that layout (left to ZXC) but there is a different print on it (<,>,|) - also, the potential right position of "\|" key has the text of (*,'). So yes, these two keys have different scancodes (like what I have remembered) but US layout produces "\" and international layouts may use them for their own purposes - but those keys are definitively not "` and ~".
  9. The places where I saw "\" character are: The right of a small backspace above big enter The right of "right shift" below big enter in a place where turbo was placed in later keyboard models (to reach power / sleep / wake functions) Above right shift but left of big enter Above small enter and below backspace (between them) The left of ZXC keys Maybe there was also a layout where "\" was placed between CTRL and ALT keys or a similar position So its placement is not constant at all. However, if there is a button between left shift and ZXC keys, it is de
  10. +1, that would be a much better key placement. I will definitively use backslash at the bottom-left corner regardless of the print but that is a right place for it and none of the positions of back- apostrophe key is perfect (that would be the position of ESC), so placing it below backspace is a valid option. I would also live without that key but in my national layout, that button is "0" anyway, so it is definitively used by at least one international layout.
  11. Yes, with F(x) + A but it is not the latest LineageOS (but an official one).
  12. Right, that is what I wanted to write here. Anyway, it could open calculator for me although it is not in that list.
  13. Anyway, I had a problem with Button Mapper on stock Android of Pro1 as it caused lag on my hardware keyboard and a feeling it is not fluent which was solved by removing it...
  14. Yes, that is why I would put "\" to the lower-left position and I am also currently using it there. I never thought they would move ~ key to that position. 😞
  15. Oops, I haven't looked this deeply but you are right. I am agree with that, "\" is at a very wrong position. It may be an option, but another right position for that key is the "`/~" button which should be on the left of '1'. So, I would put "\" key on the "`~" key. That key is absolutely a nonsense being there. I am absolutely and definitively against it - apart that key is handled a bit differently, it is very important for custom layouts, so should not be eliminated.
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