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  1. If someone comes up with a completed case that works well like @Keyahnig showed, I would definitely be interested in purchasing multiple. I haven't gotten my Pro 1 yet, but I've already bought like 10 different cases for Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Note 7 (based on @EskeRahn findings) in hopes of having decent protection when my phone arrives.
  2. I certainly hope that an order # of 52xx from the USA means I'll be within that 70% calculation...if not, something is wrong with the formula. Maybe I'll get it by my birthday since Christmas didn't happen.
  3. @Swond Regarding phone automation, look for Situations in the google play store. There was a "Nokia Situations" back in "the good 'ol days" and this android version was created (and still maintained) by the same people behind the original. It does exactly what you are looking for...if this condition (wifi, bluetooth, location, time...etc), then do xxxx. I use it to switch ringtones, volume (like an old symbian profile) automatically when I'm at work. It works like a champ; solid. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pastillilabs.situations2 https://pastillilabs.com/
  4. So @Erik can you clarify how the US orders will be processed? Is the entire batch being sent to the UK and then form the UK office dispatch to individual customers both within the EU and USA? Everything ships directly from HK? The "if we re-establish a US warehouse" has me wondering.
  5. Where are you guys located? Anyone from these tracking notifications in the USA??
  6. Bueller? Anyone in the USA got one yet? I haven't seen an update to the new way they were going to get around the customs limbo...whether anything has been delivered successfully to a USA address.
  7. I'm hoping for a Christmas Miracle. Is there a real Santa Claus? Does anyone in the USA have one yet?
  8. Well I did it in more a legitimate way, not trying to mask my actual IPs. My laptop at work, a server hosted on AWS, my home computer.
  9. I added a few votes from a few computers at different IPs that I can access...even though I can't vouch for the phone yet since I'm waiting, waiting some more...
  10. NJ, USA here. Waiting for many months, just like many others. Just saw a note about having to pay customs import fees, that doesn't sound fun and likely expensive.
  11. @Erik can you give any more details about what the US Customs issue was with the first batch that was sent to the US? I'm wondering how "choosing a different shipping method to comply with US customs regulations" bypasses whatever problem was encountered. I'm not part of that first batch, but I am very much hoping that I'm part of the second US batch with an order in the 52xx and paid July 31st, about 50 mins after receiving the notice that you were ready for payments.
  12. Has anyone ordered this: https://www.amazon.com/fitBAG-Tailored-Germany-Microfibre-Cleaning/dp/B07XJ76Q28/ I remember seeing a link to this a few weeks back after someone had found the listing. It's still not what I want as I do want a hard case of some sort. However, with us now being told we will get a sleeve, not a case, I have to wonder is this what they are sending us or something else? If something else, perhaps this one is better quality and I should buy it to have something. It would be nice to get an official update / here's a pic of what we have for you right now.
  13. I'd like to see a case like this too, worked well to protect my e7 front and back from damage while still allowing the phone to be fully usable.
  14. @Jhonny B I've seen your posts before and someone from FXTec has responded multiple times that you haven't responded to them. This new forum has a way to send a message to a user. You could be using that to contact Erik with your order number or whatever is needed. Yet, you spend your time bitching and making threats instead. It seems more like you are trolling instead of trying to resolve your order issues. Even your "method" of cancelling shows your willingness to be an ass instead of cancelling using the proper option which is provided.
  15. I had the hard shell case for my Nokia E7 and I loved it. It added grip to the back and also protected the front screen because the 4 corners stuck up enough to raise the phone off a surface if laid face down. I also had an InvisibleShield / ArmorSuit plastic film on the screen to protect from scratches. Reference photos: The case (nokia cc3009) was available in a few color stripes but overall it was the same case.
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