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  1. Does anyone know for certain if I can take the screen from a Pro1x and put it on my Pro1? I'm still using an original Pro1 and the screen is now shattered pretty bad. I would prefer not to have to switch to a new samsung slab phone at this time. I have a Pro1x sitting in the box but reading about issues with them makes me not want to even bother. But if I can borrow the screen from it to fix my Pro1, I would try it.
  2. There is no way to get the depressed side to lift up. I can press the lower edge (left side of picture) and it will click the actual button underneath, If it rocked back and forth like you describe I would see that as fine. But it's stuck with the one side depressed. On my Pro1 it's firmly sticking out and even on both sides.
  3. I received my Pro1x from IGG contribution; I already have the original Pro1 from years ago. I opened the box and played with it a little and the cameras definitely seem better quality. However, I've noticed that the power button seems to be stuck on one side and not seated properly. I'm attaching a photo to show how it is stuck/depressed on the top edge and raised up on the bottom edge (when holding the phone in the normal orientation with the camera towards the top). This is distinctly different from how the power button on my existing pro1 sits and I immediately felt it as being wier
  4. Try setting your phone to work on LTE only then reboot. Open phone dialer. Tyoe *#*#4636#*#*. Click phone1 info. Link to post with screenshots below.
  5. Yes, VoLTE. I've changed my phone's preferred network to LTE only, maybe like a year ago after AT&T kept sending out messages saying 3g was going away and my phone wouldn't work. Check earlier posts in this thread for more details / screenshots. By ROM, I assume you mean am I running Lineage or Android...etc? It's the stock Android 9. I previously used this SIM on an ATT branded BB Priv that was bought new off ebay from an att reseller. My point being I didn't buy it in store / tell them this si the phone I have and to change the associated service on the SIM. Just before I
  6. I can't report on Verizon but my Pro1 is still working just fine on AT&T in central NJ, USA. I also recently traveled to Charleston SC and Lancaster PA without service issues.
  7. TLDR this thread...but can anyone tell me what version on android will ship on the Pro1x if I select that? I had chosen Lineage at the time of backing (and may ultimately stick with that). I'm thinking of changing my selection to get a newer version of Android then version 9 that came with Pro1. I've been interested in trying Lineage but didn't like the idea of wiping my device to start over from scratch. As long as I have a functional Pro1, I can experiment on the Pro1x.
  8. It worked okay on Mint (Tmobile network) during the 7 day trial. I only used it sparingly to test service in different areas around where I live and didn't encounter any problems. I am still using my Pro1 on ATT. Even though they sent me a text over a month ago saying my service no longer works, it has continued to work just fine in 4G LTE only mode.
  9. FYI, almost a week now since that message and pro1 is still working on ATT.
  10. So I just got a text message about 10 minutes ago from AT&T that says: Hi, it's AT&T. We said goodbye to our 3G network on Feb. 22, 2022, so we can bring you access to our upgraded network. Your voice network service, including e911 no longer works on device ending in *[MY_NUMBER]*, and you may not have data service. Please call 800.880.8581 or visit a retail store to make changes to your account. I just tried making a phone call and it still worked... So we'll see how this goes over the next couple days I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Your mistake was accepting their free replacement...because the terms with that was once you got it there would auto activate it and kill your other sim. I was getting the same texts and stuff so I called and they said they could cancel the replacement but still said my phone would stop working. Never received the radiator phone or whatever crap they wanted to send. It's all ATT fault though, not really on you.
  12. But was your sim ever activated for 4g / did you ever have it in another 4g phone and saw it says 4g at the top / had hd voice /VoLTE?
  13. I've been following all the related threads and my memory might not be so accurate on things, but who here on the forum has actually lost their service on the pro1 on ATT network? I seem to recall more that people were jumping ship to another phone / provider beforehand. One of the other things though is whether the sim / account was already activated for 4g lte /hd voice. If it never was then yeah I'd expect no service. One would think that if you plug the sim into a 4g phone it would work on that network tech...but apparently that wasn't the case on ATT. My prior phone was a BlackBe
  14. As I have reported my phone working just fine on ATT in New Jersey... I thought it's important to let you know that I'm currently in St Louis, MO for a short trip and it's working fine here too.
  15. FYI, these are my current settings. I switched it to LTE only 6+ months ago. I'm still expecting the hammer to be dropped at some point but it's still working currently in NJ.
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