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  1. Does Pro1 look to be working? I may try to disassemble it again looking for a released connector. Basically I am thinking of two connections - one is the connector at the bottom of display assembly which may has came out and there is also a connector of that display cable at the bottom part of the phone but it has a metal part above so maybe it is less likely to come off but maybe it is also a possible thing to release. (These are snap-in connectors but an impact may get them to release.) I would also buy a replacement screen anyway as it may happen also the screen may has proble
  2. It is a starting point for Pro1-X, some of them are software (blobs)-related - "this part" should be open for development on Pro1-X so definitively these should be addressed on Pro1-X. Right, that is what only F(x)tec could modify but that means their partner and they need money, I am afraid also Google certification needs money if they make some related modification... I have a bad feeling about microphone noise filtering anyway. Right, that should be their goal. I really hope they can make it constantly available as components shortage still can cause manufacturing proble
  3. Anyway, main camera quality is very good if GCam is the application which handles its data, so it may be a software issue with stock camera which is not really good. I hope telephony audio quality will be better on Pro1-X. I currently don't really have audio quality issues here but sometimes other party complains about it is being too silent and there are definitively better phones in audio quality at the far side. What they should have been solved also on Pro1 but I hope will be solved on Pro1-X is the loudspeaker driving the wrong speaker which is next to its main microphone whic
  4. Right, that was what I have tried to point at. So an electrical engineer can do schematics and PCB design and microcontroller programming (but not every electrical engineers do all of them and the same level) and a mechanical engineer may do assembly-related designs (including the whole body) and modifications and usually high level software is also related to another team. It is not necessarily work this way but these are different professions and one territory may need specialists like designing multi-layer, high frequency PCB needs a special knowledge and correct antenna design ne
  5. Right - for example, if electrical design of Pro1-X seems to be done (which is the case hopefully), they can move to an other product without affecting Pro1's future development. If Pro1-X is mechanically complete, engineers may design something else mechanically. That way a company may keep its employees and make profit with something else when development of a product has been finished. Also that would mean a development of a future phone would be easier if you could keep your employees... Basically development of Pro1-X should has been already finished and manufacturing it the
  6. I think if you may connect a wired mouse to the phone using an OTG conversion then you can give input pattern using a mouse pointer.
  7. I have received a reply from them today. They have promised me to send a replacement USB board, so I hope it will happen soon...
  8. @manjaro, as far as I know, Ubuntu Touch is not in the best state on Pinephone, so it is not a general issue...
  9. I really hope kernel module (which provides sysfs virtual files) checks for too high given voltage limits (not checked).
  10. Generally, charge estimation based on voltage is very inaccurate if we are speaking about Li-Ion-like batteries but old phones used this prediction. However, there are "battery fuel gauge" ICs which a modern phone should use and it measures incoming/outgoing charge of the battery (charge / discharge quantity). It may have a very good prediction based on charge/discharge current, voltage, elapsed time, predicted battery degradation, etc. ...so it is much more complicated than simply measuring battery voltage what would be very inacurate if we are speaking about accurate percents...
  11. I also run LineageOS 11 December 20th release. I have also installed it through Magisk but my problems may came from my faulty USB port, sometimes it does a charge/not charge/charge switch because of mechanical problems and when I see "slow charging" on screen, I know it won't charge even if LED shows charging. Anyway, I have not tried AccA yet, I may try to find it but what I really need very soon is a new USB board or if it will fail, I may try to replace the connector... but that would only work if I have the very same connector in hand... Otherwise, I would think Ampere i
  12. @mbecroft, I have installed ACC when you wrote about it but I had to temporary disable it. Should it work with default state or should I start configuring it after enabling? My USB connector is worn and I am waiting F(x)tec's reply about a replacement board for a while so my charging does not work well in every positions... After installing ACC, I could not really get it to charging but it has started charging after reboot, then it stopped... the state of my USB connector would also make me similar jokes. Also, I have tried to run ACC's test which told me to connect charger
  13. They have just released another update here: Link Also, I wish you a Happy New Year!
  14. I am waiting their reply since 1st of December... :S Their first reply has arrived after 7 days.
  15. I am afraid this version is exactly the same as previous version was (because of Christmas). 🙂 (I look at the changelog for every new releases and this was the only one yet which did not had any changes. 🙂 )
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