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  1. This was eons ago, for the original Pro1 when ordering through the site. (so it wasn't backer based on another site like Indiegogo)
  2. I bet those are part of the pre-order bonus we never ever got. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Doubt it, company is near bankrupt, it's even a miracle they were able to go a few years considering the OG Pro1s shipped extremely slowly. (and I believe there are some people who haven't received theirs even now...)
  4. I am also considering retiring mine, it's been a good 3 years but I realized it is extremely clunky to haul around. Those flip ones like the Oppo Find N2 and similar Samsung ones are extremely tempting but the pricing is horrible on them for the gimmick to literally fit my backpocket so I may end up using my Pro1 until it's completely dead. lol
  5. On my Pro1 the reader just died after 3 years. lol (I am too lazy to take it apart but maybe it just disconnected by itself somehow) It wasn't an issue for me actually because I use a flip case, I do miss it to some extent but can live without it.
  6. I think my fingerprint sensor just died after 3 years (OG Pro 1). Not even a restart is bringing it back to life, and it's like the phone forgot my prints because it's asking me to register again, but nothing happens when I try. lol (this is a new issue for me, previously I only had the ear speaker and microphone not working or the camera not working sometimes but a restart fixed those) Anyway, if it stays dead it doesn't really bother me, it was a nice feature to have but the lack of it is not enough to force me onto a new phone.
  7. I'd legit just superglue it back into the slot. lol (in case it goes completely dead it wouldn't matter if you yanked it out with force at that point anyway)
  8. Probably the incorrect topic to ask but maybe it's relevant here a bit as well. Recently I got a new 128GB pendrive which has both usb 3.2 and usb c. I plugged it into my Pro1 but it can't read it no matter the file system (it is recognized at least). So I am wondering if this is an android 9 limitation or if it would work on newer version / a different OS. Works fine on PC. Edit: Nevermind, FAT32 formatting works if I do it with the phone itself. lol Too bad it doesn't support NTFS.
  9. The indicator light is on but it just doesn't charge sometimes. A couple tries fixes it. (but yeah it's possible I got some gunk in there as well)
  10. My OG Pro 1 does it too (still on Android 9 lmao, I am so lazy..). Thought I just had a dying charging port but it has been like that since day 1, it charges fine 95% of the time despite me giving it heavy abuse these past 2 years.
  11. I wouldn't send it in, there is a high chance you won't see it for another year..or never. If it's indeed a battery depletion issue, just grab one from Ali or whatever and switch it out, it's easy to service. (or if you got the means, take out the original and give it some charge other way)
  12. Oh, good for you. I guess that was hit and miss then. I should have complaiend back then I guess but I have long let that go so it's my fault. xD
  13. I wouldn't hold my breath for the free stuff. OG Pro1 owners were supposed to get a decent case for free (back when pre-orders for that were a thing), they swapped it out for a lame sleeve (was in the box with the phone). The promised free headphones never came. lol
  14. I have the same thing in my bottom left corner. I have no idea how and when it developed, I did accidentally drop it a few times but it was always in the case and never landed face down at least. I am not really bothered by it but maybe it's actually a design flaw but only a few people experience it, or just poor display QC maybe. I can't really complain though, this is the only small issue I have since getting my unit. It's a bit of a bummer that it kills some of the resell price should I sell it later but oh well.
  15. I dunno about the X but the OG Pro1 still holds up very well imo (but that has the stronger SD835 in it). I have been using it for a good 1.5 year now and it's still quite snappy. I just hate that stock is neglected and forgotten but maybe one day I'll move on to Lineage.
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