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  1. hi new update phone comed but after turn on microphone and speaker not working. I had new parts but phone not working maybe was repair team bad composed new parts i do not know... so I wrote on support and already had quickly answer and they send me new parts flex cabel and usb part. After change this parts phone working. So little with problem but on finish with good solution for me... thanks
  2. Yes You have true. My phone with qwerty was big surprise for my and I am very happy that They continue on next generation 2 fxtec... So I am also willing to wait half a year for a guarantee when I know that it will come... Important is the result of a repair and not time ...
  3. @EskeRahn Hi now i have feedback. They have repair parts so my phone is repaired. reason for waiting that they did not had parts... So I wait on delivery....
  4. @EskeRahn yes it is long time... the same I still have not phone 😞 now it is 6 months and I had problem only with microphone. if i knew it i would do it myself i would never buy other things again.. I wrote on support very much emails and nothing stil only emal from february: Apologies for the late reply as the Team is quite busy. Let me chase the engineer for an update. Kind Regards, Francisco I do not know that can I do next... Do you have some idea for help? thanks
  5. Hi all please How long is complaint? Because I sent my phone on complaint 11/2021. Package was delivery and now is more as two mounths and no answer. I wrote 4x on [email protected] and nothing Please Have you anybody next experience? thanks
  6. new address: 1 Chalfont ParkGerrads CrossSL9 0BG
  7. yes before I send request but sent me old address and now i write on support but still waiting on respond so I thinked anybody know new address for delivery because company delivery wait on my respond
  8. Hi please Doy you know new delivery address fxtec for warranty? because on old address: Fx Technology Ltd. (warranty service Fx Technology Ltd.) [email protected] +447593365841‬ 79 College Road Harrow, HA11BD Anglicko / Spojené kráľovstvo / Veľká Británia Is not possible delivery package thanks
  9. thanks great:)or next 🙂 https://gelraen.github.io/fxtec-pro1-teardown/ thanks for support
  10. please have you some video or picture how open mobile? There is also a clip ?
  11. ok but when i open i will cancel warranty or? i wrote on support and for me will be better when i send him..
  12. No.... it is ok.... My corners have everything ok. I tried pressing a and do not working... I wrote on support and sent photos for warranty now i waitnig on respond...
  13. Hi I have fxtec mobile cca one year and i have problem with microphone. Microphone does not work yeasterday. Nothing water because is summer and sometime on few minutes working but then again not working.... I tried restart and hard reset all mobile. I have everything update security patch level 5 from 5 april 2020QX1000-EEa-20200825231443-20200825-2316 Problem you can see on video in attachment or ( https://uloz.to/tamhle/BhtVNkRpoD5h#!ZJD0ZQR2AQV0MJWuZTZ1ZzLkZwZjATt1ET8gH0cPJSEsqGxjAD== ) Please what do you thing what is wrong or can i claim? thanks Moja nahrávka 2.m4a
  14. pedro4444

    better cover

    Hi all only for inspiration. I had problem with my cover. Fxtec was very big problem eject from cover so I did fix:
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