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  1. How (where) is it possible to order it and what is its price?
  2. Basically what should be done with the device itself is simple and written in touch controller's datasheet. However, the actual internal working of Android affects the way of how to do it and if it is possible or in what circumstances - and that is where deep knowledge of Android programming may highly affect the possibility of success...
  3. I don't know. I am not familiar with Android programming but I have tried to do it using an own commandline program, without success. I was able to unload kernel module but still I could not reach the hardware... maybe it is something to do with Android OS itself.
  4. As far as I have found earlier, it is simply a configuration, a setting of touch controller... simply it was not easy to reach the circuit on the specific I²C port under Android which would like to use it for touch sensing... So basically it is not flashing, simply a setting which is one of the parameters the touch controller has, stored in an EEPROM-like way.
  5. Right, and we really need the "stable version" of stock OS which has all basic functions working. Maybe we don't really need google certification (correct me if I am wrong) which is one of the most expensive part of the process but we need improved kernel modules / firmwares to make Pro1X a usable phone. Basically, Pro1 works really well using LineageOS and I would be happy to have a similar state of Pro1X - I don't need stock Android but without updated modules / firmware, this phone will not have 100% functionality and only F(x)tec has chance to improve these parts.
  6. Basically it seems to be a problem with ribbon cable of the screen itself. I suspect if the screen is not glued well or glue releases and the bottom part of the screen can move in relation to its frame, then ribbon cable worns out (looses continuity) causing ghost touches or other screen issues. That is a wide ribbon cable which is part of the display module.
  7. Basically Pro1 had a very loud speaker with limited effectiveness of volume setting. That was improved in a later firmware I think or maybe in LineageOS... Otherwise, microphone is a bit silent compared to other phones. I don't have problems with calling, signal strength / capability is not stunning but usable (my Motorola G6 was a bit worse but it was not stunning either), however, I think my service provider has not enabled VoLTE for me, at least it does not work... It also had a speaker miswiring where left and right speakers were swapped. It was also corrected (in software
  8. It may happen that antenna design of Pro1X is worse than Pro1's design (I don't know) but this problem sounds like most likely the SoC's firmware also has problems which should be independent of F(x)tec... or other manufacturers are actively doing workarounds on poorly written software of the main component of the phone? ...or other manufacturers are receiving firmware updates from Qualcomm to address SoC-related issues but F(x)tec does not? ...or something happens which triggers an issue what does not happen on other phones? ...
  9. Is it under stock OS or Lineage? My Pro1 became highly better after switching to LineageOS...
  10. Basically you should think about keyboard scan codes. So every keys on a real keyboard generate a code which represents the physical key pressed. Then you have keyboard layouts, which assigns physical keypresses (scan codes) as an actual letter. Looking from the other end: In the past, there was an US keyboard layout. Later, national keyboard layouts are also appeared which were practically the very same keyboard what US layout was, simply the prints of actual keys were different. So OS should know which layout was printed on keyboard, then it can generate the same keys wh
  11. Right and I understand there are only a few phones exist with keyboard support, but that is not a negligible request...
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