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I still haven't received a refund from 2022

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I placed an order in August 2022. I cancelled the order in November 2022. I have followed up with support several time and have been told that my refund is "still not ready for processing." A refund shouldn't take almost 2 years. What is happening? What can be done to make the refund happen?

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21 hours ago, Brandon848 said:

Is the company having problems or have they been shipping product to customers?

They have had problems since the start, it took nearly a year to receive my original Pro 1 at the time. They have barely shipped any phones last or this year as far as I know. They have other products apparently but overall we can consider this company bankrupt.

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11 hours ago, Brandon848 said:

Thank you. I knew there were problems given the amount of time that lapsed but I figured why not see if the staff (if any left) read the forums.

I think they are fairly seldom visitors in here these days.

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