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  1. Maybe it's the same issue but I get weird crackling sounds strictly in games... Music players and youtube are flawless. So I don't really get it. An official fix would be nice. Headphone also works, this just happens with the phone speakers. Edit: Nevermind, headphones do crackle too in games actually. Soo weird.
  2. The Puro case arrived. (https://www.puro.it/en/smart-wallet-universal-xxl.html) It's a mixed bag. (sorry for crap photowork tho) Size comparison with the pre-order sleeve: It's a bit bigger but the size is correct, including thickness. The quality is very nice and this eco-leather is amazing to the touch. The magnetic latch is very strong. About the mechanism inside: Thanks to the holes every button is accessible. However you can only position it in two ways. You cannot position it on the power and volume buttons. (red) 1. Together with the power button and fingerprint reader. I deemed this the best as it's almost dead center. (green) 2. Only with the fingerprint reader. (yellow) This is off center a bit so not the best. The mechanism itself is very strong but the curvy plastic part is in the way and it forces itself between the keyboard and screen so you cannot close it properly. The sliding part is also a bit problematic, it's too short so only one camera is visible when you pop it up. To be honest I am not sure how to go about modifying it. I could either grind that plastic somehow to make it fit better and allowing the screen to close. Not sure what would be the correct tool. I don't want to mess it up badly. Or scrap the whole inside part and somehow install something that will fit the phone correctly. I would have to cut the camera hole though.
  3. I mostly use Magic Dosbox and it's amazing with all the classics. Just put on Hocus Pocus and Jazz Jackrabbit recently.
  4. I think the buttons and fingerprint reader will be fine because there is a hole on the side of the grip. The grip itself could turn out badly but we will see. In case it will block the screen from opening I will just shave away the top of it or something. A bit expensive for an experiment but I want a case with the least amount of DIY modifications. I found similar cases but their grip didn't have a hole and I figured I would just break those trying to make a hole.
  5. After a long search I found a case that might work out of the box. https://www.puro.it/en/smart-wallet-universal-xxl.html I will let you know about it once it arrived.
  6. @Craig OMG. This is it! Thanks, Swiftkey works wonderfully and just does whatever I want, it's surprisingly customizable too. Japanese input works from the physical keyboard now. I have no idea why Gboard refused to work but oh well.
  7. @VaZso Thanks, sadly this is beyond my abilities so I have to get used to what's provided by Finqwerty. Basically what I wanted was to have every key correspond to everything to get the Hungarian characters except modify a few because some of the defaults don't make sense to me. I also thought some characters could be set up with a long press but it doesn't seem to be a thing on the keyboard at all. I couldn't get Japanese working either, all I want it is to convert from latin letters but they just remain latin letters hm.
  8. Actually no, I think in the serial number topic there was someone with 1k. I think what happened here is that most of my unit was "reserved" early due to my preorder but there was no qwertz keyboard available so it was put on hold. Or, qwerty and qwertz units are counted separately in production would be my other guess.
  9. Thanks! But how do I actually go about editing? With notepad? Also I just have to drop the file in the system and it will see it among the options afterwards?
  10. Any app that would let me create a completely custom layout for the PKB?
  11. Any idea how I set up the physical keyboard to actually write in Japanese? I added it in the settings but it keeps using only latin letters and the keys are kinda scrambled too.
  12. Any idea when the "wake on double tap" will be back? It got taken out due to some bug afaik pretty early on. I really liked that on my PRIV x).
  13. It's finally here! Mine is the 335th specimen. My only problem so far is really just the unlucky fingeprint reader placement. I assume a good case should solve that. I really want to get something like this: Other than this, I slapped the BB Launcher on because the basic Pie one is just atrocious. I haven't finished setting up everything yet but overall I am satisfied.
  14. Sent them the requested details today. Fingers crossed. It's unlikely I get it this week but next week is promising.
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