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  1. This reply is to bump the discussion. After almost one and a half years, I still cannot get 60fps video out of my phone. What's worse is that if I go 120fps, Google Photos falsely assumes it is slow motion and gives me no option to play back at normal speed. That problem has been documented since 2018, and Google has not even tried to fix it.
  2. I was reading some articles about this, and apparently someone else stared a forum on this topic, saying their Samsung Galaxy S10E got this message, too. Must be a mistake on AT&T's part like this article says here
  3. That's pretty close to what I think. That they are just playing it safe in case my unknown device only supports up to 3G
  4. I got an email from AT&T saying their network will soon drop support for my F(x)tec Pro1 because they are getting rid of 3G. What? I am sure it supports 4G. I censored any potentially personal information in the email. The "learn more" link goes to here.
  5. Hello, I was looking at capabilities of the F(x)tec Pro1's video camera. Here are my thoughts: At first I thought there was no way to record video in any framerate but 29.97 (which TVs use all the time), since Open Camera couldn't get me genuine 60fps. And installing another app to look at a default camera's video's info shown me an oddball 29.46fps I later discovered a setting in Snapdragon camera that allows you to record in 120fps, and either keep it that way natively or slow it down to quarter speed. But why, if we can record 30fps and 120fps, can't we record 60fps?
  6. I am typing this on my Pro1! I opened it yesterday, and here are my first impressions: Keyboard First, the main selling point. The keyboard feels good, though it's most comfortable when standing, sitting in a chair or laying on my back in bed. Not on my side. It's like having a mini laptop! Sub-netbook? Sub-Chromebook, since it comes with an OS from Google?🤔 Setup I moved my SIM card from my Moto Z Play (used 2016-2020) to my you-know-what. At first it didn't work, but removing the card and putting it back did the trick. Setting it up was easy. I also turned on
  7. As a West Coaster, my F(x)tec Pro1 also arrived two days before FedEx tracking said it would arrive. I am currently off at university, and the phone is at my parents' house. My parents will send it to me though. Edit/clarification: mine also arrived January 27 when FedEx said it would arrive January 29
  8. Okay. I don't think I need a FedEX account, as I am content with checking the website every now and then. I am off at college, and there will probably be someone home to bring it in to my permanent address.
  9. According to FedEX, January 29 by 8pm
  10. Now I have my tracking number! I got it today (Jan/22/2020) after looking at my order details on fxtec.com (my-account -> orders -> view order_
  11. Two days ago (Jan/20/2020), I used the stones to destroy the stones I got a "stock assigned" email as part of the January email update. Today (Jan/22/2020), I got the "order complete" email! I found a tracking number on fxtec.com -> my-account -> orders -> [your order] -> view. Finally some Americans (like me) get a Pro1 delivery! BTW my order number is 13XXX, and I didn't use an IndieGogo code
  12. I, an American, got the stock assigned email yesterday (Jan 20)! Although my account still shows the order as "processing"
  13. This thread be like: (loudness warning)
  14. My first phone (and only keyboard phone) was a Pantech Pursuit 2 in 2012. I was dissatisfied as it wasn't a smartphone. My next phones would be a Nokia Lumia 1020 (2013, with camera grip), HTC One M8 (2014) and Moto Z Play (2016, with Hasselblad True Zoom, which I am typing this message on). I did support the Keyboard Mod, now I pre-ordered the F(x)tec Pro1. Still processing though.
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