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  1. I dont have 120 fps mode, that isnt a thing on the 1X. But you are right about the gallery icon, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tip, but I tried this as well. First and second time I did not have still SIM card inside and MicroSD is still in my Keyone. I also tried it without loading backup from Google amd I am pretty sure I didnt connect to the wifi. I tried a sequence of factory resets in short succession since my data was already gone. The more I use it the more quirks Im finding. Sometimes when I open the keyboard in some apps, I get UI not responding crash. Pressing the camera button will not just open the camera, but also automatically take a picture which is pretty dumb. Also the camera app
  3. While I cannot fully exclude HW malfunction as the primary cause, I still pretty much doubt it. And I have found a "workaround" for this weird bug. Well, workaround... Lets just say I discovered a bit less annoying way of unlocking the phone instead of typing my whole PIN. When the phone is locked, I press the power button, which lights up the screen. From there I have the option to click on "emergency call". Then I place my thumb on the fingerprint reader and press "back" on the screen, as If I changed my mind and I don't need to make an emergency call. At that point the fingerprint read
  4. While I should prefer QWERTZ in theory since that's how I type on PC, since I ran BB Keyone for about 5 years and that thing had QWERTY, I trained my mind to switch from Z to Y everytime I grab my phone. So I'm on czech QWERTY layout, which has all the czech symbols and I switch to ENG only for typing special symbols like @ and & etc. Which I don't have to do often so I'm quite happy as I am 🙂
  5. Thanks! So it's 2.1.2 for me then since I want just an android phone with a keyboard.
  6. I'm not entirely sure if we're talking about the same thing, but I did this. I use czech layout because of letters like š,č,ř etc. which on a czech keyboard are mapped to the num keys. But with czech layout the special keys like the "yellow shift modifier" don't work. In Options - System - Langueage - Physical keyboard - Fxtec Pro1 I added an extra profile. I have both english (UK) and Czech layout. And I can switch between them using ctrl+spacebar. So anytime I need to write someting like @ or &... I press ctrl+space, which switches the keyboard layout to the english UK, then I
  7. Looks like my last option. So apparently I'm on build V 2.1.2_20220707 and there is a newer one V 2.1.5 "GMS-less". Please can someone more knowledgeable than me tell me what the "GMS-less" part means before I run head first into a brick wall? I can follow instructions in this guide but I'm not going to foolishly pretend I understand anything what it says. I'm not exactly an Android guy. Comming from a long line of Symbian phones and then a few Blackberries, I know "nothing" about Android and at this stage of my life I just want a phone that works. And has a physical keyboard (yep, ther
  8. Caught it "working" again. If I have a finger on the reader as I'm locking the phone, it will automatically unlock the phone imidiately. If I don't have finger on the reader as I'm locking it, or If I release it too early, nope, nothing. https://streamable.com/i4javc Being able to unlock the phone only a second after I locked it is useless. But it shows that it's not HW related as the reader clearly works fine. When the system tells it to... Plus this doesnt work everytime anyway. Managed to get it "working" like this only couple of times.
  9. Ok so I just did factory reset and it behaves exactly like before. I didn't restore my backup and now I have a clear phone like from the factory. No apps, no accounts, nothing. This is frustrating. Before I did the reset I managed to unlock the phone once using the fingerprint reader. It was cca a second after I locked the screen. That was only once and "accidental". If the reader is "turned on" in settings and can read my fingers perfectly, that in my mind means its software related. Fingerprint doesnt work anywhere appart from settings. That includes all system apps like unlocking scre
  10. Im on stock Android 11. I have been fideling with it some more. When I want to enter a locked folder, the phone asks for a fingerprint. If I have a finger on the reader before and during opening of said folder, it wakes up for a fraction of a second and registers an attemp to read my finger. But it never recognizes it even though everything is clean. It doesnt work afterwards again. Its as the reader shuts down imidiately instead of being active upon succesful unlock attempt. Strsnge. And super annoying.
  11. Well this glitch is persistent. The reader doesnt work even right after the restart. One thing i spotted is when I have my finger on it while I press the power button to lock the screen, the phone vibrates. Its telling me it has been registered. But when I want to unlock it, it plays dead again. This is a really cruel glitch to me since my company requires a strong password for me to be able to connect into our network. Its pretty much unbarable without the fingerprint reader to input the ong password every time... I didnt expect this phone to be bulletproof, but this is omething I really expe
  12. My experience exactly. I didn't want to be a scumbag and didn't buy from Expansys imidiately, even though it was tempting for half the price... But after more than half a year!!! of waiting for it to be shipped, (also produced as I waited a lot longer) - I finally asked them for refund and got it from Expansys like so many others. The very last piece - they delisted it right afterwards... Sorry everyone. When my refund was not comming, I asked them again and apparently they are having difficulties with their bank. So them not being able to ship it for several months, you can guess how long it
  13. Hello, I have this weird problem with my pro 1X which I didn't experience on any of my previous phones. When I go to the security settings on stock Android (fully updated), it lets me choose the method of unlocking the phone (fingerprint + PIN for example). I then input my PIN, confirm it and then I can map my fingerprints. It reads them fine and everything goes smoothly. But then when I want to actually unlock the phone, the fingerprint sensor acts like it's dead. No vibration, no nothing. It also plays dead in every app I tested (like the internal google pictures app, internet ban
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