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  1. Well, I just update and two things broke -Phone is locked in landscape -Each time I type one of the letter 7m6kn or arrow down , the output is all the letters at once plus the app is quit. Almost unusable Looking for a rollback solution
  2. What you described is what I felt with the Gemini from planet computer. I was seleval time very close to make it fly. Anyway thanks a lot for sharing your experience, all voices count. I'm a bit sorry for you about the value you lost.
  3. 24 hours without the bug after I installed swiftkey, so you're right it seems a software issue.
  4. Quite sad, but I admit I didn't have a Blackberry with android. I had very good time with the Q10 on BBOS10. There were a time their hub was able to manage all messages and notifications, everything were centralized and accessible with just a sweep left to right, even while have a full screen app running. Then starts the support drop of applications such as whatsapp (no data mining on BBOS ?)... I had 3 full days of battery, very efficient.
  5. Fully Agree, hang on, it is worth the wait!
  6. Thanks ! I'll try swiftkey. EDIT: swiftkey is the solution, very convenient ! (Even if the google warning is a bit scary: "this app could record all your key type including passwords" ) For the bug, I saw it mainly while using firefox and whatsapp, didn't try chrome in fact.
  7. Hi there, Don't know if it's the right place. If I may, I have 1 potential bug and a request. It happens time to time that 4 specific keys, once pressed, are repeating themselves until I press another one. Such as the 'Key pressed' event is recorded but not the 'key release' event. It concerns keys [6][7][n][m], and it is not always the case. It give a text like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" or "66666666666". It happened maybe 10 times this past week. This behavior can disappear if I close the keyboard and switch the phone to sleep, but not always. I have the stock android, with last update.
  8. Low light example (very soft lights, night time) Exif data : No flash, 1/10sec, f/1.8, ISO 3992 (?) Maybe the lens shading/color compensation could be improved. But to me, it is quite good, more than enough for my usage. Original file : http://muth.inc.free.fr/fxtec/IMG_20200128_212325.jpg
  9. Received this morning in France, without any issue, no extra to pay. Thanks a lot F()xtec ! I yet love the phone
  10. Got it !! It was planned for Monday the 27th, but Fedex deliver this morning (24th). It goes through Japan, then directly to France. Not issue at all. I yet love it, for now I think it is very well done. Sorry I have to play with it now ^^
  11. Per- order 56XX, no IGG coupon, paid th 1st of August, QWERTY, France No assignment email received. But just got fedex tracking sms and mail: parcel picked up. Delivery foreseen the 27th. 😄
  12. Oh my, I just received the same type of e-mail from FedEx, pickup YUEN LONG HK same sender, the details are Expansys (Hong Kong) Limited 6th Floor, Edwick Industrial Centr 230 Kwai Chung, HK delivery planned for the 27th. And I was wondering what is it. Is it a coincidence and are we part of the same scam, or... well... or it is f(x)tec. But I didn't received an assignment email before. (I dug into the spam box). Per- order 56XX, no IGG coupon, paid th 1st of August, QWERTY, France I can barely contain my excitement 😄
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience with automailers. It would be nice to have an 'apology' message indeed. In that way, no doubt would be possible.
  14. Do you think they finished with the assignment mails ? I'm a bit sad, I have to admit. I thought I paid rather quickly, the 1st of August, few hours after mail reception. (damn it's a lot of money, better not think about it) Well, see you in a month I suppose ! 😔
  15. In the same boat, order number 57xx, paid the 1st of august, France, no igg coupon. No email yet. I did't have the igg coupon because I got the moto-mod, but the moto z I've put on it died long ago...
  16. I must admit I'm checking regularly the forum to see if some people start to receive there assignment or tracking number by email :D
  17. Last tweet from Chen is one step closer to reality ^^ https://twitter.com/chenliangchen/status/1218571232834129920
  18. Wondering if my order is on the IGG part, as I got the moto-mod and not a coupon. I don't think so, but it's a very good news that a big batch is going to be shipped !
  19. Thanks a lot @Erik for the update !
  20. Personally I don't like very much the azerty layout (the numbers need the shift mode). But yes you're right, it might help to suit more people.
  21. Damn, thanks for the link. This is really active !
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