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  1. The best Keyboard Phones comes from HTC, your Device is like the HTC Touch pro II und the HTC 7pro. Have a 5 rows keyboard with Numbers and Letters in one Layout and the Display that cline up after slide out the Keyboard is a Dream. I try some Nokias like the N97 and a Dells Venue pro, but they have never a Change against the Keyboard Functionality of an HTC Device. I have devices from the first Windows Mobiles (5.0 to 6.8) like the Qtek9100 (HTC) then a HTC TyTN II, a HTC Diamond touch Pro and at last the HTC touch pro II. After that Experience the Windows Phone follows with my all time favorite the "HTC 7 Pro"! I very happy to see your Produkt and hope for an successful start. When you bring one with a German QWERTZ keyboard i will let back the Windows and use an Android Device from FXtec
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