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  1. I am getting similar problems with blurriness. Attached is a picture I (literally) just took. I am focusing on the right-half of the keyboard and it's very obvious that the camera isn't responding correctly. Based on what I've seen here, this seems like a hardware problem with the lenses? Is there a way I can fix this myself (somewhat handy)?
  2. Yes I understood you and tried the 2.4 separate from the 5 (sorry if I didn't sound like that). As for the security on my netgear router/modem, the ones I had listed in the previous comment were the only options available.
  3. All things being said, yes haha. Obviously a little confused, but this does mean I don't have to purchase a hotspot or a new router (thank the gods). If anyone has any problems with their wifi connection, feel free to dm me! (I won't help, but I will eat ice cream and sulk with you)
  4. Alright more updates because I kind of find this fascinating (though I do not understand it): 1) Phone does not connect to home network (2.4 or 5), WPA2-PSK [AES] (with an alphanumeric password for all examples) 2) Phone does connect to home network (2.4 and 5) with BOTH WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] 3) Phone does connect to an unprotected network (2.4 and 5) Hopefully this detail can enable someone smarter than I to figure out exactly what is going on in the background.
  5. I mean my password is just "password1234letmeinthefrontdoor" so I can't see how that would be a problem haha. But yes I'll have to fiddle with it more. Appreciate all the help and input so far, this community makes the pain a little more bearable haha.
  6. I think so but I'd have to confirm once I get home later. Is that what you're using with your Netgear? (And that I'm assuming is working just fine haha)
  7. Well....update? Pro1 connected to WiFi at a local shop. I guess there is just something wrong with the way it connects to my router? Can't wait to spend more money fixing that haha
  8. I do not have a hotspot, however I could pay for it to test it out (which I may do). As for 5g and 2.4ghz, I have both enabled and tried them both to no avail.
  9. Living in AZ where Covid is still running rampant I don't get out of the house much, but today is grocery day so I will do my best to stop by a McD's and see if the wifi works there. Fingers crossed, but even if it does work I suppose that would mean my next step is to buy a new router (which isn't fun considering this one is only 3 months old)
  10. Update for the community (though I haven't heard of anyone with the same problem): With help from @tdm, I ran a logcat of the phone attempting to connect to my internet and received the following error: 08-03 12:07:47.526 4404 5042 D WifiService: recentFailure: Association Rejection code: 0 To the best of our understanding, we think this means the phone cannot associate with my router. After looking around online it seems someone else has had the same/similar (?) issue with their Android phone, though not a Pro1. Here is the link for anyone interested: https://android.stackex
  11. I have (unfortunately) tried that as well. After some help from @tdm it seems that the phone can't associate with my router somehow...? This is the message we got from an adb logcat of the phone when trying to connect. "... WifiService: recentFailure: Association Rejection code: 0 " I am now 100% lost on what to do...
  12. Correct, there are currently no restrictions on rejecting devices
  13. While I'd like to think I am fairly tech-savvy, I do not know how to do that haha. For reference I have a netgear modem/router. I have also tried assigning a static ip to my device (assigned properly on my admin account on netgear) however when trying to connect to it via my phone it still has the same issues of never sttempting to actually connect to the internet.
  14. Hi all, finally got my Pro1 today! I actually got it working on Verizon (thanks to @windraver for that walkthrough!), however my phone won't actually connect to Wifi. I have tried to connecting to both our normal and 5G wifi openings, confirmed the correct password every time, and reset the modem/router. I can confirm there are open spots for the phone to connect to. When I type in the password, the phone says the wifi is "Saved" but it never actually tries to connect....any ideas?
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