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  1. I think the date of 2019. October 24 (which is also the same on your account and mine) is the date of mass migration, I was also active on the old forum which had our original registration dates shown. Anyway, my number is 5192 and also the very same date is shown at Waxberry's account. Our user id may be the order of migration and I think Erik has tested the new forum before migration started and that is why he has number 1. 🙂
  2. What was the appropriate temperature of the phone? If it was too hot then it can be a cause. Otherwise, I had only one reboot since last update when I was in Google Camera's interface (GCam port) wanting to take a photo, then the display went green and a full reboot happened. Otherwise it remained stable.
  3. Not really spontaneous reboot but I had a problem of something like a reboot loop of Android when I have restarted my phone but also later it became worse and started the same loop after I plugged in to charger. It was not a complete reboot as Linux kernel did not restart, but Android did it on the top. This reboot loop usually took hours, then the phone started and functioned well till the next charge attempt. So yesterday I wanted to save everything and do a factory reset. Before that, I wanted to take a backup using Android built-in function. It has uploaded general settings a
  4. I hope they are working on Pro2 but currently there is no information regarding that and it may take a while even if they are working on it, so the current choice is Pro1. The Pro1 itself is very well done considering they are a startup. They were not skip steps necessary before production. I think this mentality caused a lot of initial delay at beginning but also that is what makes Pro1 a well-designed product. Naturally there are drawbacks of being a small startup, so there are limited hardware elements to choose from and one of this is the curved display itself, but also this ma
  5. They are different. I have also bought an Elephone display with frame by mistake which I had to remove the display from. It was full metal anyway but Pro1's frame is at least mostly plastic (I don't know if any metal at the outside of display frame or not, but other parts are plastic). Also, Elephone is a one-piece hardware and its display frame also includes USB connector cutout and also otherwise different from Pro1's frame.
  6. I have just replaced my screen in my Pro1 yesterday. The instructions @FlyingAnterolinked are good - you will need a heat gun (the one which is not looks like a hair dryer but a smaller, better controllable unit). You should heat up the screen edges - the disassembly guide suggest 160 degree Celsius, ensure you don't really exceed it, so a simple hair dryer is really not good (also because of excessive amount of air and uncontrolled temperature). You will need a little bit of patience but the display will come out. Then you should clean the frame itself and you will need something w
  7. I still did not use the new display too much, but I feel I have a working Pro1 again. 🙂 I mostly notice the working of touch panel is smooth again, so I was not able to enter my unlock pattern while I saw the lines but now it is possible. My touch keyboard often used to be stuttering but now it is fluent as it was before. The display is shiny. Color temperature was greatly improved also with original display using stock display and latest firmware and I don't have a possibility of a side-by-side comparison but it seems to be relatively good also in lower brightness. So I don't real
  8. Finally, I had some time replacing the display in my Pro1 which had ghost touches. I have decided not to experience with the original display but change it to the display ordered at Aliexpress because I did not want to stress the phone too much - I had to use a heat gun to separate display and its frame and I did not want to do this more than necessary. Which was strange is that all of the screws were loose (not tightened) and an internal screw near the front camera was almost completely unscrewed (almost felt out of its bolt). However, tightening the screws did not help (blind are
  9. This is a community forum, please ask support directly. They may have valuable information to tell about potential shipping time.
  10. VaZso

    Flaky GPS

    True and GPS (GNSS) reception can be very poor inside a house or at a place where there are several tall buildings near the road - this is in general, not Pro1-related. Now I remember what helped me on my Moto G6. 🙂 It did not have GNSS reception even after reboot (but tower-based guessing instead) till I have modified what kind of position systems are allowed to use by Android then set it back to allow GNSS / Tower / whatever it had. Maybe it worth a try on Pro1 but so far I only had this problem on Moto G6. ...so, correct. Check this option and also if it is set corr
  11. VaZso

    Flaky GPS

    Thanks, I didn't know that. So it basically uses the same parts of Maps solution (and same hardware background) but in another form. 🙂
  12. I am also using a black P20 Pro case which I have modified for the Pro1's holes and I am convinced. Edge touching is much better I think, but keyboard opening is a bit harder. However, I can open it easily by lifting its back up first. I wanted to have some protection because a phone with real keyboard is very important for me...
  13. VaZso

    Flaky GPS

    I don't really know what is Android Auto exactly, but I never had any problems with GPS on my phone, also I found it to be extremely good in every situations. I don't use it very often though, but sometimes I use Waze and sometimes the Google version (Maps? application - it is translated so I am unsure about its name). It has always found satellites easily. Last time I used it today and I have not noticed any problems, however, mobile internet was active, so AGPS was available. Otherwise, I had problems with GPS on my Moto G6 phone in a strange way which appeared in a very bad situa
  14. I think someone should try it using anybother phone and external keyboard (or external keyboard using Pro1) to see what this problem related to and if it is a firmware issue or not.
  15. I am also using "Textra" as messaging app and this function works in it unlike the stock application.
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