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  1. Sorry Off Topic. Admin may delete if he like. You maybe know that it is only a very good promoted "Breaking News" Virus...Every Day new Statistics and new NEWS. Last year only in Germany 25.000 people died through the Influenca Virus. But Influenca is not a Breaking News anymore it is known and standart. The only thing on Corona is the fact it is "NEW".
  2. No No No...not ONLY the Virus... First it is all about the terrorism and the fu*****g climate change and now this virus....All is so horrible. **Written by fxtec from Shenzen Golf Court Hole 16 with my Smasung Note 10** 😄 😄 😄 😄
  3. I'm wondering why fxtec is not able to bring out a hardcase as announced. The phone is slippery like hell with the slider and a case is a MUST have. I guess to plan a hardcase take one week with the right people and again 2 weeks to have the first to sell. So fxtec...no time to waste. hurrs up.
  4. Hello and Merry Christmas. I sell my Pro1 with QWERTZ and I tested it 5 Days. Of course there are no scratches or something. It is tested in my office and was never outside. All is factory new. The reason is not that I don't like the Phone but I found some features I need and they are not that good supported. So if somebody will have Pro1 QWERTZ in Germany write me a Message and make me an offer. I will send it direct at 27. with Express if wanted. So you may have it this year.
  5. Merry Christmas God Jul 聖誕快樂 メリークリスマス Feliz Navidad Buon Natale Joyeux Noël Vrolijk kerstfeest Giáng Sinh vui vẻ Veselé Vánoce Feliz Natal 성탄을 축하드려요 Wesołych Świąt С рождеством! Santa is on the way. And it is a long way from Rovaniemi. Joulupukki lähti matkaan! Hyvää joulua
  6. I just bought in a Store cellularline Case for P3 Pro...looks not bad..of course some mods needes but it fits nor bad
  7. Which Model is as close as possible....The P20 Huawai Pro??? The lite version should be smaller
  8. After I tell here all my principle and now I know that this Forum is NOT an official Forum from F(x)-tec even it is under the same Domain. It is out from a official Support Team and only a Area to play. I would seperate this community to an other side that it look's not like a cared part of the company but this is only my opinion. But for this Thread I can only tell, all my written mail's to the official support are answered in maximum of 12 hours time and all my question are sorted. I did my Refund and all went professional even with a sorry and nice words.
  9. I used as long as possible the Nokia E7 and I try several Cases. I feel with the E7 without case not very safe to flip the Display with the Slider. Everytime it feels that it slips out of the hand. The same I feel now with the Pro1 and is even much bigger and the keyboard longer. I found this Leather Case. First I thought it looks so boring like an old suitcase my father goes to work with BUT it was the best I ever had. - Screen protected - fast and easy to open - and the best you have the Leather part in your hands and you can push harder to get the slider open and it still feels safe in your hands. - better writing experience, because you can move the fingers more on the Keyboard and with this Letaher part between your hands all feels very safe. I add here some pictures how this thing look's in 2019 .... I 2011 it was new 😄
  10. You must have a lot of time to think on your terrace 😄 We just have a different opinion on many things
  11. I also write to the support and I got pretty fast a reply. And my question is sorted.
  12. Sure...but try now to type a questionmark or a ~ 😉
  13. @Val It is also question of the need. I tell here only what I think, because I know a lot of people who are not able to spend again 600 for a Phone. A lot of people plan with a new Phone, because it is important and for a solution between is no money. Rob.S take all easy....JBL on the teracce and I can sell this and that. In this case you can be chilled and you don't need principle. I guess here are a lot of people who take care about the budget and even the Pro1 is not sponsored by AT&T or T-online or Vodafone...No, they have to pay. And now the money is blocked and no hardware is delivered.
  14. @Rob. S. you made all wrong. I bought a Z3 (not Play) from Verizon USA ...the new Snapdragon and so on. This is a fu***ing piece of good hardare and all mods are fine. Beamer and the Haselblad...it is amazing,,OK...Keyboard is missing 😉
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