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Physical Keyboard Problems (might only be with Lineage?)

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I'm having another keyboard issue which I also found mentioned here:

Specifically the part which states "...sometimes it produces some random characters inside a word. Sometimes the cursor jumps randomly somewhere. Sometimes it switches Caps lock on when I don't press any button even near to caps. And yes, sometimes I got the pop up caused by long press, which I obviously didn't press." All of these things happen to me when typing very fast on the physical keyboard."

Odd enough, after installing Swiftkey, the frequency of random characters dropped down considerably. However, activating the Caps Lock by itself increased substantially. Worse is when it automatically generates some special key press(es) because that really fouls up the typing by moving the cursor, or worse, by sending the text message I'm in the middle of writing, or editing. I can't even find a physical key to send the message on the keyboard. I only know of the button (so to speak) on the touch screen to send it! However, clearly, there some corresponding key code that will send the message (does anyone happen to know what it is?) and the random character generation triggers it sometimes. 

As I become more and more acclimated to the keyboard, I'm typing faster and faster. This is becoming a real problem because the frequency at which it occurs is directly proportional to typing speed. For instance, when hunting and pecking at a slow speed, it never happens.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a known issue (I only found the one link above mentioning it)? Is it something specific to Lineage?

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