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  1. Indeed, the dual SIM option could be a real plus ! Thanks for your answers ! :-) Sadly, even after some years with my Blackberry, i still cannot type blind... But it is not a really big problem, if all the rest is good !
  2. Hi ! I just have a little question : Will it be possible in the future to have some specific keyboard, or at least a sort of cover to change the letter ? QWERTY is good, but for non english, it would be better to or to do the modification to have a country cultural based keyboard (like Cyrillic, Azerty etc.) Thanks for reading ! :-)
  3. I agree with EskeRahn. I would add that it is difficult to see what message we have sent.... But it's not too bad, keep this good working ! ;-)
  4. Exactly the same thing for me, Ken. At 300€/$, I will certainly buy it immediately ! 400, I will wait for some test. But for this technology and by the fact that this product only concern a small portion of user, I will understand if it cost more than 500/600€. It could be perfect if they sell 2 types of smartphones, like the new Blackberry Key2 and his light twins Key2 LE ! :D
  5. Wow ! It's... Quite large as price range ! ^^ But I understand, can not wait for him to come out! :-D
  6. I just have a little question : Do you have some price range ? :-)
  7. My list of best Keyboard phone would be : 1 - Nokia E7 (<3) 2 - Blackberry Classic (Q20, the that I actually use) 3 - Samsung S5611 4 - Blackberry priv Just one question : Will your smartphone keyboard be in AZERTY ? Because I'm French and this would perfectly replace my Classic ! :-D
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