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  1. Planet Computers Gemini and Cosmo, also BlackBerry KEYone and KEY2
  2. Yes, statement or blog post about current progress from the FxTec would be welcome.
  3. It's 3 for the moment: AirMail, Agenda, Notes. The last one is not cool or convenient IMHO, so I did not mention it. Anyway I provided a direct link to application store containing a full list of Planet Computers applications. I am an owner of Gemini PDA, AirMail and Agenda app work fine for me, but according to reviews in the application store there are issues with devices produced not by Planet Computers. Pro1 will have more recent version of Android and different hardware so it's a high probability that we'll see issues on Pro1 and they would not be fixed ASAP.
  4. Maybe Gemini PDA apps will work too. Mail: AirMail (based on K9) Calendar: Agenda
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