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  1. Hi, my Pro 1 is for sale. The reason is camera, is not so good as I need and bought Galaxy Note 10. I love that phone, but camera is important for me. The phone was used since January 2020. On screen was screen protector, so display is in great condition. On back I have "screen" protector too. On aliminium edges are some scratches because i wear my Pro 1 in pocket. On back are some small scratches from removing the sticker, which was there. I can send to taker photos of phone. The phone is in Czech republic and I can send it to EU countries. Phone comes with original box, charger, ca
  2. Hi, are you satisfied with Pro 1 camera? And what about camera application? I think, camera app (Snapdragon camera) is terrible. Maybe the worst, what i see in smartphones... It fall, auto flash did not work good, photos are dark sometimes, interior photos have noise. Does Fxtec plan some better app? My 5 years old Lumia 950 produce better photos 😞 And the camera button? Horror... And the back are very susceptible to scratch. After one week I have some on back edge. I other way I am very satisfied, but not with camera...
  3. Yes, it matter, because they are lying to us. And there is other thing -> the CPU will be older next year. Here is new SD 8XX a 7XX CPUs and 835 is now 3 generations old. I think, some SD 7XX CPU are now better choice. I backed this devices, bcs i loved my E75 and E7 and want the keyboard back. Pro 1 was attractive when I hear first time about it (beginning 2019). But lies, delays, and other thing forced me to cancel my order. But I will wait until end of the year. Then I will unfortunately buy new phone without keyboard... Sorry for language skills
  4. Now i know, i want my money back. Backed 2 Moto keyboards and one phone, but this is unpardonable from Fxtec company... Waiting 2 years for nothing...
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