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  1. @Craig What the heck LOL. Guess they are trying to turn these horrible times into something profitable. Well I don't mind it as long as it keeps the phone afloat.
  2. Uhm..did you ever receive any refunds? If yes, aren't you supposed to send the phone back to FxTec? Anyway you sold it now...
  3. Contact Fxtec, afaik they will reimburse you. Not your fault customs has no idea how to handle DDP correctly.
  4. @Alex You are not supposed to update on such a low charge.. Give it at least 60%.
  5. I am still kinda sad there is no official silicone case (or third party) and we have to DIY from Huawei P20 Pro cases. lmao
  6. Damn that sounds like a nightmare, hope you can get it sorted. Our customs seemed to know what to do with it and it came through fine after a few days. (also lots of props to @VaZso for telling me what to tick on the form, I had absolutely no idea what DDP was before that)
  7. In the very very beginning pre-orders where cheaper actually, was around 650€ I think (which personally helped me a lot because my native currency sucks big time). But I never saw the promised earbuds turn up to this day xD (got the pouch tho). Anyway, it was the type I dislike so I decided not to chase it. I am using classic Soundmagic ones and they sound great.
  8. @itsdevilslettuce lol didn't know T-Mobile didn't officially support the Pro1, anyway I had no problems with them so far and service worked from day1 just fine
  9. Your problem is Verizon, not the phone.
  10. @_DW_ Yeah it looks like the battery is on the opposite side (under the camera) so it seems the adhesive indeed let go.
  11. That's quite a large bulge. Maybe it's the battery gone bad?
  12. I got mine a good month after stock got assigned. Most of the time was wasted in customs though. Luckily the paperwork went through fine.
  13. They haven't released stats on that for quite a while now but at least half of them are done for sure. (probably more but I don't think there's that many left now)
  14. Woooo, AMAZING update. Finally that very nasty sound crackling is gone, just tested it in several different games (including dosbox) and they all sound very nice now. Keep dem fixes coming!
  15. We will see. I was on a BB PRIV for 3 years, never changed anything on it and it still works..it's just..super slow and didn't age well. Battery still holds full charge and can last a day. One thing I learned from it though, never use an OLED display on maximum brightness. I ended up burning a game into the screen lol (was really into Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links at that time, you can still see the life points on the edges). So from day 1 I only used the Pro1 on half brightness. (currently I am really into a gacha called Princess Connect Re:Dive) So far I had no problems with anything. Hopefully it stays that way. One major thing I dislike is the state of stock android...especially that sound crackling bug in games. I am legit more worried about getting stuck on crap software than my hardware failing now. But in the worst case scenario I'll just move to Lineage.
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