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  1. thanks great:)or next 🙂 https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/ thanks for support
  2. please have you some video or picture how open mobile? There is also a clip ?
  3. ok but when i open i will cancel warranty or? i wrote on support and for me will be better when i send him..
  4. No.... it is ok.... My corners have everything ok. I tried pressing a and do not working... I wrote on support and sent photos for warranty now i waitnig on respond...
  5. Hi I have fxtec mobile cca one year and i have problem with microphone. Microphone does not work yeasterday. Nothing water because is summer and sometime on few minutes working but then again not working.... I tried restart and hard reset all mobile. I have everything update security patch level 5 from 5 april 2020QX1000-EEa-20200825231443-20200825-2316 Problem you can see on video in attachment or ( https://uloz.to/tamhle/BhtVNkRpoD5h#!ZJD0ZQR2AQV0MJWuZTZ1ZzLkZwZjATt1ET8gH0cPJSEsqGxjAD== ) Please what do you thing what is wrong or can i claim? thanks Moja nahrávka 2.m4a
  6. pedro4444

    better cover

    Hi all only for inspiration. I had problem with my cover. Fxtec was very big problem eject from cover so I did fix:
  7. yes I will try android and when wil everything ok then I move to lineage OS
  8. Today is good day 🙂 Order #42XXX (QWERTY) was placed on 18.11. 2019 Monday , 10/05/2020, 9:54 pm LANTAU ISLAND HK, At local FedEx facility Scheduled delivery: 09.10.2020 great i hope everything will be ok..
  9. name will be FX Technology Limited. Company or?
  10. for others: support wrote me email with IBAN: GB80MYMB23058033404034 BIC: MYMBGB2L VS: number order
  11. yes I checked my spam and nothing from fx... Ok thanks. I sent email on info and create new taks with help support... I will wait...
  12. Hello yestarday i done order and gave pay direct bank transfer and today I have not email with pre-invoice and with instructions (IBAN with variable symbol) I see only in my profile: (attachment) Please What is the next step? thanks
  13. so display ist the same: Elephone U Pro ok thanks information I hope my display will not crash 🙂 What do you think TP unit? Now I want only flex cable, because is very importnant ... oki i try meessage to [email protected]
  14. Hello I have questions? What replacement parts? When can we order any replacement parts? Now I do want new order and I need order replacement parts with together phone. (flex cable) is it possible? thanks
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