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  1. I am all for this, just don't neglect the standard Pro1 and please finish Android 10.
  2. Well it's not like 10 will be outdated overnight. 🙂
  3. Pretty exciting you found a new partner. It's also great to hear that works on bringing Android 10 to stock are underway. Keep going! 🙂
  4. It's 2 cases in one actually, got a modified Huawei P20 Pro silicone inside a Dux Ducis flip case. The case adds enough (but not intrusive) widht so my fingers only touch the edge of the silicone when holding it. You can check my post of it for pic reference: Edit: Also disregard the case not closing properly, that got solved over time and now it closes nicely. The material expanded just enough for it as I kept it in my pockets closed a lot. Edit 2: I like it because when we get a proper silicone I can just swap it inside. (sadly that still did not happen yet xD)
  5. Pretty annoying without a case if you don't disable it somehow. In a good case it's nonexistent.
  6. I got an update too but it's dated 2020 08 25, no idea what changed but the security patch is still only on April.
  7. I can confirm this is the default setting on mine too, I have not touched anything camera related since I got the phone.
  8. Easiest I found to work with regarding cutting is getting a 0.5mm soft silicone case (P20 Pro). If you have a bench press and some hard (or sharpened) shapes for the holes then you can do a very clean work.
  9. Ehh...I am pretty sceptic considering how BB's last deal went with TCL (from lack of updates to extremely bad build quality everything went wrong, I wonder who remembers the fall out screens on the Key1...), also the "magic security" is bollocks and only shortens the phone's lifespan by a huge amount because you can't even unlock the bootloader.
  10. Same here, it's just not convenient enough for quick access (and certainly not on the go like on public transport). Most of us made a DIY flip case from several cases. xD
  11. Seems like it's just the nature of quick charging to me. My PRIV also got quite hot when charging (although that only has QC 2.0). When charging through the PC USB it barely gets warm. Pretty much same with my Pro1 so I am not worried personally.
  12. @Craig What the heck LOL. Guess they are trying to turn these horrible times into something profitable. Well I don't mind it as long as it keeps the phone afloat.
  13. Uhm..did you ever receive any refunds? If yes, aren't you supposed to send the phone back to FxTec? Anyway you sold it now...
  14. Contact Fxtec, afaik they will reimburse you. Not your fault customs has no idea how to handle DDP correctly.
  15. @Alex You are not supposed to update on such a low charge.. Give it at least 60%.
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