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  1. I know batteries are evolving, however I'm wondering if charging regularly at more than 1C (faster than one hour or more than 3.2A on 4.2V for the pro1) is still reducing the overall battery lifetime. Personally I try to not let discharged less than 20% and plug a 2A 5V charger. But I agree, in some situations a quick charge totally make sense.
  2. Very nice design! It takes time to draw and adjust such 3D prints, well done!
  3. I had the Gemini, not the cosmo. However my opinion is the Pro1 is far more useful to me. TL;DR My Gemini is fragile, the hinge is plastic, and will eventually break ( and I'm taking good care of my devices ). The metallic plates are locked in place by tiny asperities in the plastic body. This is ageing fast and I start to loose the metal plates just by opening the device. The only good thing is the screen is protected when closed, but, the keys leave marks on it, as the screen is in contact with the keyboard. So use a screen protector film... There is two usbC port, but only one can
  4. I never pay attention, but 26 days and counting.
  5. The astroslide has an interesting mechanism indeed. However I think it will be very prone to the same problem I had with one Droid4. If a play build up between the two rails, every time you try to open or close it by pushing not at the center, the screen put itself crooked asymmetrically and hang. And it seems to be yet the case on the prototype video. Not speaking of the mandatory ribbon or flex PCB fatigue with such a long travel. Anyway, I had a Gemini and didn't like it unfortunately (hardware and software, removing the Sim to put it in the Pro1 was such a relief!), so this new planet
  6. 3D Files are here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4236222 (thingiverse is quite slow today)
  7. I used Fusion360: Printed on a Prusa I3 mk3:
  8. So, I give it a try. I draw something like that : To be hooked in the ventilation blades
  9. Using Firefox mainly because of ADblock, it works great so far. Maybe I should investigate other solutions, with this poll I'm learning there is tons of alternatives.
  10. Well it seems to work! I was more focused on the hinge (the flex circuit) , trying to open and close the keyboard multiple time. But you're right, I spent a bit of time to press all the keys with my thumbs, and so far I don't see the problem anymore. Maybe I was too careful! Thanks a lot for the advice! To come back to the topic's subject, go ahead with the update 😉
  11. Yes, you're right. I'll try to make a video. It's unfortunate, some time it works just fine.
  12. Hum, it seem to be hardware. It was masked by the previous behavior as multiple keypress was ignored. Now all signals are recorded. If I press very gently the m keys, it is not apenning sometimes.
  13. Yes two times. to recover the portrait orientation I have to open and close several time the keyboard. but I still have the issue with the physical keyboard keys unfortunately
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