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Pro1X, Factory test mode, FactoryKit

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The Pro1X stock Android comes with a preinstalled FactoryKit app. (Similar for the Pro1, See this)

It is not launched the same way as on the Pro1.

Actually I have not found the correct way to start it!
Though by using an app like "Activity Launcher" and selecting a shortcut for "FactoryKit" sub-item "FactoryKit", I can launch and get the following list, and some can be started, and some crashes direcrly.



Launching it the above way make the app crash or halt after the test that works are finished, so you are likely to need to swipe it away from the app-list after each. I'm pretty sure that is because I currently launch it incorrectly....

So if anyone know, or can guess, please post below, and I will correct the above....

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