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  1. I noticed something similar as well. I took a picture and emailed it to myself from Outlook mobile a few days ago. The picture was up-side-down when I received it. Strange it all looks fine on the phone.
  2. @tdm Just an FYI, but my VoLTE and WiFi stopped working some time ago and no matter what I do it won't work again. I put the sim back in to an iPhone7 and it works fine there. I've rebooted and toggled all the settings but still no go. So something is definitely not working right here and its not a direct carrier issue. I don't know if it's just LineageOS or also applies to stock as I don't have an easy way to test with stock. Just thought I'd let you know.🙄
  3. I reported this a long time ago. https://github.com/tdm/android_device_fxtec_pro1/issues/45 so this is a known issue.
  4. That doesn't mean it's working. To confirm, set your preferred network to to LTE only and try to make a call. If it works, great, you're all set. My device showed all the same things but was not working. However, I can confirm that a sim swap to a supported device, a call to AT&T to enable VoLTE, confirm its working, then sim swap back, works fine. I actually called and talked to AT&T regarding this. This is basically confirmed at this point, they would NOT active VoLTE on my pro1 and confirmed that if the device wasn't on the approved list, it would not work come 3G doom
  5. FWIW, I thought I should note on this thread why my device was not booting anymore, even on a new build: Magisk. Some of the recent changes must have broken this. I tried an older version and the latest from the canary channel, same problem. Back to standard SU for now.
  6. Device booted. It's still NOT working. Confirmed it's working on the other device but when I put the sim in the pro1, the call just fails immediately if I have LTE only set. Update: It started working after I toggled all the settings under *#*4636#*#. YAY!
  7. That's what I did. I added the following to system_prop.mk: # ADB Overrides PRODUCT_SYSTEM_DEFAULT_PROPERTIES += \ persist.service.adb.enable=1 \ persist.service.debuggable=1 \ persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb Rebuilding now. Should that work or do I need to do more? Update: @tdm This did NOT work. I flashed the new build, restarted, hung at boot animation and: $ adb logcat - waiting for device - Any other suggestions?
  8. @tdm Do you know what I need to do to allow ADB Shell to work from recovery?
  9. So I put my sim in an AT&T iPhone 7 and had them activate VoLTE. Put it back in my pro1, but still no luck. Rebooted, but now it's hung again on the boot....no adb at this point either....again. What do I need to do to get that enable on boot again? I'm just making a new build for now and gonna flash it, hoping it resolves but clearly something else is going on as this is the second time this happened. Logcat would REALLY help out here...😢 So basically, I don't know if it's working yet but my first test was a failure...before i tried the unthinkable act of rebooting....
  10. Apparently, this is an issue on stock as well according to another user, though I don't have log verification at the moment. The symptoms described were the same. 😞 I'm going to see if I can get VoLTE working which will hopefully resolve this.
  11. My last phone was an unlocked Moto Z, not purchased through them. I'm calling them anyhow today, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks. ..or wait, my wife's phone was purchased through them. I wonder if I can pop my SIM in there and ask if they can enable it?
  12. Ok, all of those options are enabled. So I guess I'll call AT&T and get the bad news. They are probably NOT going to enable for this thing since it isn't on their list.
  13. What do you mean by "VoLTE is provisioned?" Sounds like maybe I missed something?
  14. I have wifi calling enabled, but I'm pretty sure it's not working. Whenever I call out, it switches to H+ (or doesn't and fails). If I force LTE, the call just ends immediately. So I cannot call with LTE only, VoLTE or not.
  15. @tdm This problem started before the official builds here, but I've had issues the last couple of months trying to make calls. They usually fail the first time, not always. When this happens, I see the network Icon go "blank" (i.e. only the outline if the right angle triangle). Also, I noticed that I'm missing calls too. I Just kept forgetting to mention it as I don't make many calls. However, it happened again today and I thought I'd get take a look at the Radio logs. Seeing this repeated message over and over again: 07-23 12:52:54.500 2064 2230 D LocaleTracker: getCellInfo: c
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