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  1. I looked at the fingerprint briefly, and noticed that one of my fingerprints keep getting it's md5sum changed. I assume it's one, I have 3 fingerprints saved and each one is in the directory plus a .bak file. Deleting them and re-adding them still gives the same result though. I've tried setting the modify time back, and copying over the old files, but the apps still detect a fingerprint change. I'm not sure if the md5sum should ever change or not, I really don't see why it would. I'll look into this some more.
  2. I have the same problem as @itsdevilslettuce with test 22, which I'm still on since it's working great and I'm a little hesitant to fix something that isn't broke, given the past. I've deleted all the fingerprints under security settings, then removed /persist/data/fingerprint. I can re-add the fingerprints and the directory is made like it should be. The real problem seems to be that for some reason most apps think the fingerprints have changed whenever you reboot. They are still set correctly and work fine, it's just that for your banking apps and such, you have to set them back up to wo
  3. I did not change any settings at all. In fact, I avoided the *#*#4636*#*# menu altogether. It seems touching anything in there is an immediate death sentence, even if you put it back. I understand the pain, it's took me several days working on it when I can and I'm still not all set back up yet. I don't think you'll have any luck without flashing back to stock first but I could be wrong. I took all the updates but the only one that really seems to matter is the 20191111 one. After that you should be able to make everything work on the stock ROM, then flashing Lineage hopefully will work
  4. I'm happy to report Verizon still working great on test22. I finally rooted with Magisk this time around and restored all of my apps and SMS/call logs. Everything is still working! I've tried powering the whole thing off too, several times. Maybe it's all fixed now and all that awaits me is more Lineage goodness! 😁 I've made a pretty good number of calls, texts as well as MMS messages by now. It's almost too good to be true! I have to go to the About screen now and then and make sure I'm still on Lineage and just didn't have this wonderful dream!
  5. It's really crazy how it seems to work. If you reflashed to stock and did the one OTA update to the 20191111 it would probably work, at least for a little bit. I'm kind of scared to restart or power cycle my phone. I miss root, for one thing I can't restore all my apps but I'm going to just rock it for a few days and see what happens. The VoLTE did seem to fix outgoing calls. Before only incoming worked, outgoing never worked. It's just that it doesn't seem to last too long and I have no idea why.
  6. Well I just had to flash test22. So far all voice/SMS/data is working just like it should on Verizon. I'm not going to root or install many apps and see how it does.
  7. My time with test21 was limited, but the radio power and wifi would switch off at the same time at least once a minute then come back on, even the "radio power" switch in the phone testing menu would switch to off on it's own. I was trying to do a 100GB transfer to put my stuff back on and noticed if it went to the 5ghz wifi band, it would only stay for a short time (even with excellent 5ghz signal) then drop back to 2.4ghz. Eventually it would go back to 5ghz but only for a short time. I probably wouldn't have noticed except my 2.4ghz is 4x slower than the 5ghz so it makes a big difference
  8. Mine looks fine too if it's on LTE/CDMA, until you actually try to make/receive a call. It shows the phone network as "1x RTT" but I'm quite sure Verizon never authorized the phone to work on CDMA at all so I guess that's why it then fails. I always have had to run mine in "LTE Only" on the stock ROM to make it work correctly. On the stock ROM, as soon as I flip the VoLTE switch the voice goes to "In service." I tried disabling the persist in the Lineage ROM so the switch was flippable, but toggling it didn't make a difference. @tdmI can still send you a Verizon SIM you can have if yo
  9. I just put the factory image back on and paid attention to the fact the original 20191028 image behaves exactly the same as Lineage, however updating to the 20191111 build fixes the problem. I just wonder if something needs to be added from that build to Lineage, although I know it has way more updated vendor and modem images.
  10. I've been off of here forever, mainly due to the fact it was depressing seeing all of the cool Lineage stuff and knowing I never could use it. However, I really wanted my keyboard fixed, and decided to upgrade from the January firmware which required a complete wipe in my case, and was amazed to see Verizon was working!! 🤩 So I flashed the test21 last night to try it out. I'm sorry to say my results haven't been as good. While it did work the first boot, as it always did in the past, it seems after a good full power off it doesn't work anymore. I did install the addonsu and used Titanium
  11. I'd be happy to send you a working SIM card you could use if you would ever want to play around with it.
  12. I had to go back to stock because somehow "VoLTE" got turned off again. I could not get/make calls or send/receive SMS/MMS when this happened. I was nowhere near a computer either so it was a major hassle for the day. FWIW, it never worked under the older stock builds either, so I'm not sure if any of the vendor blob updates would change anything. I get the impression this issue will be ongoing for a long time as there is no one to keep up with it, and that's OK, but it does mean anyone in the US using the largest carrier in the country can't use Lineage. I would think Sprint would h
  13. @tdmhttp://www.mytelescan.com/vendor_2020-01-06.img.gz It was vendor_b, I should have checked the mounts on the OS beforehand.
  14. That's an older build then. The one the phone OS has mounted has a January 2020 date. Maybe it's vendor_b? I'll pull that one and loopback it and see now that I know what to look for.
  15. @tdmhttp://www.mytelescan.com/vendor.img.gz
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