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  1. BTW I just ended up getting another 128 GB Sandisk and it works just fine.
  2. Ahhh, it's around the camea module? Genius, that should be in the manual! Works a treat! Here it is, the fxtex pro1 NFC position: Fxtec Pro1 NFC position.mp4
  3. A little further up than you'd think it is.
  4. It's centered on the upper end of the backside, about in line with the upper camera.
  5. The wake on alt+sym did not work on my stock but it now works after installing the FinQwerty kb.
  6. Good to see it works for you too 🙂 I also turned it off in my other phone - and voilà: less connection issues.
  7. A mere year after purchase, I finally got the phone this Tuesday. Here are some initial impressions of my QWERTZ model. So far, this is a keeper. The packaging is great which is always a good start. Build quality of the phone is very nice safe for the rattle which I will fix with tape once I am 100% certain I’ll keep the phone. As was said before, the Pro1 is one thicc boi but the heft is reassuring and the phone does not feel slippery. The hardware exudes quality. I like it. Some issues and ideas: Somehow my SD card got busted, still not sure whether this is a card or phone
  8. OliverTypes

    Camera UI

    I grew tired of stock cam's antics and replaced it with GCam. Is the updated one more stable?
  9. Found a solution: Go to Bluetooth settings Go to used devices or available media devices Go to individual device's settings Uncheck HD-Audio And yes, it works! Likely the speakers are too old to handle the HD-Audio and there is no automatic stepdown.
  10. I have a bizarre bluetooth audio issue: When connected to a Nokia Play 360 speaker… Youtube video will start to crawl frame by frame with no audio, all you hear is the "tick tick tick" you also sometimes get over headphones when no audio is playing Video in VLC will play but have no audio Phonograph (music player app) will have no audio Disconnecting the Nokia Play 360 speaker, all audio will work fine Can this be fixed? I'm approaching dealbreaker territory.
  11. 🤔 So I formatted my SD and everything was fine and dandy all day and then the Pro 1 told me the card was not compatible and had to be reformatted. Did so, then the card would no longer be recognized. My Mac can't read it either. Is it the card? Is it the card socket? Did the phone bust the card? Not really happy to try again with known working cards, will likely order a cheap one to experiment with. Oh, and that card tray? That needs a push-pin redesign, I'm running out of fingernails here…
  12. It's here but I am too scared to unpack it. Kidding, just finishing my coffee first 😄
  13. Same. Status now changed to "Estimated delivery: open"
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