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  1. As expected, the "Production Status" forum has become absolutely overrun with, to be frank, a lot of complaining and useless messages that bog down important updates for the community. Let's have this forum serve a couple purposes: Let users talk between themselves without bogging down [un]official updates from the development team Gripe about how not having this phone will probably ruin your day, life, marriage, child's life, best friend's birthday party, favorite sports team's match this weekend, etc. Give updates when this phone does come through for users about basic initial thoughts (however maybe a new forum would be best for that as well) I 100% understand people being upset, cancelling, and having concerns. You should! You paid good money for a product and if you don't feel satisfied with the [current] outcome you have every right to complain and take an action to cancel your order. However, griping to gripe and causing a ruckus isn't helpful for anyone. Keep it clean. All of us; users, devs, EVEN ERIK, are humans: be nice. Let's move internal discussions and responses to Erik's updates here, and let the other forum be a place for actual, helpful information. Like everyone else, I have my concerns but my excitement outweighs them. I look forward to having this product as soon as possible. Good luck team, we're all rooting for you.
  2. The device has reached the FCC for approval! Below are a few links that will be most intriguing to the general audience (however MANY more documents are available at the main link). Enjoy, and get excited! FCC General Phone Link Internal Photos External Photos Manual
  3. I am eagerly awaiting any updates (just like everyone else here) but I can definitely say I'm not worried. Life happens. I would much rather have a couple week delay (or more honestly) if it means they aren't shipping out something with terrible flaws that they knew they could fix with just a little more time (obviously there will be some flaws still, and you can't chase perfection because then delays would be forever, but you get my point). Also, I was wondering if once the product for pre-orders gets shipped, will the status of the order switch from "Processing" to "Shipped"? I would imagine it will, but I'm curious if any knows anything different.
  4. I love that this topic has been picked up so quickly, so thank you to those who are contributing (especially EskeRahn and Waxberry). My main driver for this topic was that, unlike other major brands, F(x)tec doesn't have hundreds of millions in advertising budget or an established market presence already. I would imagine most people on this forum are already sold on this phone, and that's wonderful. However, if the only people to order the phone are people on this forum, that's a problem. Additionally, search engine traffic is a good goal, but (especially here in the US) I had never heard about it until press from MWC, and that's only because I went actively searching for a keyboard phone other than a BB. I already know the moment I have the phone in my hand, and the first time I slide it out to send a message it will immediately grab people's attention, but any buzz and info that can continue to be shared prior to release is only going to help. It's a silly analogy, and maybe not 100% relevant, but you don't want to be a Van Gogh; you want your product to be worth something before you're gone. I wish this team all the best, and if you ever need someone to test the waters and be a rep in the US, I'm here to help!
  5. Like (hopefully) everyone here, I am extremely excited to see this device come to market, and hopefully succeed and lead to new devices for this company! That being said, one of the most important factors in getting a device like this up is more consistent interaction with your marketplace (specifically the people on your forum). Even if the posts/forum replies from an inside "moderator" of sorts were short, more consistent and timely updates would give me more confidence in this team, and therefor their product. I look very much forward to seeing this company succeed; take advantage of your fans here and give us updates to help spread your ideas and get more people excited about what you're doing!
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