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NFC on Pro1x Lineage doesn't work

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I've already read this thread 

and I seem to be having a different issue. It's not that it's hard to scan, it's that despite trying a few different form factors of nfc chips I have never once got it to register even an attempted read.


Unfortunately I don't know if the stock OS was able to do any nfc, I bought the phone used and it arrived with a carbon-fiber-looking skin already installed on the back. Sources online were mixed about whether carbon-fiber would block nfc, and I wanted the skin more than I wanted nfc at the time so I let it be. Today I changed my mind and took off the skin.


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As the other thread said, it can be REALLY picky on some tags. I have some where moving it a single mm in the wrong direction prevent it from reading. Please try to light trough the card (or what ever got the tag) to be sure what type of nfc tag you are trying to read,
And I even for some have better results WITH a case than without, so picky on the distance too....

In short it is bit of a nightmare to get it to read some tags..

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