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  1. My packaging is different and it also has the name printed on a sport on the bottom side. But it could still be pumped out of the same factory in China. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen items which are exactly the same with different names printed on them / different packaging.
  2. Looks a lot like that CoverON branded case that I'm using. Corners are same and I've got the matted / textured long sides
  3. When the device is powered off, you press the power button for a few seconds to turn it on. There is no vibration, no led, nothing on the screen to show that it acknowledged the button press to power on. After say 30 seconds, I expect that it should have booted up. I have to do one of the following to get the display working: - press the power button 1-3 times to get the display up; I noticed last night while I was attempting this that the first time seemed to always make that "turn off click sound" like it thinks the screen is active already and you are hitting power to turn it off; then you need to press again to wake up. - open the keyboard / screen a few times - notification happens and lights up the screen, I have to press the power button to get the pin unlock screen up after this initial problem, I believe the phone responds normally to power key presses.
  4. So I finally attempted the suggestion I got from fxtec support (factory reset from the normal settings app) and then the suggestions mentioned here to totally reflash the device. it took a while to figure out just how to do that since my bootloader was in the locked state. Anyway my original issue still persists. I don't have a clue what to do here.
  5. Sorry I was trying to remove all the extra junk from the address and just get it down to the item number style. I'll keep it in mind for the future. yep with that one I ordered a P30 Pro; I know it's not going to come with the right piece to clip the phone into, but my plan was to use the CoverON bumper since gsmarena said this P30 Pro is slightly larger then P20 Pro
  6. I'm really hesitant to do this since I'm worrying about bricking the unit or losing my data and app config that took me a long time. I'd imagine the the fxtec logo is the splash.img file. What would you think about just doing the splash one only? Have you ever tried flashing a single file and not the whole script from @Waxberry / not doing the erase userdata part?
  7. So I enabled developer mode and turned on adb debugging. I confirmed the device was connected by "adb devices" then issued your command. The screen went black and never showed anything else / no indicator light. My computer made noise so I tried "adb devices" again and that failed. I tried "fastboot devices" and that worked. Still nothing on the Pro1 screen so I tried the volume up / down; nothing happens. In fear of not knowing what I currently had selected, instead of pressing the power button, I tried opening the device a few times, but nothing happened. Again out of fear for pressing the power button, I issued command "fastboot reboot". Still no logo during boot, but I'm back to a usable phone for the time being.
  8. Using OpenCamera on Pro1, has anyone had this happen: - tap the on screen shutter button (not keeping finger there) - OpenCamera takes 20+ photos, I guess thinking that you are holding you finger there, but you aren't - you press elsewhere on the screen / home button app switcher thing (don't know the proper android name) to get it to stop - reviewing your photos (using google photos app or otherwise) shows all the pictures and your hand moving away or whatever (it's not 20 of exactly the same image) Happened to me twice in the past week (I've only been using Pro1 as daily device for 4/5 days).
  9. Thanks for the link. The UK one says it doesn't ship to USA, but the China one does. Last week I started ordering more to try and I ordered this1 and this2 since I couldn't find yours but this seems like a similar clasp at least. I didn't think about adding measurements to my original post, but it's a good idea: 162 mm long x 82 mm wide x 26 mm (+2 on clasp area) thick (if you can trust someone who uses imperial system). The CoverON bumper by itself looks to be 158 mm long x 77 mm wide x 10 mm thick (trying to measure while mounted in flip case).
  10. So I know that I got it into fastboot once, 2 days ago. I'm pretty sure that I saw the FxTec logo so I knew when to stop holding the buttons. I did this so I could run the command to allow for charging while off (found in another thread): fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1 But right now I can't seem to get the device into fastboot at all. I first tried between 10-15% charge. Because of this google result, I thought well maybe I need to be above 30 to get into fastboot. So I charged it above 35 (currently 36 as I type this); I couldn't get into fastboot still. Maybe I need to be at a higher charge level? Maybe I can try tomorrow morning.
  11. When I initially got my Pro1 device, when you pressed the power button the FxTec logo would appear and slightly animate while android booted. This gave you a clear signal that something was happening. But now I've totally lost that somehow. When the device is off and you press the power button in for a few seconds: - no vibration - no led light - screen appears totally off / nothing displayed - I either have to wait until I open the keyboard or receive a notification for the screen to light up - after the initial power button press to start the boot, pressing the power button again say 10-20 seconds later does nothing; I have to wait until as noted above This is a weird one to me. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas?
  12. While we all wait for a production quality case, 3D printed case or some other optimal protection, I had to figure out a case solution that would work for me in order to being using the Pro1 as my primary device. For me this currently means a flip / book style case until something for covering the screen / top half of the body exists to mate with a bumper that fits the bottom half. I purchased a lot of cases intended for a Huawei P20 Pro since early testing indicated that was a good fit for the bottom / keyboard half. The Huawei P20 Pro is overall a thinner device, so more then half of the flip style cases I purchased don't work for the Pro1 because it's thicker. My initial set of ~15 purchases had two promising candidates, both with a magnetic closure, one without a flap / secure closure (not detailed here) and one with a flap that securely stays closed (featured below). The flip case I used is this one from ebay. It's hard to find since I don't know the actual manufacturer or any brand name. They are all Chinese based sellers (I'm in USA) for delivery takes time. This is not actually real leather, but I wish it was since for one reason it's already peeling off the cardboard layer. Since this is my best case so far, I've tried to source more of these intended for other devices like iPhone 11 Pro Max (because of dimensions). Corona virus isn't making it great for getting anything from China at this point. It's worth noting that the magnetic flap goes in the opposite direction of most flip cases I've seen; this allows for the flap not to be in the way when you open the keyboard. I cut off the credit card / wallet area to remove unnecessary bulk. I removed the thinner original black 'bumper' case that came with the flip case. My intention was to flip the rotation and also replace it with a better bumper case that is thicker, offers more corner protection, rubbery grip, and happens to be clear to make easier for custom cutouts. The bumper case I used is a CoverON and can be found on ebay ex1 ex2. I made cutouts where needed using a leather punch tool and exacto / utility knife. I glued the bumper case to the flip case using some very thin double sided tape I got from Amazon. You may notice that the original flip case was only half glued, but it made more sense to me after doing my rotation that the whole piece should be glued down because the camera placement is now rotated and you don't want the case getting in the way. I had purchased one of those 2pc front/back gel covers for Huawei P20 Pro and the back piece of one was totally useless, so because I had the room in the flip case, I cut the edges off this useless gel cover and used it to add extra protection for the Pro1 screen. The added benefit of it is some rubbery grip when you have the flip case opened. I do have a screen protector for an Elephone U in place, even though I didn't do a great job, it's functional but needs to be replaced at some point. Many thanks go to @EskeRahn for his early case testing and inspiration. Now for the pics (case only / no phone installed; case with pro1 installed; CoverON bumper cutouts):
  13. So I think I've settled on the email and notes apps that I am going to use going forward so I wanted to share. @EskeRahn please add to the primary post. Email: BlueMail (apk: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bluemail.mail) (developer site: https://bluemail.me/) (reviews 4.6 from 500k people) (5 million + downloads) - free and ad-free - support multiple accounts from different sources - supports gmail oauth2 / using google accounts setup on your device - widgets for each account that update with unread count, message preview widgets too - not open source, which I was hoping to find in a good client - landscape friendly Notes: Standard Notes (apk: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.standardnotes) (developer site: https://standardnotes.org/) (reviews 4.0 from 1k people) (50k + downloads) - free and ad-free (they do sell an extensions subscription with extra features -- see: https://standardnotes.org/extensions) - fully encrypted on device and online backups - accessible from any device (android, ios, windows, mac, linux, web browser) - some conversion tools on their website which helped me figure out the format and with the help of notepad++, excel, and a few hours of my time, I was able to convert the notes from blackberry priv into the Standard Notes JSON format and import all of them! =) - ability to export / backup manually - plain text editor with subject, tags for each note; searching; autosave - landscape friendly
  14. I second what @Hook recommended. I've been using Classic Shell for years. I know it's out of active development and someone else took it over I guess as Open Shell, but I'm using classic shell 4.3.1 with my windows 10 at work. I am holding onto Win 7 at home, where I also use it since the "new menus" are terrible IMHO.
  15. @EskeRahn is it true that we sort of need to keep using the stock launcher? If I switched to something else, what do we lose? I assume it has mostly to do with the auto orientation change when opening the slider keyboard, and the little rotate button that appears to force a change? There are so many threads here but I think we are missing out on a summarized "here's a bunch of stuff to know for newbies" post for those who recently got their devices.
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