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  1. No.... it is ok.... My corners have everything ok. I tried pressing a and do not working... I wrote on support and sent photos for warranty now i waitnig on respond...
  2. Hi I have fxtec mobile cca one year and i have problem with microphone. Microphone does not work yeasterday. Nothing water because is summer and sometime on few minutes working but then again not working.... I tried restart and hard reset all mobile. I have everything update security patch level 5 from 5 april 2020QX1000-EEa-20200825231443-20200825-2316 Problem you can see on video in attachment or ( https://uloz.to/tamhle/BhtVNkRpoD5h#!ZJD0ZQR2AQV0MJWuZTZ1ZzLkZwZjATt1ET8gH0cPJSEsqGxjAD== ) Please what do you thing what is wrong or can i claim? thanks Moja nahrávka 2.m4a
  3. pedro4444

    better cover

    Hi all only for inspiration. I had problem with my cover. Fxtec was very big problem eject from cover so I did fix:
  4. yes I will try android and when wil everything ok then I move to lineage OS
  5. Today is good day 🙂 Order #42XXX (QWERTY) was placed on 18.11. 2019 Monday , 10/05/2020, 9:54 pm LANTAU ISLAND HK, At local FedEx facility Scheduled delivery: 09.10.2020 great i hope everything will be ok..
  6. name will be FX Technology Limited. Company or?
  7. for others: support wrote me email with IBAN: GB80MYMB23058033404034 BIC: MYMBGB2L VS: number order
  8. yes I checked my spam and nothing from fx... Ok thanks. I sent email on info and create new taks with help support... I will wait...
  9. Hello yestarday i done order and gave pay direct bank transfer and today I have not email with pre-invoice and with instructions (IBAN with variable symbol) I see only in my profile: (attachment) Please What is the next step? thanks
  10. so display ist the same: Elephone U Pro ok thanks information I hope my display will not crash 🙂 What do you think TP unit? Now I want only flex cable, because is very importnant ... oki i try meessage to [email protected]
  11. Hello I have questions? What replacement parts? When can we order any replacement parts? Now I do want new order and I need order replacement parts with together phone. (flex cable) is it possible? thanks
  12. 718 is more expensive... later this mobile will be must price down..
  13. will Have you IrDA (Infrared Data Association)? because it is good for remote control any TV... thanks
  14. hello please Will be have this device irda for infra remote control device?
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