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Physical Keyboard QWERTZ

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Try to install Finqwerty from Play store. It will add additional keyboard layouts which you can chose in settings. See this.

Btw, there is a small bug in Finqwerty for US layout (not properly showing ':' )  But it is already reported and if someone needs corrected apk before author will fix it, write me, I compiled corrected version.

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While German letters did work for me with FinQwerty on the physical QWERTZ keyboard, did anyone manage to get a usable US-International layout with German letters for the physical QWERTY keyboard? 

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I'm not entirely sure if we're talking about the same thing, but I did this.

I use czech layout because of letters like š,č,ř etc. which on a czech keyboard are mapped to the num keys. But with czech layout the special keys like the "yellow shift modifier" don't work. 

In Options - System - Langueage - Physical keyboard - Fxtec Pro1 I added an extra profile. I have both english (UK) and Czech layout. And I can switch between them using ctrl+spacebar. So anytime I need to write someting like @ or &... I press ctrl+space, which switches the keyboard layout to the english UK, then I can type these yellow symbols and then I switch with ctrl+space right back to czech layout.

Not completely ideal I'll admint but sice I don't use these symbols that often... it's just a minor annoyance. 

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Thanks, that might be a viable workaround. Unfortunately I do need ä, ö, ü, ß quite frequently...

But for you, wouldn't the "Czech QWERTZ for physical QWERTY" variant of the FinQwerty layout collection be an option?  

If I should ever have some time left, I might try and add what I need to FinQwerty myself, but something like that (some time left) doesn't seem too probable for the near future...

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While I should prefer QWERTZ in theory since that's how I type on PC, since I ran BB Keyone for about 5 years and that thing had QWERTY, I trained my mind to switch from Z to Y everytime I grab my phone. So I'm on czech QWERTY layout, which has all the czech symbols and I switch to ENG only for typing special symbols like @ and & etc. Which I don't have to do often so I'm quite happy as I am 🙂 

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