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  1. I am very sad to hear that. 😞 I saw some photos what you took of your dog in the forum and thought he is gorgeous and he looked to be healthy. i also thought he is younger anyway. Ten years are not few but... It is a very sad news. 😞 Rest in peace.
  2. Additionally what @silversolver wrote, I am not expect a new model coming in 2020 - maybe in 2021, but I know absolutely nothing about it. Currently I feel it worth buying the current model, however, I still not received my phone yet. ...but first of all, they have to sell as many of this device as they can, then, if people like their device, they may think on design another phone(s) - that is why I think they may show something earliest in 2021 and it also means it does not worth waiting their next device (also not for them and also not for their users) - simply because they need the success of Pro1 to build any successors later.
  3. Similar situation for me - IGG backer, pre-order in the 116XX range, prompt payment in 2 minutes and still no stock assignment e-mail for my QWERTZ order. I hope I will be in batch 3 as it seems people have started to have stock assignment e-mails even without IGG coupon. I assume there were too few QWERTZ units manufactured to fulfill these orders but I hope what they wrote a higher amount of QWERTZ devices in batch 3 means that we will also receive our units in batch 3. So if I understood well, orders which have IGG coupon without stock assignment mails seem to be mostly QWERTZ orders. I hope to receive a stock assignment e-mail shortly.
  4. In my country, the reputation of the local postal service is not very good. However, usually there are no problems with them, especially with higher-priced services. On the other side, UPS, FedEx or DHL have much better services (their reputation and speed are much higher). However, they are also more expensive, especially when VAT administration takes place. Additionally, VAT administration can make local postal service much slower here... So, it seems these companies have different quality of service at different regions, but I think basically they are good transfer companies...
  5. It seems there are some orders with IGG coupon (including me) which still has no stock assignment mails. ...I hope the following (third) batch will cover them all and finally all pre-orders will have their phone soon.
  6. Yes, internal memory will definitively grow up to this range and also 1TB microSD cards are available, but they are quite expensive now. ...but 512GB cards are definitively came close to a reasonable price range and only one year ago 256GB cards were in the same price range where 512GB cards currently are. So that means 256GB cards are currently cost about half the price of last year's.
  7. Yes, first I will try with non-working cards before trying to do it on my own card (I have some pre-paid cards which I bought for testing purposes but were timed out before refill)... I hope next time I will have a phone which will have two real SIM slots and a microSD card slot separately - maybe also eSIM support but currently I don't think it will become widespread in the next few years (at least not in my country). I don't know if other solutions of hybrid slots are identical or not anyway. In addition of the above, I hope Pro2 will support two SIMs + uSD card simultaneously. 🙂 I think 512GB uSD cards may be a general thing in a few years, but I don't think they will be considered small for a while. 🙂
  8. I may try it but I really do not like that idea. ...but I am afraid that is the only potentially working method... I really hate the idea as then I will not really able to use that SIM but only in Pro1. As far as I know, it will cost about 20 USD sooner or later to replace the card when I have a phone in which I would like to use the SIM. ...also, I have to do it in a working day when the service provider has open office in case something went wrong and they may have strange look at me when I will "lost" my card second time in a day.
  9. Hmm - yes, your are right. I have almost forgot it but I am afraid I was that who wrote that exact number of backers in a comment. As far as I remember well, there was a list of backers - some of them with names and some of them as Anonymous and maybe refunded state was also there - however, now I have not found that list (maybe because the state of the campaign has changed or because of the elapsed time). However, Liangchen wrote in one of the comments that one day he did 300 refunds and still was refunds pending... So I assume IGG backers who may be still have active coupons may be around 1000 users - a maximum of ~1200 but there may be less than 1000 if a lot of requests happened around the ending of Keyboard Mod or during the waiting for Pro1. ...but after these information we may not request the exact percent of IGG coupons relative to all pre-orders as it may only need some calculations. ...and F(x)tec did not want to provide exact numbers of pre-orders.
  10. I will also try it (512GB card is here and tested now), however, I should put somehow my own card and the company one simultaneously with microSD so it will not be easy. :S
  11. Thank you these information. May I ask you what is the relation between all pre-orders and those which have IGG coupons? Also, could you share the approximate percent of pre-orders currently reached?
  12. Good to hear in the other topic that finally also US customers are going to receive their phones soon.
  13. I have contacted support yesterday and had some mail conversation. Today they have shared some valuable information with me and I have asked if I am allowed to share their reply with you. As now I have permission to share it, here is what support wrote:
  14. Maybe - on hardware, they may be called workarounds. 🙂 Like working with an SPI sensor which does not release MISO line when CS pin goes high (although datasheet says it does) but has another operation mode when it releases it. So there is a workaround possibility to switch operational modes before and after using that sensor. Another case, same (big) manufacturer, another SPI device, same problem but written in data sheet (in a separate place at interface documentation), however, without any possible workarounds at all. ...had to redesign the circuit and it went to I2C. ...anyway, I am sure these incorrect behaviours above caused by a mistake, but left there... by a big hardware company. Another one - 0805 SMD LED diodes have sign at wrong direction. Contacted manufacturer and they have modified... the data sheet. 🙂
  15. Right now they have / had some troubles that is why there are complains in forum and maybe they are also currently working on a solution or just as nervous as others (or even more) because delay affects general availability and inconvenience is also not good. ...but it does not mean that generally they are in trouble, just that these are harder days for them also. Maybe you also know the feeling when something seems to be run by its own and you are being happy that things finally started working (I mean production and shipping progress) - they are also curious what experience people have with their product anyway...
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