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  1. Doesn't compete for me. It's their usual concept of palmtop computer: a very compact notebook that also happens to be a phone. β€’ it's huge and heavy β€’ you are supposed to put it down somewhere if you want to use the keyboard Mechanism looks interesting but unless they came up with some magical spring-loading, pushing it all the way back will be a burden. The advantage will be that there are no hinges that get flexed every time you open it.
  2. My 3M strips have arrived last week, I hope they'll be joined by my Pro1 soon 😁
  3. Gross, what a disrespectful way to handle other people's property. Would make me want to wipe both the case and the memory. But at least you finally got it, hope it works fine 😎
  4. Oh my… 😳 HEAT, of course, heat accumulation. Could it be an issue for the display?
  5. Out of the box, love it! Could head accumulation become an issue?
  6. I would remove such a sticker as soon as my device is up and running and put it on the box – if for some reason the info is not mirrored on the box anyway.
  7. On the E7 and on the N900 The placement on the E7 is probably more practical than on the N900. You can get it with either hand when the phone is closed and it's also in reach for your right thumb when open.
  8. The N8 had one too. The hardware design on those phones… 😍
  9. The Nokia E7 had that on the long left side / the front towards you when opened. It was a neat little switch that was very easy to find and use but also hard to operate by mistake, much unlike a simple button. It also turned on the flashlight when you held it. Very satisfying. Hey fxtec, can we have a switch like that on the Pro2?
  10. Those look great, too! Also available via ebay.de. They are in Shenzen though. Tell you what, I'll turn this into a challenge: Pro1 or Strap, which will arrive first? Strap seller estimates late February to early April πŸ˜…
  11. Sure. Found on Amazon Germany: Number 1: better price Number 2: better presentation Popping by and hardware store should also do it. Your local Mom&Pop migth even sell you a short piece for a much better price.
  12. Already bookmarked me some 0,5mm silicone tape in case ever get my device πŸ˜† I would rather use something with a closed surface that is less likely to accumulate particles. It seems to be an easy fix that should be implemented at the production level for future runs. Just look at the E7 some more. That one didn't rattle so fxtec can get there too.
  13. Please let us know when/if this works out. If this turns into a regular "thing" I think it would a good idea if Fxtec provided customers with the corresponding invoice right along with their shipping notification.
  14. They better do. Regardless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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