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  1. I love the BB K1 - every single HW key can be mapped for short and long keypress from home screen to different apps, i.e. you have 52 shortcuts. For me, it is important to have possibility to define own layout. I use mostly US layout with CZ layout in qwerty. But CZ layout has as standard qwertz. If I can choose different mapping (CZ qwerty), then OK. I don't need the labels on HW keys same as currently selected layout, I can remember the keys and I don't look at the keyboard during writing, so I would prefer to be able define my own layout for the HW keyboard.
  2. I would buy Pro1 even for 1000EUR/US$. The landscape sliding HW KBD has for me really high prio. The N900 was very expansive too, but it was great phone. Sadly the HW (RAM) was small :( Stock Android with possible update to newer release and with simple root access would be great. Standard Linux as dual boot would be perfekt. I accept older HW, I don't need the newest one. I want external SD. Second SIM would be good. Thank you.
  3. 1) N900 - because of landscape and possibility to remap every single key as usual in Xorg. I have mapped complete US ASCII + most of CZ symbols with all required dead keys for CZ and DE. Yes, I had to remember the layout, but it was logical based on standard PC keyboard and I could switch the layouts using the two switch-keys 2) my current BB K1 with fixed portrait HW keyboard I have seen the Pyra Handheld, but it's not smart phone, it's too thick. Then Cosmo Communicator (phone+camera version of Gemini PDA) looks good too, but it's probably too wide (6") to write without table and the C
  4. Size 5" is max, otherwise I will be unable to get all keys with thumbs only to be able to use device without table:-) N900 was great, but too small display to display more information. Larger than 5" would need to place device on same table and use all fingers (e.g. Gemini PDA from Planet Computers - I consider to buy Cosmo Communicator too last time :-) but Pro1 would be better for me, more N900-like device).
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