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  1. Exactly, that was my worry, few combinations are missing on the US-int Ok I see now, I didn't get correctly the meaning of the drawing : shift fn+shift alt+shift base fn alt I was wrong: for "À", the combination seems: [`] then [shift]+[A], as the key [`] base function seems to be combining accent.
  2. The thing is, in french, Á doesn't exists, but À is. Same story for the e with accents. è is different from é (sound and orthographic). This is the reason why I prefer dead keys. For example "I prefer" in french is "Je préfère".
  3. In fact I most probably didn't get correctly the finQwerty US-international graphic Here when a chars is in red background, does it mean dead-key ? For example, to generate the "À", is it correct ? : [shift] + [`], then [shift]+[A] ?
  4. Hi community, I don't have yet the phone, and my apologies for coming back with that. I'm using a QWERTY keyboard all the time, typing different languages, and one is french. I really like the "dead-key" approach, as it allows all combinations for accents. I notices on most keyboard layout the è or È, à or À, ç or Ç are missing. With dead keys it is intuitive to get them. Do you now it this is implemented on a software or with finQWERTY ? Thanks !
  5. Hi, First my apologies if it is yet mentioned. I'm using different languages daily, and for years now I didn't find a more convenient way than the US-international on computers. It is qwerty, but with the OS settings (windows/linux/macos) us-international keyboard. I don't know if there is similar alternative on android. The behavior is simple and enable a lot of special character to be typed with only 2 sequential key press (including caps). It requiers the keys [ ' ] , [ ` ] and [ " ]. As they're on the Pro1, it would be very convenient. More than long press on a key to pop the special ch
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