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  1. doh! :facepalm: nevermind, I had forgotten that this device and SFOS always did that (no TWRP on device after SFOS was put on[1]), sorry for the noise. pcfe [1] https://gist.github.com/Kabouik/f77539b3eb6a77b032d2fa827271b81d#backup-sfos-using-twrp--beware-not-tested-on-sfos-image-with-lvm-encryption
  2. @piggz and the SFOS Porters, thank you for the build! Very much appreciated. dumb question; between running 3.3 and flashing 3.4, I flashed the factory image 20200825 that Waxberry has in his post at community.fxtec.com . That included `fastboot flash boot_a …` and `fastboot flash boot_b …`. Do I need to put TWRP back on my device or will it function fine with just `hybris-boot.img` in `boot_a` (which `flash.sh` kindly did for me)? side note: I have nothing against TWRP, I use it on a couple devices, I just wonder if I need it on my Pro¹ since I seem to never have used in o
  3. Thanks for the confirmation that recovery is overwritten. Learned the same in discord overnight 😉 For others reading here, obviously do not reflash whole phone if you do TWRP backups but only /boot/hybris-boot.img (which you have to backup! . c.f. these install notes; https://gist.github.com/Kabouik/f77539b3eb6a77b032d2fa827271b81d )
  4. odd, I just started to reflash to verify my notes and noticed; - TWRP was no longer bootable, trying to go into recovery (by choosing in bootloader) I'd end up in SFOS. Is it intended that installing `sailfishos-t5-release-` replaces TWRP in `a` (or changes to `b`, I stupidly forgot to try to `fastboot set_active a`and just try again, sorry.) - one can just the initial posts's steps again and end up in TWRP (as i expected) - TWRP `Failed to mount /vendor (Invalid argument)`, unsure if this was also on first install. Sailfish comes up just fin
  5. I got the bug too, doing a clean reboot made it continue. Can not test again, device now flashed with `sailfishos-t5-release-`. I find Sailfish OS much more pleasant than Android and the Pro¹ being a build target for SFOS is what made me purchase one.
  6. if it is expected that TWRP warns "no OS installed" when one wants to reboot, can you then please add a note to that effect to the top post? I got the warning, yet SailfishOS booted fine.
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