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  1. Re-did the screen tape tonight. I used some really thin tape I have for RC stuff instead of the included tape. The other thing I did different was to use just a dab of Shoo Goo in the 4 corners and tape in the middle not just the edges. The screen is much better fixed in place and I think the shoe goo will hold when temps get really hot. I suppose RTV silicon would work just as well.
  2. I was able to go to a store yesterday and they un-suspended my SIM. Put the phone in "LTE mode only" and wouldn't get any bars. VoLTE is enabled. Have it in LTE\WCDMA mode for now and I'm getting 3G service. Seems ATT isn't using compatible LTE?
  3. I'm having this issue right now, ATT is not activating my phone after I put in my SIM yesterday. I have since set the radios to LTE only but so far no change. If ATT won't allow me to use any compatible phone I will have to start looking for a new carrier, maybe go prepaid.
  4. I pulled all the black stuff off yes. However just realized now ATT won't activate my SIM in this phone even though the towers are still up until Feburary??? This 5G shit has me really worried. We've never been forced to upgrade before and now phones have to be approved instead of just the SIM card. That is a huge change in policy, before I could move the sim to any unlocked phone that was compatible with the towers and it would work. Now there's a specific list of phones that I can use. Time to finally start looking for a new carrier although it wouldn't surprise me in the least
  5. The issue has been fixed after installing the screen that arrived today. Ordered two so I have a spare. Pretty easy replacement, but I am having issues with the screen sticking. I used the 3m strips all the way around but doesn't seem to be working. Will leave some weight on it overnight.
  6. Just created an account as I am having this issue as well. Digitizer just going crazy unless I hold the screen steady against the base. Guess I'll need to order a couple screens from aliexpress. Anyone got a linK? Phone has been great up until now.
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