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  1. Is there any option to type special characters (like á, é, ó, ú, , ö, ü, ő, ű, í) on the standard keyboard? I don't mean AltGr+some key, but some more intuitive solution. For example, long press on the key A should offer a selection between á, à, â, ã, ä, å, æ. Selection could be done by touch or some other way (left/right arrow highlights, then enter).
  2. I am also interested in the QWERTZ layout, but not the German variant. The Hungarian QWERTZ is similar, but also much different: German QWERTZ keyboard Hungarian QWERTZ keyboard I will not modify my pre-order until the Hungarian layout is available, since the German layout is useless for me. Also I am better waiting for the complete localization. Laszlo
  3. As for me, I use Hungarian keyboard on my PC and on my previous Nokia N97 mini. It is a variant of QWERTZ, first row ending with 89öüó, second row ending with iopőú, third row ending with kléáű, bottom row ending with nm,.- Question is how to fit the alt gr characters that are less freqently used. I can make a photo on the N97 mini keybord for reference, I would be happy with something similar.
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