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  1. Not really a dent, the camera cover is not perfectly aligned from the factory. It has no effect on image quality.
  2. EDIT: sold I'm selling my original Pro1 (with Snapdragon 835) As you can see from the pictures, it has been heavily used. The back has a lot of scratches, and a few dents on the edges. I've just replaced the screen with a replacement from dragonbox.be, but I got the dreaded pink pixel column on the left edge. If you want to fix the screen I suggest you have it professionally replaced by dragonbox, or order the screen+assembly from fxtec. You can probably ask them for a new back cover as well. Besides the screen and scratches the phone is in great condition. Keyboard still fee
  3. Version: QX1000_EEA_20200106110245_2020 0106-1105 - No bluetooth audio with Sony WH-1000XM3 with "HD-audio: Qualcomm aptX HD audio" enabled. Disabling aptx does work however - Changing brightness does seem to mess with the colours. I'm guessing the amoled colours don't scale linearly and each invidiual colour's brightness has to be mapped. I have access to a colorimeter. Is there a way to test/calibrate the colours/brightness?
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