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  1. Anyone have any updates? Any news from FxTec on getting this fixed for ATT network customers since @peter.s.fidelman quoted message above?
  2. Yes I have post paid / monthly contract service. So I've never used the 2nd sim slot for a sim card, only for sd memory card. If I try the same att webpage with the 2nd slot IMEI it gives the same "not recognized" message. As such, I don't think the error on that page has anything to do with the fact that I has service with them already. Try it with your IMEI if you can. I called ATT again and spoke with another representative. She cancelled the crap phone they wanted to send me. She said come Feb 2022 either my phone will work if it supports 4G technology or it won't. I worry that
  3. Hello, In the USA, AT&T is going to shut down their 3G network in Feburary 2022 so that they can re-purpose the bands for 5G usage. I've known about this for a while and didn't care since I know that my FxTec Pro1 (QX1000) is 4G and I'm connected to 4G right now; I'm provisioned for VoLTE. However, I received another text message from them today saying my phone won't work on their network when they shut down 3G and they are going to send me some random phone to use instead. So I called them, gave the the IMEI and they are repeating the same information that it's not compatible
  4. Maybe a stupid idea, but can you superglue the broken corner back together? I'm still working on getting a usable 3d printed case. I'm working with one of the "manufacturers" (aka a guy with a 3d printer) on treatstock to edit the @LIMA design a bit to get it to fit my phone better and not pop off. If I get something working I will share what I can with the community.
  5. So I have a problem like this where after maybe 2 days, some unknown keypresses or whatever are making those sounds very low / none at all, yet the slider settings look fine. I just reboot the phone. I don't know the cause but have thought it may be caused by me lowering the volume as some point, hitting DND by mistake, or one of the apps I have on my phone like the situations app. Reboot has always fixed it for me so I didn't spend more time investigating it. Let me know if reboot when you experience this helps.
  6. @LIMA thanks for the work you have done. So far your work seems to be the closest to a working custom case that's not a hack job of something off the shelf. I will try ordering a print of the "fxtecpro1bumper_notch_v10" version. Any thoughts on the differing "infill" amounts? As a non 3d printing enthusiast (I've been avoiding it as I could see myself wasting a lot of money), my understanding is that infill percentage is how much you fill the gaps/voids in the design. However, with this being a phone case molded to the phone, I can't see there begin much void space. So maybe the infi
  7. I see it now...but it wasn't there right away. I guess I expected that they should have made it a hidden perk like the XDA email did (which is still available and better pricing then 680.
  8. I just received an email saying "For those that missed out on our Super Early Bird perks, we have now added another super special perk. Get them before they go!" However, I see nothing different.
  9. So I supported / bought one of the 599 perks, but I'm a bit pissed to miss out on the 499 pricing. I may cancel the order after some thought. Really the only difference is extra memory / storage, I don't think it's really worth the 599 price considering I already have the Pro1; I'd feel much better with the $100 savings. My Pro1 has been good to me other then still no boot screen / black screen on restarts until I hit the power button a few times, and still no great case option.
  10. @Maplesteel who did your 3d printing? Was it Hudson Creative Group? They did mine attempt (see below), but it didn't fit right. @LIMA so I downloaded your files on Oct 13th and ordered them to be printed though Craft Cloud after @Maplesteel mentioned it. I sent the 3 files you had at the time (rear: fxtecpro1case_v10; front: fxtecpro1bumper_v3; front: fxtecpro1bumper_notch_v7_WIP) and had them produced by Hudson Creative Group in PLA (black, 40% infill) and PETG (translucent blue, Infill 40%). None of the PLA ones fit my pro1; I might be able to snap them on for a second but they c
  11. My packaging is different and it also has the name printed on a sport on the bottom side. But it could still be pumped out of the same factory in China. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen items which are exactly the same with different names printed on them / different packaging.
  12. Looks a lot like that CoverON branded case that I'm using. Corners are same and I've got the matted / textured long sides
  13. When the device is powered off, you press the power button for a few seconds to turn it on. There is no vibration, no led, nothing on the screen to show that it acknowledged the button press to power on. After say 30 seconds, I expect that it should have booted up. I have to do one of the following to get the display working: - press the power button 1-3 times to get the display up; I noticed last night while I was attempting this that the first time seemed to always make that "turn off click sound" like it thinks the screen is active already and you are hitting power to turn it off; t
  14. So I finally attempted the suggestion I got from fxtec support (factory reset from the normal settings app) and then the suggestions mentioned here to totally reflash the device. it took a while to figure out just how to do that since my bootloader was in the locked state. Anyway my original issue still persists. I don't have a clue what to do here.
  15. Sorry I was trying to remove all the extra junk from the address and just get it down to the item number style. I'll keep it in mind for the future. yep with that one I ordered a P30 Pro; I know it's not going to come with the right piece to clip the phone into, but my plan was to use the CoverON bumper since gsmarena said this P30 Pro is slightly larger then P20 Pro
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