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  1. Where I live in Hungary, they have started some kind of registration with some technical problems (lack of confirmation e-mails in some cases), but currently they are looking for other sources of vaccines with less-known background and it is unclear which vaccine they would like to use for a particular person later on. However, approved vaccines of the EU come really slowly, so it is also unknown for us - with lower risk - when would be available even now, when the registered user base here is relatively small (I think the relative number of vaccines available are similar in EU countries,
  2. I am agree on they have a lot of experience since their launch. The lockdown in the UK definitively does not help, so I don't think they can really travel between the UK and China which they would if possible to have more control. However, their relationship will help even if they are not allowed to travel. Also, the higher amount of Pro1/Pro1-X, the better their position. More than 1400 unit do not seem a really low amount, so their partner(s) may take them seriously when speaking about production run... or at least I hope so. Also, they may have booked capacity some months earlie
  3. VaZso

    Pro1 Just died.

    I can confirm the full lockdown... one of my friends lives in the UK near London and he told me the very same situation.
  4. Maybe that is the difference between an initial design and a real product... (They may were a bit behind than what they showed initially.)
  5. I think yes, but I haven't looked in it deeper. If I remember well, the access of some screws are only possible that way. Anyway, it is not complicated at all.
  6. No, I am referring to the screws at the phone side which I have not touched in my phone.
  7. VaZso

    Spare Parts

    At some point in time (before production), they wrote something about improving the durability of keyboard, if I remember well. They did not write details but maybe this is one of the differences, or the difference itself. 🙂
  8. I think that is the best layout of original Pro1 and it was even unavailable outside of Europe. I love it anyway... although it is a German layout, it is not shifted which makes it good for use together with international layouts.
  9. See in this thread. Anyway, interesting that you find the volume of your earpiece a bit low while we find it is too loud using stock OS (I had to turn the slider to minimum level to be usable and it also can easily produce distorted sound at maximum volume level). So if there is no misunderstanding, both problems could be solved in software I think. 🙂
  10. Do you mean the earpiece or handsfree mode? Anyway, just curious which speaker produces sound in handsfree mode? Also curious do you also have the green-tint problem at dark brightness under Sailfish OS (like on stock). (So I am just curious if it has the same behaviour under Sailfish OS like under stock OS.)
  11. I think it may happen the screws under the circular covers may get loose. When I have replaced my display, every screws were loose and one of them was almost totally unscrewed. I haven't checked other screws in my device as I did not want to remove more covers. So I think tightening its screws will help you...
  12. I haven't followed general Windows on ARM development but does it work well on other devices? Also, do your Windows software you would like to use support API which were also developed for ARM? I don't know how well x64 emulation works on it.
  13. I think @tdm has thought of a different problem. When a newer revision of a PCB comes out, the software needs to find out which hardware it runs on and it should handle its components accordingly. Things are simpler when there is a drop-in replacement if there is a way to find out which component is installed. Usually it works to read one/more registers or detect an address to determine which sensor or other component is installed. If a bigger modification is necessary, for example because of an unavailable / obsolete part (which may happen easily anyway), then things may become mo
  14. I understand it, they may not have the new layout available at the time of shipment. However, otherwise I would not call them prototype as it is a proven hardware with only a minor modification on the case itself. So they are not prototype, except the keyboard is not unshifted which may be a problem for the user but not a problem hardware-wise.
  15. That is only a special "pre-Christmas" edition of 10 pieces. I really hope they will deliver all remaining Pro1 before shipping of Pro1-X which expected to be delivered this March. Edit: also it seems they still have the shifted QWERTY layout as every Pro1 and not the unshifted one which basically Pro1-X should have.
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