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  1. I've "force charged" li-ion batteries. Reverse engineer the pins of the battery, one is a resister temp meter connected to + or to ground. Other pins are + and -. Use a 9v alkaline battery battery to charge the lion battery, + to +, - to -. A 9v battery is self-current limiting by its very nature. It limits automatically the watts/amps, even at 0.05v of the lithium battery, to never heat up the li bat to dangerous temperatures. You can remove the 9v bat every 60 seconds, and check with a volt meter the li bat increased in voltage after 60 seconds of charging. It will take 10-30 mins to get the
  2. Aug 2023, I can confirm an old Pro1 has internet access (4-10 mbps down on Band 13) and makes calls on Verizon post paid, and Visible (plus) MVNO. Note Visible "unlimited" legacy SIMs used VBLINTERNET APN not VZWINTERNET and had massive device compatibility problems with the whole planet of Verizon retail and generic unlocked phones. Visible legacy SIMs will be shut down Aug 2023 or Sept 2023. Note a Pro1 only had band 4, not band 66, and probably very little Carrier Aggregation support. It will never be a speed demon on VZ except at 2 am in the morning. https://specmap.sequence-omega.net/ Aro
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