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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3927654/The-biggest-shopping-day-Chinese-people-splurge-10-million-minute-annual-online-buying-spree-leaves-Black-Friday-dust.html
  2. Straight up criticism and the proof of the things I said... I found this photo related to Aliexpress, but this won't be the only company offering these crazy deals since there are million others like Taobao for the people living in China... I've just used this photo to support my claim... I want my phone like every person here and this is definitely the worst experience like I said... I don't know how you were able to see this in the form of an ad based on my novel, but okay.... Hope it's clear now...
  3. Hi everyone… I was also trying to stay silent during this entire time, but this is sincerely outrageous… I am appalled… What happened? Today is the 29th as far as I know and did any of you get the email about the shipment? Did any of you get notified about anything on a personal basis from the company or not at all? This is really bad… They have missed million deadlines so far and misinformed every single person here since day one. This is the longest time that I have waited for anything in my entire life… The product won’t be in our hands in the next two weeks in my opinion, if we ever get wh
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