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  1. Thank you, I found your analysis helpful as well.
  2. Thanks for your helpful analysis. May I ask, what do you think of the camera on the Pro1?
  3. Thanks again for another comprehensive analysis. I think my requirements are similar to yours. I wouldn't mind trying an alternative OS, but I won't have time to fiddle and learn and solve the ongoing challenges that might present. I'd likely just stick with stock Android or a similar robust rom. I'm tending towards the thought that I'll probably skip the Pro1 and just pick up a decent 'slab' phone - probably something from the latest Sony range (having a reasonable camera with a physical two-stage shutter button is a must for me, so that part of the reviews of the Pro1 worries me).
  4. Thanks for the detailed thoughts. I'm still lurking the forum trying to decide whether to get one once they reach retail availability, and it's good to see thoughtful feedback, positive or negative. Right now I don't know if I still want a Pro1. My phone is an important communication tool and my de facto primary computing device. Virtual keyboards suck so I do want a physical keyboard, but not at the expense of the rest of the device's functionality. I'd rather have a good phone and put up with a virtual keyboard, than have a keyboard on a bad phone. I await with interest what happens in
  5. I'm guessing the same thing that happened to delivering in July. Or 'Summer'. Or 'within a couple of weeks of payment'. Or early November. Or mid November. Or by the end of November. Or early December. Or "definitely by the 20th of December".
  6. It's hard to say really. Some people have. The poll "have you got your Pro1" had 19 people respond that they had. The thread "what's the highest serial number in the wild" found #158 to be the highest. The total number of pre-orders is not known but the most consistent and reasoned estimates on here put it somewhere between two and three thousand. It's unknown how great an impact cancellations have had on this number. It seems that the allocation of hardware to the 'queue' is impossible to predict. This is down to the different numbers of QWERTY/Z orders, and due to at least one
  7. At a guess, the situation here has changed. The original idea was that preorders would include a 'case'. This was dropped at some point (for understandable reasons, but with no customer communication, of course) and switched to a pouch. They've said that preorder customers will still get a case sent when they become available. So it sounds like the pouch is a different thing and may come as standard with all phones. It's likely that the pouch is cheaper to produce so it's not unreasonable to add in. Did you get the boxed FXtec branded Earphones with your order? They were supposed to be a
  8. To me this is the ideal: get keyboard phones popular and mainstream again. I'd love for the Pro1 to do really well and convince other manufacturers to also bring back the side-sliding hardware keyboard form factor. However, I've come to realise that I don't really want to buy the Pro1. It's got too many niggles right now, and I don't really trust FXtec. However, I'm willing to get one and support them because it's the only option at the moment in this form factor.
  9. We should encourage FXtec to send a unit to iFixit!
  10. Good reply, @Gigadoc2! I think you've identified some of the key points there. It's foolhardy to dismiss the Android Authority review on the basis of populism, and even more so on some snobbish grounds about the author. I also don't understand why hardware keyboards seem to be such a niche interest. I think AA are completely wrong that autocorrect and swype have 'resolved' virtual keyboard typing. I've used Swype (now gboard) for probably nearly ten years and it's better than pecking away at intangible keys, but it's still a slow and error-prone method of text entry. I find autocorrect/p
  11. Nice. What keyboard did you go for? Any thoughts on modding the case to make it rigid when open? I'm just interested as I've thought about doing similar.
  12. @EskeRahn did some superb analysis of different potential cases for the Pro1. I'll see if I can find where I stashed the link.
  13. It's a nice idea, but it'll never happen. I mean FXtec will never give that kind of information. Their campaign for months now has been to give just enough intimation to create a "hold on everyone, they're nearly here" kind of feeling, while the actual delivery dates have been slipping for months, suggesting that behind the scenes there's frantic pedalling going on.
  14. It's been a wild ride as ever. Complaints, guesses, speculation, official vagueness. Agreements, disagreements. People riding around on a high horse with no discernible reason nor logic. And of course an astounding interlude involving some online retailers. Fun times. What there hasn't been, is any further concrete delivery estimate from FXtec for those still waiting. I mean, yes, there's been an official message saying "end of Jan". But we've heard lots of messages like that and so far most have them have failed to be true.
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